CBSE Class 8 Science Pollution of Air and Water Assignment Set A

CBSE Class 8 Science - Pollution of Air and Water (1)

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Q.1.Choose the correct answer:

a-Which gas is found in largest percentage in air?

i-Oxygen ii-Nitrogen iii-Carbon dioxide iv-Helium

b-What is the source of air pollutant?

i-Industries ii-Power Plants iii-Automobile exhausts iv-All the above

c-Which gas is produced during incomplete combustion of fuels like petrol and diesel?

i-Carbon dioxide ii-Nitrogen iii-Carbon monoxide iv-Sulphur dioxide

d-Refrigerators, air conditioners and aerosol sprays have________pollutant.

i-CFCs ii-CCFs iii-FCCs iv-None of the above

Q.2.Write one word for the following:

a-Very small particles of solids and liquids suspended in air.

b-The gas released during burning of fossil fuels.

c-Two metals which are extremely harmful to the human beings.

d-Name the substance added to the filtered and aerated water to kill harmful germs.

e-The phenomenon of loss of dissolved Oxygen from water in water bodies.

Q.3.Define the following terms:

a- Pollution b- Acid rain c- Global warming d- Green house effect

Q.4. Answer the following questions in 30 words:

a-How do chlorofluorocarbons harm us?

b-Write 3 methods of reducing air pollution?

c-Mention the methods which might be helpful in conserving water.

d-Discuss various processes involved in the purification of water at home.

Q.5. Answer the following questions in 100 words:

a-Describe the greenhouse effect. Name two greenhouse gases.

b-Describe the harmful effects of acid rain.

c-What causes water pollution? How can the water pollution be prevented?

d-What should be the characteristics of potable water?

Q.6.Match the following:

a-Particulate pollutant i-Ozone layer

b-Chlorofluorocarbon ii-Methane

c-Green house gas iii-Jaundice/ Hepatitis

d-Polluted water iv-Conservation of water

e-Drip irrigation v-Flyash


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