CBSE Class 8 Science Synthetic Fibers And Plastics Assignment Set D

CBSE Class 8 Science - Synthetic Fibres And Plastics (5)

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1. Answer the following in brief:

a) Name the process of formation of polymer from its monomer.

b) What are blended fibres ?Give any two examples.

2. Give reasons for the following:

a) Nylon is used in making socks.

b) Polyester is used for making sails for boats.

c) Synthetic fabric is uncomfortable during summers.

d) Terylene clothes should not be worn while working in kitchen.

3. Name the monomer unit of the following:

a) Cellulose

b) Polyester

c) P.V.C.

d) Polyethene

4. Differentiate between:

a) Thermoplastics & Thermosetting plastics

b) Synthetic fibres & natural fibres

c) Biodegradable & non-biodegradable materials

5. Why are plastics preferred to natural materials?

6. What do the 4 R’s in 4R principle stand for?

7. Manufacturing synthetic fibres is actually help in the conservation of forests. Comment.

8. Why is Bakelite used for making electrical switches?

9. Why do we use melamine for making kitchenware?

10. Write True or False against the following statements:

a) Polyester shrinks on washing.

b) Plastics are not affected by heat.

c) Acrilon is pure wool obtained from sheep.

d) Bakelite is a thermoplastic.

e) P.V.C. is a good conductor of electricity

11. Write full forms of:

a) P.V.C.

b) P.E.T.

12. State two advantages & disadvantages of synthetic fibres over natural fibres.

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