CBSE Class 8 Science Crop Production And Management Assignment Set E

CBSE Class 8 Science - Crop Production And Management (5)

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1. Name the agricultural implements associated with the following agricultural tasks:-

(a) tilling-plough

(b) weeding-harrow,trowel

(c) leveling-leveller

(d) sowing-seed drill

(e) harvesting-sickle

2. Define the following:-

(a) crop-the plants that are cultivated for commercial purposes or their products

(b) agriculture –the practice of cultivating crops

(c) threshing-separation of grains from the husk

(d) winnowing-separation of chaff(hollow grains) & husk from healthy grains by making

them fall from a height & blowing wind through huge pedestal fans

(e) manuring-adding manures/compost to the soil

(f) weeding-removal of weeds from the agricultural fields

3. Fill in the blanks:-

(a)The same kind of plants grown & cultivated on a large scale at a place is


(b) The first step before growing crops is _preparation_of soil.

(c) Damaged seeds would float on the surface of water.

(d) For growing a crop, sufficient amount of sunlight,_water & nutrients_ from the soil

are essential.

(e) Paddy & maize are kinds of _kharif_crops

(f) Animal excreta,cow dung,urine & plant waste are used to make _manure

(g) Urea & superphosphate are kinds of fertilizers

(h) Wheat,gram,pea are kinds of rabi crops

4. Identify the following:-

(a) providing water to crops- irrigation

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