CBSE Class 8 Science Cell Structure and Functions Assignment Set C

CBSE Class 8 Science - Cell Structure and Functions (3)

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1. Write true/false against the following statements:-

(a)Cells are invisible to the naked human eye

(b)Animal cells have a cellwall but plant cells do not.

(c)Protoplasm includes nucleoplasm & cytoplasm.

(d)Human cheek cells are irregular in shape.

(e)Cell wall is non-living & composed of cellulose.

2. How is cytoplasm different from cell sap?

3. What is the similarity between plasma membrane & egg membrane?

4. Identify the cell organelle/component-

(a) transparent jelly-like living substance

(b) kitchen of the cell

(c) brain of the cell

(d) heredity material

(e) provides various colours to plant parts

(f) unit of inheritance in living organisms

(g) organisms made of more than one cell

5. What is the difference in the location of the nuclei of plant & animal cells?

6. What is the importance of vacuoles in a cell?

7. What are prokaryotic cells?

8. Select the odd ones out giving reasons:-

(a) cheek cells, onion peel cells, bacterial cells, nerve cell

(b) blue green algae, hen's egg, neuron, ostrich's egg

9. Who discovered cell for the first time?

10. Name one cell organelle that is present in plant cells but absent in animal cells and another

that is present in animal cells but absent in plant cells.


1. Tabulate at least 4 differences between plant & animal cells.

2. If we remove the nucleus of a cell, write any 3 functions that will get affected.

3. "Cell is the smallest & basic unit of life".Justify the statement.

4. Compare Eukaryotic & Prokaryotic cells.Give examples as well.

5. Draw neat & labelled diagrams of the following:-

(a) human cheek cells

(b)onion peel cells

(c)typical plant cell

(d)typical animal cell

6. Giving examples explain the diversity in the shape & sizes of cells of organisms.

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