CBSE Class 8 Science - Stars and the Solar System (2)

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CBSE Class 8 Science - Stars and the Solar System (2)

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Q1. Define the following terms:-

a. Orbit

b. Satellite

c. Constellation

Q2. Explain, why can we see full moon on a full moon day while it is not

visible on a new moon day?

Q3.We never see the back side of moon from the earth , Why?

Q4. Explain, with the help of diagram, how is moon visible to us when it

does not have light of its own?

Q5. Can we hear any sound on moon? Comment.

Q6.Give reasons for the following:-

(a) Stars appear to us as points objects

(b) Stars are not are present in the day time also but we are not

able to see them.

(c)Earth is called a unique planet.

(d) Stars appear to move from east to west.

Q7. In which part of the sky can you find Venus if it is visible as a

morning star?

Q8. What is pole star? Where does it lie?

Q9. How can you locate the star Sirius with the help of Orion


Q10. A star is 7 light years away from earth. What do you mean by the

statement? Also calculate thec distance in km.

Q11. Distinguish between

(a) Stars and planets

(b) Meteors and Meteorites

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