CBSE Class 12 English Sure Shot Questions Long Answers Assignment

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Assignment for Class 12 English Sure Shot Questions Long Answers

Class 12 English students should refer to the following printable assignment in Pdf for Sure Shot Questions Long Answers in Class 12. This test paper with questions and answers for Class 12 English will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Sure Shot Questions Long Answers Class 12 English Assignment

CBSE Class 12 English Sure Shot Questions Long Answers Assignment. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practice them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


Question. Describe the writer’s ‘misadventure’ at the Y.M.C.A pool.
Answer: The misadventure referred to happened at the Y.M.C.A. swimming pool. One day, the writer was sitting alone on the side of the pool. There was no one there. He was afraid of going into the water alone. So he was waiting for others to come. Suddenly a big boy came in. he picked the writer up and tossed him into the pool. The writer at once went to the bottom of the pool. On the way down, he made a plan. He would hit the bottom and make a big jump to the surface. But he came up very slowly. He could see nothing but water. He grew panicky. Twice he tried to jump, but the jump made no difference. At last he stopped all efforts. He relaxed. There was no more panic. Everything blanked out. The curtain of life fell. But luckily, before he was dead, he was taken out of the pool and saved.

Question. How would you explain the reluctance of the soldier to leave the shelter of the doctor’s Home even he knew he couldn’t stay there without risk to the doctor & himself?
Answer: The soldier was an American. He was a prisoner of war who had escaped. He had a gunshot in his back. As a doctor, Sadao felt it his duty to save the man’s life. But when he came to know that the white man was an American enemy, he wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. Giving shelter to an enemy soldier could cost him dearly. However, he continued giving him proper treatment and at last the man was almost normal. He was deeply impressed by the way the doctor and his wife had nursed him. He knew his staying there could be a risk to the doctor and himself. Yet he was reluctant to leave the place. He said to Sadao, “If all the Japes were like you, there wouldn’t have been a war.”
The soldier had become almost certain that the doctor would not hand him over to the police. So he seemed to have left it to the doctor to find a way of his escape from there.

Question. How did Mr. Marvel get rid If the Invisible Man?
Answer: One day, Mr. Marvel came to the ‘Jolly Cricketers’ yelling for help. At the time, a policeman, a cabman, and a black-bearded American were sitting there. Marvel told them that the Invisible Man after him. He requested them to help him. The policeman asked the barman to close all the doors.
Suddenly A blow made a fastened door shiver. It was followed by knocking and shouting outside.
This was the Invisible Man, said Marvel. Just then a door slammed and they heard a key turn. “I think the yard door was open,” said the barman suddenly they heard Marvel squeal like a trapped hare. They saw Marvel being dragged. They ran for his help. The policeman gripped the wrist of the invisible hand that collared Marvel. But the policeman was hit in the face and he went reeling back.
Then the cabman clutched something and cried, “I got him. Here he is!” The cabman got kicked in the stomach. He cried and doubled up. Marvel’s rescuers got repeated blows from invisible fists.
When the Invisible Man was busy in dealing with his rescuers. Marvel sought the police protection and thus got rid of the Invisible Man.

Question. Give a brief character-sketch of Mr. Hall.
Answer: Mr. George Hall is Jenny’s husband who is the owner of the ‘Coach and Horses’. He is a nice and simple-hearted man. He assists his wife in the inn. He believes in his wife’s management skills and has left the running of the inn to her. Mr. Hall is there first person in Iping who sees the stranger in a mysterious position. When a dog bites the stranger, Mr. Hall goes to his room to see if he is alright. But he is taken aback when he sees a handless arm waving towards him and slamming the door in his face. Mr. Hall is a man of slow wit. He doesn’t easily understand the intensity of the situation. Hunter informs him that a weird stranger has come to his inn and he might create problems. Hunter tells him about his aunt also swindled by a stranger. But Mr. Hall doesn’t take any action except informing Mrs. Hall about it. Though he is a lazy fellow, he is always ready to help his fellow-men at odd hours. He is very good-natured and sociable.

Question. How does the peddler interpret the acts of kindness and hospitality shown by the crofter, the ironmaster and his daughter?
Answer: The peddler enjoys the crofter’s kindness and hospitality. But knows that he crofter is being friendly with him to overcome his own loneliness. The crofter also seems to be a little arrogant. He speaks proudly of his bossy. He even proudly displays the thirty kronor he has got as payment for the cow’s milk. Thus he, in a way, tempts the peddler to steal away his money.
The ironmaster takes the peddler for an old regimental acquaintance. Seeing his miserable condition, he wants to take him home he also wants to help him out of his misery. But when he realizes his mistake, he at once orders him to get out of his house. However, he gives in his daughter pleads for the poor hungry man.
The ironmaster daughter is the only person who shows real sympathy for the peddler she serves him for no selfish reason. Her only motive I sot make a poor hungry man feel at home on Christmas Eve.

Question. How does Jo want the story to end and why?
Answer: Jo is a four year old inquisitive child. She is now very different from what she was two years ago.
Now she does not take as true whatever is said to her. Now she was full of question She wants to know the reason of things. She does not accept that what appears illogically to her. Her father tells her story of roger skunk that smells very bad. Other animals run away from him because he smells so bad .Roger skunk is very unhappy. He goes to a wizard and request him to make him smell like a rose s. but when roger skunk goes home, his mommy is very angry. She at once goes to wizard and hits him on the head .the gentle wizards makes roger skunk smell very bad again. Now Jo does not accept this ending of the story. She wants the wizard to hit mommy because she had no reason to hit the wizard.

