CBSE Class 8 Science Friction Assignment Set B

CBSE Class 8 Science - Friction (2)

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1 Explain Why, it is easier to drag a mat on floor when nobody is sitting on it but

much more difficult to drag the same mat when a person is sitting on it.

2 What are the factors affecting friction? Explain with examples.

3 What is the cause of friction? Explain with the help of labeled diagram.

4 Which type of surfaces produce {a} least friction, and {b} too much friction?

5 What is the direction of force of friction acting on a moving object?

6 A car is moving towards North. What will be the direction of force of friction

acting on this car due to surface of road?

7 When a pencil cell is released from a certain point on an inclined wooden board, it

travels a distance of 35 cm on floor A before it comes to rest. When the same

pencil cell is released from the same point on the same inclined board, it travels a

distance of 20 cm on floor B before coming to rest. Which floor, A or B, offers

greater friction? Give reason for your answer.

8 What kind of friction comes into play:

(a) When a block of wood kept on table moves slowly?

(b) When a block of wood kept on table just tends to move ( or slip)

(c) When a block of wood kept on cylindrical iron rods moves?

9 Out of sliding friction, static friction & rolling friction:

(a) Which one is the smallest?

(b) Which one is the largest?

10 Explain why, sliding friction is less than static friction.

11 What is meant by ‘rolling friction’?

12 Why does a man slip when he steps on a banana peel thrown on the road?

13 Explain why:

(a) a pencil will write on paper but not on glass

(b) The handles of motor cycle are covered with a rubber sheet with spikes.

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