CBSE Class 12 Economics Non Competitive Market Worksheet

Download printable Economics Class 11 Worksheets in pdf format, CBSE Class 12 Economics Non Competitive Market Worksheet has been prepared as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Also download free pdf Economics Class 11 Assignments and practice them daily to get better marks in tests and exams for Grade 11. Free chapter wise worksheets with answers have been designed by Standard 11 teachers as per latest examination pattern

Worksheet for Class 11 Economics Part A Microeconomics Chapter 6 Non Competitive Markets

Class 11 Economics students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Part A Microeconomics Chapter 6 Non Competitive Markets in Grade 11. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 11 Economics will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Part A Microeconomics Chapter 6 Non Competitive Markets Class 11 Economics Worksheet Pdf


I. Answer in one sentence only.

1. Define monopolistic competition.

2. What could be the elasticity of demand when MR is zero?

3. Why is AR curve steeper under monopoly compared to that of perfect competition?

4. What is the slope of TR called?

5. What could be the MR when a firm makes maximum profit under zero cost condition?

6. Define Oligopoly.

7. What does differentiated product mean?

II. Answer in 30 words each.

8. What are the basic features of monopoly market?

9. Why is a firm under monopoly considered as price maker?

10. Explain the significance of the feature freedom of entry and exit under monopolistic competition.

11. Discuss the relationship between TR and MR under Monopoly.


III. Explain in 40 words each

12. Briefly explain the equilibrium of a firm under monopoly using TR and TC curves.

13. What the basic features of Monopolistic competition?

14. What are the possible merits of monopoly market?

IV. Answer in 100 words.

15. Compare monopoly and perfect competition in terms of their equilibrium level of output. Use diagram

16. Briefly explain the equilibrium level of output of a firm under conditions of monopoly using MC and MR curves in the short run.

17. Distinguish between monopoly and monopolist competition.

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