CBSE Class 8 Science Reproduction in Animals Assignment Set C

CBSE Class 8 Science - Reproduction in Animals (3)

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1.From the list given below pick out the unicellular organisms: Amoeba, hen, octopus, paramecium,


(A) Amoeba, octopus (B) hen, octopus, bacteria

(C) amoeba, paramoecium, bacteria (D) paramoecium, hen


(A) i), ii) and iv) (B) i) and ii) (C) i), ii) and iii) (D) i), iii) and iv)

2.The term cell was coined by________ when he was examining the slice of__________ under the


(A) Robert Hooke, cork (B) Schlielden, cork

(C) Robert Hooke, cheek cells (D) Schlielden, onion

3.Spherical, columnar, cuboidal, define the _______ of the cell

(A) Size (B) Shape (C) Colour (D) Volumes

4.Smallest cell in size observed in bacteria-

(A) Cytoplasm (B) Cynobacterial (C) Mycoplasmas (D) Acetobacter

5.Largest cell, which can be observed with an unaided eye-

(A) Ostrich's egg (B) Nerve cell (C) Green algae chara (D) Elephant's egg

6.In the egg, central yellow part is called________ and is surrounded by white part called_________.

(A) albumen, yolk (B) Yolk, albumen (C) Mycoplasma, yolk (D) Amoeba, albumen

7.Plasma membrane and rigid outer layer cell wall both give the_______ to the cell.

(A) Shape (B) Colour (C) Length (D) Size

8.Match the following :

(i) Protoplasm (A) Kernel

(ii) Nucleus (B) Condensed chromatin

(iii) Organelles (C) Liquid substance

(iv) Chromosomes (D) smaller components of cell

(A) (i)-(A); (ii)-(D); (iii)-(C); (iv)-B) (B) (i)-(B); (ii)-(A); (iii)-(C); (iv)-(D

(C) (i)-(C); (ii)-(D); (iii)-(B); (iv)-A) (D) (i)-(C); (ii)-(A); (iii)-(D); (iv)-(B)

9.The liquid present in the is surrounded by______.

(A) protoplasm (B) nuclear membrane

(C) cell membrane (D) cell wall

10.The structure responsible for the transfer of characters from the parents to next generation

(A) Chromosomes (B) Lysosomes (C) Mitochondria (D) Plastid

11.Plastids give colour to the plant cells, chloroplast is________ in colour

(A) Red (B) Yellow (C) Green (D) Brown

12.Select the correct alternative:

(i) The outermost layer in plant cells is cell wall.

(ii) Activities of the cell is controlled by nucleus

(iii) 90% by weight, protoplasm is made up of compounds of elements carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and


(iv) Plastids are found in both animal as well as plant cells.

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