CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2014 (8)

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Q 1.Answer the following questions:

a) What type of network would you suggest for the following type of requirements in an organization?

i) Around 200 computers in two different buildings adjacent to one another are to be connected.

ii) The cost of network should not be very high.

iii) It should be fairly easy to implement. 

b) Mr. Vasu is transferring data to a large distance via cable connection and he wants to amplify the signal transmitting over a network. What device will be useful for him?

c) What do you mean by network topology? Write one advantage and one disadvantage of star topology. 

d) What is freeware? How is it different from free software? 

e) Which of the following technologies require line-of site between the transmitter and receiver?

a) Satellite b) Fiber Optic c) Microwave d) Co-axial Cable 

f) What is 

g) Which protocol is used for transfer files over the internet? 

Q 2. Answer the following questions.

a) Mr. Nayak has developed a Java application for a school, in which, a combo box is made on the form for selecting class. Name the property which Mr. Nayak should use to add the class’s data in combo box.

b) Name the statements used for decision making in Java. 

c) Differentiate between <UL> and <OL> tags with example.. 

d) What is XML-document system?

e) What will be the output of the following code?

StringBuffer city=new StringBuffer(“Delhi”);

StringBuffer string=new StringBuffer();

string.append(new String(city));



f) Write a method in Java that takes a number as parameter and returns True if the number is prime otherwise returns False. 

g) What are the use of the following tags-

<TITLE>, <A>, <BR>, <U> [2]

Q 3. a) Which MySQL command helps you to create database if it does not exist? 

b) How can we see the list of existing tables? 

c) Rajan created a table named Item, he wants to see those Items whose price is between 200 and 800. He wrote a query-

SELECT * FROM Item WHOSE price>200 OR <800;

Help Rajan to run the query by removing the errors from the query by rewriting it. 

d) Sanket wants to implement referential integrity in the tables being created. Which constraint should be used by Sanket while doing so? 

e) What is the role of primary key in the table? Explain with the help of suitable example. 

f) Room_No, Cust_Name, Room_Type and Room_Rent of table “HOTEL” are given below:

CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2014 (8)

Based on this information, find output of the following queries:

a) SELECT Room_Type, SUM(Room_Rent) FROM hotel GROUP BY Room_Type;

b) SELECT Room_no FROM hotel WHERE Cust_Name LIKE ‘%n%; 

g) Define Domain and Tuple. 

Q 4. a) What is Interface in Java? What purpose does it solve? [1]

b) Differentiate between function overloading and method overriding. [1]

c) Write the purpose of the following statements:

i) int n=Integer.parseInt(“1254”); ii) jButton1.doClick( ); [1]

d) Rewrite the following code using while loop:

int i,j;



System.out.println(“Finished!!!”); [2]

e) The following code has some error(s). Rewrite the correct code underlining all the corrections made.

int y=6,p;


{ y=3.14*y;


if p=2


while(y>1) [2]

f) What will be the content of jTextField1 and jTextField2 after executing the following code:

String st=”New to Information Technology”;


jTextField2.setText(st.substring(7)); [2]

g) Mr. Madhav works in a construction company. To calculate total wages he has developed the following GUI in NetBeans. 

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2014 (8).


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