CBSE Class 8 Science Reproduction Assignment Set A

CBSE Class 8 Science - Reproduction

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I. Define the following :

1. Taboo

2. Foeticide

3. Gender role

4. Ovulation

5. Menstruation

6. Endocrine glands

7. Hormones

8. Twins

9. Internal Fertilization

10. External Fertilization

II. Name the following :

1. Fusion of male and female cell

2. Male reproductive cell

3. Female reproductive cell

4. Cell formed by fusion of male and female gamete

5. Connection between Embryo and Uterine wall

6. A sack protecting the embryo

7. Hormone produced by testis

8. Hormone produced by Ovary which is responsible for secondary sexual characters

9. Hormone produced by Ovary which is responsible for changes in body during pregnancy

10. Hormone which regulate growth and functioning of other endocrine glands

III Draw well labeled diagram of :

1. Male reproductive system

2. Female reproductive system

3. Endocrine glands of human

4. Growing embryo

IV Differentiate between :

1. Foetus and Embryo

2. Identical and non-identical twins

3. Asexual and sexual reproduction

4. External and Internal fertilization

5. Umbilical cord and placenta

V Answer the following questions:

1. Explain menstrual cycle with the help of diagram.

2. What are different ways of sex determination?

3. Explain the function of male and female sex hormones.

4. Write short notes on.

A. Endocrine glands

B. Twins

C. The organs of male and female reproductive system.

D. Development of foetus from zygote.


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