CBSE Class 8 Science Force and Pressure Assignment Set F

CBSE Class 8 Science - Force and Pressure (4)

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Q1 If a man stands on chair , chances of its breaking are more but if a man sits on chair,

chances of its breaking are less. Explain.

Q2 Why do dams have broad base?

Q3 Show that liquid at a given depths exerts equal pressure in all directions.

Q4 Why does the nose of a mountaineer bleed at high altitudes?

Q5 Why does an astronaut wear a special type of suit?

Q6The pressure due to atmosphere is very large.Why are we not crushed?

Q7 In which case out of the following is it easier to lift the school bag full of books.

Explain a) school bag with thin and strong string.

b) school bag with a strip of wide cloth band

Q8. What makes a moving ball come to rest in a while even if no force is applied?

Q9. What makes a ball thrown up into the air fall back to the ground?

Q10. Why is the cutting edge of a knife made sharp?

Q11. What makes a coaster placed over the rim of a glass of water stick even when you

invert it?

Q12. What is the characteristic that magnetic, electrostatic & gravitational forces have

in common?

Q13. How is the pressure in a liquid related to the depth? How would you demonstrate


Q14. Calculate the pressure, if a force of 100 N acts on an area of 10 m2 ?

Q15. Give reasons of the following:

a) Railway tracts are mounted on sleepers.

b) Camel can walk easily on sand.

c) Nails have pointed end.

d) Army tanks run over broad steel trail.

Q16. The tip of drawing pin has an area 1.0 x 10-8 sq. m. Find the pressure exerted if

force applied is 10 N?

Q17. A block of size 20 m x 10 m x 5 m exerts a force of 30 N. Calculate the maximum

& minimum pressure exerted by block on ground?

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