CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Probability Worksheet Set C

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Probability Worksheet for Class 9

Class 9 Probability students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf in standard 9. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 9 Probability will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 9 Probability Worksheet Pdf


CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Worksheet - Probability (1)

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1. Three coins are tossed once, find the probability of getting at least one head (7/8)

2. Three coins are tossed simultaneously 200 times with the following frequencies of different


Out comes

3 Heads

2 Heads

1 Head

No head






Find the probability of getting: a) 2 Heads (9/25)

b) at least 2 Heads (19/40)

3. A dice is thrown once, find the probability of getting a prime number (1/2)

4. A dice is thrown once. Find the probability of getting:

a) An even number (1/2)

b) A prime number (1/2)

c) A number greater than 4 (1/3)

5. A fair die is tossed once. Find the probability of getting:

a) a number more than or equal to 3 ( 2/3)

b) a multiple of 3 (1/3)

6. A letter of English alphabet is choosen at random. Calculate the probability that the letter

choosen is a vowel ( 5/26)

7. A bag contains 15 balls numbered 1 to 15. Find the probability of drawing a prime number,

When one ball is drawn from the bag at random (2/5)

8. Marks obtained by 50 students in a class test of 100 marks are given below :


0 - 25

25 - 50

50 – 75

75 - 100

No of students





Find the probability that a student obtained less than 50% marks ( 8/25 )

9.In a one day international cricket match , a batsman played 40 balls. The runs scored as


Runs scored







No of balls







Find the probability that the batsmen will score :

a) 6 runs ( 1/20)

b) A four or a six run (3/20)

10. One number is choosen at random from numbers 1 to 100. Find the probability that it is

divisible by 4 or 6 (33/100)

11. In a survey of 80 people, 60 people like apple juice and remaining dislike it . Find the

Probability that people dislike apple juice (1/4)

12. 250 families with 2 children are selected randomly and following data were obtained:

Number of sons in family




Number of families




Find the probability of families having:

a) 2 sons (3/10)

b) 1 son (1/2)

c) no son (1/5)

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