CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2014 (1)

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1. (a) Difference between dedicated and non dedicated server. 

(b)In the URL, which of the following part represent the name of website? 

(c)Compare bus and ring topology? 

(d)Do you prefer Switch over hub? If yes, why and in which circumstances? 

(e)Which of following are open source LINUX, MS WORD, PYTHON, MYSQL, PAGEMAKER? 

(f)What is MAC Address? 

(g) What is font? Name the parameters on the behalf of it categories. 

2. (a) Name any two integer data type, which store only integer value. 

(b) What is use of return statement in method? 

(c) How many times the following while loop get executed? 

int p=5;

int q=36;

While (p<=q)




(d) What will be the values of variables ‘m’ and ‘n’ after execution of the following code? 

Int m, n=0;

For (m=1; m<=4; m++)





(e) Item code consisting of 5 digits is stored in an integer type variable intItemCode. Mr. Srikant wants to Store this Item code in a String type variable called strItemCode.Write appropriate java statement(s) to help him in performing the same. 

(f) Suppose x1 and x2 are two double type variables that you want to add as integer and assign to an integer variable. Construct a java statement for doing so. 

(g) What is the casting? When do we need it? Define type of casting. 

(h) What is wrong with following while loop? 

int val =1;

while (val <100)

System.out.println (val);


3. (a) Given a string object named PAY having values as “68000” stored in it. Obtain the output of the following...

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (null,” “+salary.length () +Integer.parseInt (salary)); 

(b)Define these: (i) object (ii) message. 

(c) Define data encapsulation with reference to object oriented programming. 

(d) Define all levels of access specifier. 

(e) class can be used to define user-defined datatype.How? 

(f) Write a program to check whether a string is palindrome or not. 

(g) What will be the output of the following code snippet when combined with suitable declaration and run? 

StringBuffer city =new StringBuffer (“Madras”);

StringBuffer string=new StringBuffer ();

String. Append (new String (city));

String. insert (0,”central”);

String.out.println (string);

4. (a) Define these with syntax i) function overloading ii) abstract class 2

(b) Write code to connect to a mysql database namely School and then fetch all those records from table Student w here grade is ‘A’. 

(c)What is difference between <BASEFONT> and <FONT> tag? 

(d)Write HTML code for the following: To provide hyperlink to a website and to include numbered list in html web page. 

(e)Difference between xml and html. 

(f) What is DTD and prolog? 

(g)What do you understand by element and attributes of XML document? 

5. (a) What is the purpose of GROUP BY clause in mysql? How is it different from ORDER BY clause? 

(b)What is the purpose of ALTER TABLE command in mysql? How It is differ from update command? 

(c) Difference between Alternate key and candidate key. 

(d)Mr. William wants to remove all rows from Inventory table to release the storage space, but he does not want to remove the structure of the table .What mysql statement should he use, write syntax also. 

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2014 (1).


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