CBSE Class 8 Science Chemistry Assignment Set A

CBSE Class 8 Science - Chemistry

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1. Gold is used for making jewellery because- 1

(a) it is highly ductile (b) it is least reactive

(c) it is highly melleable (d) all the above

2. To reduce global warming, it is preferable to minimize the use of 1

(a) wind energy (b) solar cookers

(c) coal and petroleum products (d) all the above

3. Give reasons: (i) Copper is used for making electrical cables 2

(ii) Silver foil is used for decorating food stuffs.

4. Define mineral and ore .Write the names of the ores of aluminium and



5. (i) Name any two places in India where natural gas fields have been


(ii) Why is natural gas considered to be a cleaner fuel?( two points)


6. (i) What is carboxy haemoglobin, How does it affect the various parts

of body?

(ii) State any two harmful effects of NO2.


7. (i) Define “Global Warming”. State it’s any one consequence. 3

(i) Name the green house gas that increases in the atmosphere when

large scale deforestation is done

8. (i) Compare the reactivities of Potassium and Gold metals towards


(ii) What happens when SO2 reacts with water? Write chemical

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