CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2017 (5)

CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2017 (5). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

Q.1(a) Which protocol is used for the transfer of hypertext documents on the internet? 1

(b) Apna Bazar Inc. is a departmental store with design unit and market unit 135 meters away from each other. This departmental store recently connected their LANs using Ethernet cable to share the stock related information. But, after joining their LANs, they are not able to share the information due to loss of signal in between. Which device out the following should you suggest to be installed for a sooth communication? 1

(i) HUB (ii) MODEM (iii) REPEATER

(C) Name any two most popularly used search engines. 1

(d) Name any Indian scripts included in Unicode. 1

(e) Given the following MAC address. Can you justify its parts? Also specify who defines /specifies these parts number? 2


(f) Expand the following abbreviations and explain in brief: - 2

(i) FLOSS (ii) GNU.

(g) Distinguish between Open Source Software and Proprietary Software. 2

Q2. (a) While making a Form in Netbeans, Mr. Sumit wants to display a list of countries to allow the users to select their own country. Suggest him to choose most appropriate control out of ListBox and ComboBox. 1

(b) Write a statement to make jTextArea1 as un-editable. 1

(c) What is the purpose of break statement within a loop? 1

(d) How is <UL> tag different from <OL> tag of HTML? 1

(e) What will be the value of x and y after execution of the following code: 2

int x,y=0;

for (x=1; x<=5; x++)


(f) What will be the value of jTextArea1 after executing the following code (Assuming that the jTextArea1 had no content before executing this code)? 2

for (int R=1; R<=4; R++)


jTextArea1.setText(jTextArea1.getText() + “ ” + Integer.toString(R*R));


(g) What is the difference between XML and HTML? 2

Q3.(a) Which command is used in MySQL to make the changes permanent within a database? 1

(b) Mr. Ansuman a S/W Engineer wants to remove the entire content of a table “CUSTOMER” along with its structure to release the storage space. What MySQL statement should he use? 1

(c) Rubina created a table “ITEM”, she wants to see those items whose price lies between 300 to 500. She wrote a query:


Help Rubina to run the query by removing the errors from the query by rewriting it. 1

(d) A table STUDENT has 4 rows and 2 columns and another table FEE has 3 rows and 4 columns. How many rows and columns will be there if we obtain the Cartesian product of these two tables? 1

(e) The ITEM_NO and COST columns of a table CUSTOMER are given below:- 2

CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2017 (5)

Based on this information, find out the output of the following queries:-



(f) Differentiate between Alternate Key and Candidate Key. 2

(g) Mr. Pankaj Sharma is using a table with the following columns:

Name, Class, Course_Id, Course_Name

He needs to display the names of students who have not been assigned any course or have been assigned course name that ends with”Computers”. 2

He wrote the following command, which did not give the desired result.

SELECT Name, Class FROM Students

WHERE Course_Name = NULL OR Course_Name = ‘%Computers’;

Help Mr. Pankaj Sharma to run the query by removing the error and write correct query.

Q4.(a) Define inheritance with reference to object oriented programming. 2

(b) Rewrite the following program code using Switch Case statement: 2

if (k==1)


else if (k==2)

Day=” Tuesday”;

else if (k==3)

Day=” Wednesday”;



(c) What will be the content of jTextField1 after executing the following code: 1

int n=6;


if (n>5)




(d) A phone number consisting of 10 digits, is stored in a string variable strPhone. Now it is required to store this phone number in a long type variable lngPhone. Write a Java statement to do this. 1

(e) Rewrite the following program code using a for loop:- 2

int p=1, sum=0;

while (p<10)





(f) The following program code has some error(s). Rewrite the correct code after underlining the corrections made: 2

Int i, j=5;

I == j+5;

if (i=j)


jtextfield1.setText(“I and j are unequal”);

jtextfield1.setText(“I and j are not equal”);breaks;



jtextfield1.setText(“I and j are equal”) 

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