CBSE Class 8 Science Sound Assignment Set C

CBSE Class 8 Science - Sound (3)

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1.Loudness of sound is measured on a scale called:

(A) Vernier scale. (B) Decibel scale. (C) Meter scale. (D) Screw gauge.

2.What is velocity of sound in water?

(A) 1500 m/s. (B) 330 m/s. (C) 200 m/s. (D) 330 m/s.

3.For an echo to be heard, the minimum distance between the source and reflecting surface must be ………

(A) 17 m. (B) 17 cm. (C) 10 m. (D) 10 cm.

4.A pendulum vibrates 50 oscillations in 5 seconds. Calculate its frequency?

(A) 10 Hz. (B) 20 Hz. (C) 50 Hz. (D) None.

5.What is sound?

6.How is a sound produced?

7.How is sound propagates?

8.What is the amplitude of the wave?

9.What is the use of reflection of sound?

10.On what factor does loudness of sound depend?

11.Where will the sound travel faster, in wood or water?

12.Define frequency of sound.

13.Define the term pitch.

14.Define the term echo.

15.What is the audible range of human ear?

16.What is the full form of SONAR?

17.Name the section of throat in which human voice is produced.

18.What is ultrasound?

19.Write one difference between musical sound and noise.

20.Name the two animals that use echo-location to guide them.

21.Sound can travel through:

(A) Gases only. (B) Solids only. (C) Liquids only. (D) Solid, liquids and gases.

22.What is velocity of sound in air?

(A) 300 m/s. (B) 330 m/s. (C) 280 m/s. (D) 200 m/s.

23.The number of oscillations per second is called:

(A) Time period. (B) Amplitude. (C) Frequency. (D) None.

24.On what factor does loudness of sound depend?

(A) Pitch. (B) Frequency. (C) Time period. (D) Amplitude.

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