CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2014 (14)

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1. (a) Name the protocol used for sending and receiving e-mails. 

(b) Define the following 

i. Baud ii. Bps

(c) Expand them – 

i. NFS ii. MODEM

(d) Differentiate between MAC address and IP address. 

(e) Which of the following are open source LINUX , MS Window Vista , Python , MySQL , PageMaker. 

(f) Write down two merits and two demerits of the following topologies 

i. STAR ii. Tree

(g) List down merits of open standards. 

2. (a) ABC public school has developed a JAVA application through which the parents are able to see their deposited fee details for their ward. What should school do so that parents / students are able to view the details shown in text field and can’t modify them. 

(b) What is the used of return statement in method. 

(c) What is the basic structure of HTML file. 

(d) Is justified alignment to a paragraph will be assigned in HTML. Justify your answer. 

(e) Write code in Java to find out enter number is palindrome or not. 

(f) Write a small code for Exit Control Loop. 

(g) Write down some features of XML. 

3. (a) MySQL runs on which operating systems. 

(b) Sachin is assigned a assignment to create a table in which field named DOB may or may not contain

value. Tell what is the significance of the keyword. 

(c) What are multirow functions? 

(d) What will be the output of following code? 

i. SELECT UASE (“ Redundancy”);

(e) What is SQL? Write down its different categories also?  

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