CBSE Class 8 Science Revision Assignment Set A

CBSE Class 8 Science - Revision (1)

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A. Give one word of the following :

1. Simple plant-like organisms which make their own food by photosynthesis --------------------

2. Reflection from a smooth mirror is called --------------------

3. The phenomenon of scattering of white light --------------------

4. Petrol and diesel obtained from natural resource called ---------------------

5. Mirror used as side view mirrors in automobiles --------------------

6. The resources which are limited in nature --------------------

7. The lens thick in the middle, thinner at the edges --------------------

8. Diseases which spread from infected to healthy person --------------------

9. Least polluting fuel for vehicle --------------------

10. Least distance of distinct vision is --------------------

B. Fill in the blanks:

1. ----------------- are tiny organisms that can only be seen through a microscope.

2. ----------------- is a process of heating milk to a high temperature and then cooling it quickly.

3. The size of the pupil of an eye is controlled by ------------------------.

4. The phenomenon of interchange of left and right in mirror is called ------------------------.

5. Fossil fuels are ------------------------, ------------------------ and ------------------------.

6. -------------------- is the partial sterilization of milk by heating it for short time exceeding 135o C.

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