CBSE Class 8 Science Force and Pressure Assignment Set D

CBSE Class 8 Science - Force and Pressure (2)

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1.The standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is -

(A) 10x10-12N/m2 (B) 1x1023 N/m2 (C) 1012 N/m2 (D) 105 N/m2

2.The effects of force are:

(A) Motion of an object (B) Change in the magnitude of velocity of an object

(C) Change in direction of motion (D) All of these

3.Which among the following are the types of forces-

(A) Magnetic force (B) Nuclear force (C) Gravitational force (D) All of these

4.Friction forces act

(A) In the direction of force applied (B) In the direction of the motion

(C) In the direction opposite to the direction of motion (D) None of these

5.The effect of frictional force may be minimized by

(A) Using a smooth object (B) Using a smooth plane

(C) Providing a lubricant at the surface of contact (D) All of these

6.Negative value of force implies that

(A) Force is exerted on some other object

(B) Force is in the direction opposite to that of the motion

(C) Force is in the same direction to that of the motion

(D) Gravitational force is acting on the object

7.S.I. Unit of force is

(A) Newton (B) Dyne (C) Kg-wt (D) Kg

8.Gravitational force acts between

(A) Sun and Planet (B) Earth and Bodies

(C) All the bodies in the universe (D) Sun and Earth

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