CBSE Class 8 Science Electricity and Lightning Assignment Set A

CBSE Class 8 Science - Electricity & Lightning. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practice them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.

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SUBJECT- Science

Chapter -10: Electricity & Lightning


I Fill in the blanks:-

1. A property of matter, called ---------------- gives rise to electricity.

2. Particles that carry negative charge is called ___________ .

II Choose the correct options:-

1 A nonmetal which is not an insulator

a) Carbon b) Sulphur c) Oxygen d) None

2. Which property is used while testing for charge:-

a) Attraction

b) Repulsion

c) Attraction as well as repulsion

d) Neither attraction nor repulsion

III Name the following :-

1 The flow of charge through air or gas.

2 Charging objects by bringing them near a charged body .

3 Rubbing body against each other to acquire an equal and opposite charge.

IV Define the following:-

1 Earthing. 2. Conduction 3.Electrostatic Force

V Draw neat and labelled diagram.

1. Lightning strike and conductor.

2. Charging by induction and charging by conduction.

VI Give Reasons

1. A piece of Styrofoam gets charged when it is rubbed with a piece of paper.

2. The leaves of gold leaf electroscope diverge when a charged body is brought

in contact with its disc.

VII Answer in 20 words:-

1 What happens when someone rubs glass rod with a piece of silk and is

brought near a negatively charged paper cylinder.

2 What would you expect when a plastic ruler is rubbed with a woollen cloth.

VIII Answer in 40 words:-

1 When a charged rod is moved towards an uncharged paper cylinder

suspended by a string, the cylinder gets attracted to the rod initially and then

moves away with a jerk .Explain why?

2 What are Lightning Conductors?

IX Answer in 100 words:-

1 How does lightning occur?

2 How would you use an electroscope to determine the nature of the charge

(positive or negative) on a body?

X Label the following parts and answer the following questions:-

1 What is the use of Gold Leaf Electroscope?

2 Can any other metal be used in place of gold? If yes, Name any two metals.

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