CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2014 (9)

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Q.1 (a) What do you mean by Network topology ? Name most popular topology? 

(b) What are the following software used for? 

(i) Python (ii) Mozilla Firefox

(c) Write two disadvantages of twisted pair cables. 

(d) Which of the following is not a characteristic of Open Source Software? 

1. Its source code is available for modification.

2. It is owned by a company or an individual.

3. It can be downloaded from internet.

(e) Which protocol lets you log onto a remote machine and run specific applications there? 

(f) Which of the following are open standards ? 


(g) Name two encodings used for Indian language computing? 

Q.2 (a) Name the tag which is used to insert image in background of HTML with example. 

(b) What is XML? 

(c) What is the purpose of default clause in a switch statement? 

(d) What is the use of <CENTER> tag in an HTML document? 

(e) Write a method in JAVA that takes a number as parameter and returns its square. 

(f) What will be the values of x and y after execution of the following code: 

int x, y = 0;

for(x=1; x <=5; ++x)

y = x++;


(g) Mention the purpose of each of the following HTML tags: 

<B>, <LI>, <HR>, <TABLE>

Q.3 (a) Which MySql command is used to allow you to access any table belongs to a database. 

(b) While creating a table ‘Item’ Rakesh forgot to add a column Item_Price in the table.

Give name of command to add this column in the table. 

(c) What is the purpose of following SQL query : 


(d) Sanjeev is not able to reduce the salary of the Employee. Which constraint has he used while he creating table? 

(e) A table ‘Customers’ in a database has 5 columns and no rows in it. What is its cardinality? What will be its cardinality if 4 rows are added in the table? 

(f) Which two statements complete a transaction ? 

A. DELETE emp;





F. SELECT MAX(sal) FROM emp WHERE deptt_id = 10;

(g) What is Primary Key? How is it different from Candidate Key? Explain with the use of suitable example. 

Q.4 (a) Name the inheritance type which is not supported by JAVA.  

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