CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2014 (15)

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Q 1. Answer the following questions.

a) A School would like to go in for network of all the computers. Which topology would you recommend and why? 

b) What is communication channel? What choices do you have while choosing a communication channel for a network?

c) What do you mean by network topology? Name most popular topologies 

d) Navneet is using software, which has been downloaded from internet and is available for one month. After one month he has to pay license fee for further use. What software Navneet is using? 

e) Akhil is transferring songs from his mobile to his friend’s mobile via Bluetooth connection. Name the network used by Akhil. 

f) Which of the following is not a characteristic of open source software?

• Its source code is available for modification

• Its owned by a company or an individual

• It can be downloaded by Internet 

g) Which protocol is used for transfer of hyper text documents on the internet?

Q 2. Answer the following questions.

a) Ms. Kiran has developed a Java application for a restaurant billing, in which check boxes and text fields are made on form. Items are shown through check boxes. Selecting check box displaying corresponding text fields. Name the property which Kiran should use to perform the same. 

b) What is the purpose of break and continue statement in a loop? 

c) Name the tag which is used to insert image in background of HTML document with example. 

d) What is XML? How is it different from HTML? 

e) What will be the value of s after executing the following code?

double i,sum=2


{ if(i%4= =0)

{ break;





f) Write a method in Java that takes a number as parameter and return sum of its divisors. 

g) What are the use of the following tags-

<UL>, <HEAD>, <SUP>, <P> [2]

Q 3.

a) Which MySQL command helps you to see existing databases? 

b) Rakesh created a table in Mysql. Later he found that table is wrongly created and he wants to remove it. Name the command by which Rakesh can do it. 

c) Reena created a table named student, she wants to see those students whose name ending with p. She wrote a query- SELECT name.* FROM student WHERE name=”%p”;

Help Reena to run the query by removing the errors from the query and rewriting it. 

d) Sanjeev is not able to reduce the salary of employee. Which constraint has he used while creating table? 

e) What is primary key? How is it different from candidate key? Explain with the help of suitable example. 

f) Emp_no, Emp_name and Basic of table “EMP” are given below Based on this information, find output of the following queries.


b) SELECT Name FROM emp WHERE Basic IS Null; 

g) Define Degree and Cardinality.

Q 4. a) What is Inheritance? Name the inheritance types which is not supported by Java. 

b) Marks of a student is stored in a string variable strMarks. Marks are to be used in calculation. Write the Java statement to convert marks into double variable dblMarks. 

c) Write the purpose of the following statements. 

i) jTextArea1.append(“Hello”); ii) jTextArea1.setText(“How \rr \tU?”);

d) Rewrite the following code using for loop.

int i=0;


{ if( i==8)



} [2]

e) The following code has some error(s). Rewrite the correct code underlining all the corrections made.

int y=3;


{ case 1: System.out.print(“Yes its One”);

case >2: System.out.println(“Yes its more than Two”);


case else: System.out.print(“Invalid Number):  

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2014 (15).


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