CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2017 (2)

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CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2017 (2). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

Q1. a) Draw a network layout of star topology to connect one server and 4 client computers.(1)

 b) Satish is confused between the working of a firewall and antivirus. Write few lines to remove his confusion.

c) Who is considered as a owner of an Open Source Software? Why MS Office is not an open source software ? (1)

d) Name one Open Source Programming languages. (1)

e) Name two threats to security in a network. What is the role of Firewall in Network security? (1)

f) What is relationship between an IP address and a Domain Name? What is a Domain Name Server? (2)

g) Write one advantage and one disadvantage of Open Source software over Proprietary software. (2)

Q2. a) What is the difference between jTextField and jPasswordFiled components? (1)

b) What would be the value of variable a after execution of following code : (1)

for(int i = 2 , j = 5, a = 6 ; i<=j ; i++, j--) { a+=i+j; }

c) Consider two JListcomponents: jList1 and jList2 and then interpret the task done in following step : jList1.setSelectedIndex(jList2.getSelectedIndex() – 1); (1) d) Convert the following code into a switch case statement : (1) int i = Integer.parseInt( jtextF1.getText( ) ); if (i == 2)


else System.out.print(“No”);

e) Write code to produce the above HTML Table Output (Table is blank) (2)

f) Kamal wants to transfer data from his MySQL database into an excel file, using which of the following markup language he will perform the task and why? (2) i) HTML ii) XML iii) SGML

g) Write java code that take any number from user in jTextField1 and calculates the sum of all even digits and display it in separate textField names jTextField2. For example if the number entered is 7424 then the output would be 4+2+4 = 10 (2)

Q3. a) Keerti created a database name MOVIE using MySQL, when she wrote and executed SQL command to create a table in the database MOVIE , an error message : “No database selected” appeared before her. How can Keerti remove this error so that she can create the table? 

b) Can we remove Primary Key column of a Table in MySQL? What is problem with it? (1) c) Is NULL value the same as 0 (zero)? Write the reason for your answer. (1) d) Kabir works as a database administrator in a company , he wants to rollback his last three SQL commands and commit all other commands before it. Which MySQL he should suitably used? (1) e) What would be the output of the following SQL commands on the basis of VISIT table. (2)

i) Select Donation + Fee from VISIT ;

ii) Select Count(Fee), Avg(Donation) from VISIT;

f) Write output of the following MySQL queries : (2)


ii) SELECT ROUND(140.295,-2);

iii) SELECT INSTR(‘Corporation’, ‘or’);

iv) SELECT CONCAT(‘India’, NULL, ‘Australia’);

g) While using SQL pattern matching, what is the difference between ‘_’ (underscore) and ‘%’ wildcard symbols? (2)

Q4. a) Define Superclass and Subclass in Java in relation with Inheritance. (1) b) What would be the output of the following code : (1) String name = “Rishabh”; JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null , name + name.length() );

c) What would be the output in jTextField1 of the code below : (1) jTextField1.setText(“ “ + Integer.parseInt(“101”) + 2 + 3); d) Find the output of the following code snippet : (2) String str = "Greatest", newStr = ""; for(int i = 0; i<str.length() - 4 ; i++) { newStr = newStr + str.substring( i , i+2)+"\n"; }

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, newStr); e) Rewrite the following code using while loop : (2) for(int x = 1 , y = 2, z = 5 ; x<= z ; x++ , y - -)

{ z += x+y;

} JoptionPane.showMessageDialog(null , “Stop”);

f) The following code has error(s) . Rewrite the correct code underlining all the corrections made : String x = 1230; (2) int x = 2; String str ; for(int b = 0 ; b <x.length() ; b++); { str += b; }

g) Veermani works in a company and wants to make a Depreciation Calculator as per following GUI 

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