CBSE Class 10 Social Science MCQs Set B




Q.1 The total income of the country divided by its total population is Called:

(a) National income (b) Per capital income (c) Total income (d) None of these

Q.2 Which organization publishes the Human Development Report:

(a) WHO (b) UNDP (c) WTO (d) IMF

Q.3 Development of a country generally be determined by:

(a) its per capita income (b) its literacy level (b) health status of its people (d) all above

Q.4 As per Human Development Report 2006 which neighboring country has the highest income following 

(a) Sri Lanka (b) India (c) Pakistan (d) Nepal

Answer key of MCQ: 1. (b) 2. (b) 3. (d) 4. (a)

Lesson – 2

Sectors of the Indian Economy

Q.1 During the period between 1973 to2003, the production has increased most in the

(a) primary sector (b) secondary sector

(c) tertiary sector (d) all the three sectors

Q.2 GDP is the value of……….. produced during a particular year :

(a) All goods & services (b) All final goods & services

(c) All intermediate goods &services (d) All intermediate & final goods and services

Q.3 The sectors are classified in to public and private sectors on the basis of

(a) Employment conditions (b) The nature of economic activity

(c) Ownership of enterprises (d) Number of workers employed in the enterprises

Q.4 NREGA 2005 guarantees work for how many days in a year

(a) 100 (b) 120

(c)150 (d) 90

Q.5 Which one of the following is a public sector enterprise?

(a) TISCO (b) RIL

(c) Indian Railway (d) WIPRO

Q.6 Which was the largest producing sector in 1973?

(a) Primary sector (b) Secondary sector

(c) Tertiary sector (d) Public sector

Answer key of MCQ: 1. (c) 2. (b) 3. (C) 4. (a) 5. ( c) 6( a)

Lesson – 3

Money and Credit


1. The exchange of goods for goods is:

(i) banker of option (ii) bills of exchange (iii) barter (iv) currency

2. Currency is issued by:

(i) RBI on behalf of central government (ii) By president of India.

(iii) By finance minister (iv) None of them

3. National Sample Survey Organization is a :

(i) Commercial bank organization (ii) An organization of World Bank

(iii) An organization associated with Indian Standard. Institute

(iv) An institution responsible to collect data on formal sector credit.

4. Gold mohar, a coin so named was brought in circulation by:

(i) Akbar (ii) Sher Shah Suri (iii) Ashok (iv) Shivaji

5. Which agency is not included in informal loan sector or agency:

(i) Bank (ii) Village money lender (iii) Trader (iv) Relative of borrower

6. In SHG most of the decisions regarding savings and loan activities are taken by:

(i) Bank (ii) Members (iii) Non-government organizations (iv) LIC

7. Formal sources of credit does not include:

(i) Banks (ii) Co-operatives (iii) Employers (iv) LIC

8. Security (pledge, mortgage) against loan:

(i) Collateral (ii) Token Coins (iii) Promissory Note (iv)Currency


Answer Key of MCQ:

1(iii) 2(i) 3(iv) 4(i) 5(i) 6(ii)

Lesson – 4

Globalization and the Indian Economy.


1. MNC stands for

(i) Multinational Corporation (ii) Multination Corporation

(iii) Multinational Cities (iv) Multinational Council

2. Investment made by MNCs is called

(i) Investment (ii) Foreign Trade

(iii) Foreign Investment (iv) Disinvestment

3. Process of integration of different countries is called

(i) Liberalisation (ii) Privatisation

(iii) Globalisation (iv) None of the above

4. MNCs do not increase

(i) Competition (ii) Price war (iii) Quality (iv) None of the above

5. This helps to create an opportunity for the producers to reach beyond the domestic market

(i) Foreign trade (ii) Domestic trade (iii) Internal trade (iv)Trade barrier

6. Foreign Trade

(i) Increases choice of goods (ii) Decreases prices of goods

(iii) Increases competition in the market (iv) Decreases earnings

7. Globalisation was stimulated by

(i) Money (ii) Transportation (iii) Population (iv) Computers

8. Production of services across countries has been facilitated by

(i) Money (ii) Machine (iii) Labour (iv) Information and communication technology

9. Tax on imports is an example of

(i) Investment (ii) Disinvestment (iii) Trade barrier (iv) Privatisation

10. Liberalisation does not include

(i) Removing trade barriers (ii) Liberal policies

(iii) Introducing quota system (iv) Disinvestment


Answer Key of MCQ:

1(i) 2(iii) 3(iii) 4(iv) 5(i) 6(iv) 7(ii) 8(iv) 9(iii) 10(iii)

Lesson – 5

Consumer Rights


1. A consumer

(i) Sells goods and services (ii) Buy goods and services

(iii) Produces goods and services (iv) Delivers goods and services

2. Adulteration is

(i) Selling defective items (ii) Overpricing

(iii) Underweight measurement (iv) Mixing cheap materials

3. Causes of consumer exploitation

(i) Right to Information (ii) Proper Supply (iii) Low literacy (iv) High literacy

4. Which is not a function of PDS

(i) Control Hoarding (ii) Control Prices

(iii) Control over charging (iv) Consumer Redressal

5. COPRA stands for

(i) Consumer Protection Act (ii) Consumer Prevention Act

(iii) Consumer Police Act (iv) Consumer Power Act

6. Pick odd one out

(i) Right to information (ii) Right to choice

(iii) Right to adulteration (iv) Right to redressal

7. Pick odd one out

(i) Right to safety (ii) Right to life

(iii) Right to consumer education (iv) Right to representation

8. National Consumer Day is celebrated in India

(i) 24 December (ii) 25 December (iii) 26 December (iv) 27 December

9. COPRA does not propose formation of

(i) National Consumer Court (ii) State Consumer Court

(iii) District Consumer Court (iv) High Court

10. ISO stands for

(i) International Standard Organization

(ii) International Organization for Standardization

(iii) International School Organization

(iv) International Standardization


Answer Key of MCQ:

1(ii) 2(iv) 3(iii) 4(iv) 5(i) 6(iii)

7(ii) 8(i) 9(iv) 10(ii)




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