CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2018 Set A


Q.1 (a) Is string containing a single character same as a char? 

(b) Distinguish between ‘/’ and ‘%’ operator. 

(c) Which tag/attributes of HTML are used to:

(i) Insert an image in the web page.

(ii) Insert a line in the web page.

(d) Identify the odd one out of the following Java statements. State reason for your choice:

(i) for (ii) do while (iii) switch (iv) while

(e) Write the purpose of parseInt method. 

(f) What is the difference between statement (i) and (ii)

(i) t = 2;

(ii) if(t ==2)d=3;(1)

(g) What does ‘XML’ stand for? How is the purpose of HTML different from XML? 

Q.2 (a) Kaveri wants to delete the records when the “FirstName” is “Rama” in the ‘EMPL’ table. She has entered the following MySQL statement. An error is being displayed. Rewrite the correct statement.

DELETE ‘RAMA’ FirstName from EMPL;

(b) What is the difference between “%” and “_” wild card characters with reference to LIKE clause of MYSQL?

(c) A database table FUNFOOD has 13 rows and 17 columns. What is the cardinality and degree of this table?

(d) A numeric column MONEY contains 34567.7890. Write a command to truncate MONEY

(i) Up to 2 decimal places (i.e. expected result 34567.78)

(ii) To display the result as 34000.

(e) What is the purpose of DROP TABLE in MySQL? How is it different from DELETE command? 


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