CBSE Class 8 Science Reaching the age of Adolescence Assignment Set C

CBSE Class 8 Science - Reaching the age of Adolescence (3)

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1. Define the following terms:-

(a)Infancy (b)Childhood (c)Adolescence (d)Adulthood (e)Puberty

2. Give the suitable term for the following:-

(a) Protruding voice box in human males

(b) Glands without ducts

(c) Endocrine gland attached to brain

(d) Secretion of endocrine glands

(e) Pancreatic hormone

(f) Male hormone

(g) Female hormone

(h) Secretes Thyroxine

(i) Another term for Teenage

(j) Term for changes at Adolescence

(k) Voice box

3. What are Secondary sexual characters?

4. What are hormones?

5. Define Metamorphosis.


1. List the various changes that take place in the body at Puberty.

2. Explain how the following conditions occur & which gland is responsible for them:-

(a)Dwarfism (b)Gigantism (c)Diabetes (d)Goitre

3. Give reasons for the following:-

(a)Pituitary is called the master endocrine gland

(b)We must consume iodised salt

(c)Diabetics are given insulin injections

(d)Adrenalin is also called the “stress hormone”

(e)Personal hygiene & regular physical exercise are essential for our well being

4. What are sex hormones? Why are they named so? State their functions.

5. What is Metamorphosis & how is it controlled?

6. What are the major events that occur during Menstruation?

7. Chips & tinned/packed snacks, though tasty should never replace regular meals. Why?

8. Justify the statement-“Say NO to drugs, tobacco & alcohol”.

9. What are some ways in which HIV is transmitted from an infected person to a normal one?

10. How is menarche different from menopause?


1. What are Chromosomes? What is their significance in our body?

2. How is the gender/sex of a baby determined in humans?

3. List down the major pubertal changes in human males (any 5).

4. List down the major pubertal changes in human females (any 5).

5. Tabulate the various Endocrine glands, their hormones & their functions.

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