Question. Why did Mr. Marvel discus the resignation with the invisible man and what was the outcome of that discussion?
Answer: Marvel had to accompany the invisible man carrying his stuff-three books and a big bundle. He looked very tired and worried. Poor marvel wanted to get rid of all this. So, he pleaded.”It is devilish hard, sir. What do image?” the voice rebuked him saying, ‘you what you are told ... You are a fool, but you”ii do it.” but marvel didn’t lose hope. He tried again.”I tell you, sir, respectfully. I am not the man fit for it.”He said but the invisible man was not ready to hear a word. He said “, if you don’t shut up, I shall twist your wrist again.”Marvel all discussion about his deliverance went futile. the invisible man told marvel that he would leap his hand on his shoulder all trough the village bramble Hurst .He further told marvel that if he tired any foolery , it would be the worse for him ,poor marvel .The more he talked of his realize from the grip of invisible man , the more tightly he was engulfed in it.

Question. Compare and contrast the characters of Mr. Griffin and Dr. Kemp.
Answer: Mr. Griffin and Dr. Kemp and brilliant scientist. They are fully devoted to their work. But in temperament, they are poles apart. They are totally different from each other. Griffin is a man of irritable temper. He is lawless person. He misuses his scientific knowedledge. He discover a rare drug that can make one invisible being impatient by nature, he himself takes the drug and became invisible. He does much unlawful activity after that. He is so wicked that he wants to unleash a region of terror on a mankind. On the other hand, Dr. Kemp is a disciplined and law abiding man. He loves to remain idealistic and non-interfering. He is cool and methodical. He is too scientific to believe in the existence of an invisible man. Kemp is not unscrupulous at all like griffin. When griffin tires s to enlist him into his plan of unleashing the region of the terror on mankind, he turns against him. He is full of the milk of human kindness. He puts his of his own life at risk to save his country from falling into the trap of wicked griffin.

Question. What did Gandhi do in respect of the cultural & social backwardness in Champaran villagers?
Answer: GandhiJi noticed the cultural and backwardness in the champ ran villages. He wanted to do something about it. He appealed for teachers. Mahadev Desai and Narhari parikh were two young men who had just joined Gandhi Ji as disciples. They and their wives volunteered themselves for the work. Several more came from Bombay, Poona and other parts of the country. Gandhi Ji’s wife Kasturbai and his youngest son, Devdas arrived from the ashram. Primary school was opened in six villages. Kasturbai taught the rules on personal cleanliness and community sanitation. Health condition was insurable. GandhiJi got a doctor to volunteer his service for six months. Three medicines were available- castor oil, quinine and sculpture ointment. Anybody who showed a coated tongue was given a dose of castor oil. Anyone with Malaria fever received quinine plus castor oil.
And one with skin eruptions received Ointment plus castor.

Question. What is your stance regarding the two ending to the Roger Skunk story?
Answer: One ending presents an adult’s point of view. According to this ending, mommy goes to the wizard and hits him on yes head with her umbrella. The gentle wizard says nothing and makes roger skunk smell very bad again. The second ending presents a four-year-old child’s point of view. Jo thinks that the wizard should have hit that mommy. She finds no reason why mommy should have hit the wizard. But her father (Jack) does not want the child to form a negative opinion of a mommy. He wants her to form the idea that a mommy ought to be loved and respected by the child. So he insists that mommy was right. But I think the child was right in her point of view. Roger skunk had himself asked the wizard to make him smell like roses. So it was not the wizard’s fault at all. Mommy had no right to hit him. She deserved to be hit back by the wizard.

Question. What happen at Chesilstowe? How did it change Griffin life?
Answer: Griffin was very good at chemistry. He had won a medal for it. But when he went to Chesilstowe, he was so fascinated by light that it changed his whole life. He dropped
Medicine and took up physics.”Opyical density I the whole subject fascinated me.” Said Griffin. He decided to devote his life to it. He put all his time, heart and soul to His work. Within a few monyhs, he discovered a formula ago pigments that lowered the Refractive index of a substance allowing light to pass through it rather than reflect it Or refract it. Then after three years, griffin discovered hoe animal tissue could be Made transparent. He did not tell anybody about his discovery. In fact, he wanted to
Flash his work upon the world and become famous at a blow. But while working in Secrecy, he came upon a time when he had to stop his experiment due to lack of Of funds. And to meet out the crisis, he robbed hi own father. His father shot himself Because that money was not his. In great despair, griffin left chesilstowe and went Back to London.

Question. Give a brief character sketch of Mr. Thomas Marvel.
Answer: Mr. Thomas marvel is just a tramp who aimlesselumoves around. One day hefails into invisible man’s trap. Remaining invisible, griffin gives him frightful threats and throws stones at him. He tells marvel that he will have to help him get back his clothes and notebooks from the inn. And marvel helps griffin in it. But even the griffin doesn’t leave him alone. He subjects poor marvel to utter serviyude. Marvel has to accompany him all the time carrying his load of three books and a bundle.
He is too tired to bear it any longer. SO he gives the man a slip and flees to port burdock. Mr. Marvel is an opportunist also. He takes advantage of adverse circumstances even. When he wants to get rid of the invisible man, he seeks police protection. He confiscates the invisible man’s notebooks and stolen money. The court cannot prove whose money marvel has. SO marvel gets to keep all that money. He opens his own inn and names it ‘the invisible man’. He daily marvels at griffin’s notes secretly and thinks what he would do if he were invisible.

Question. What does the writer want Saheb to do? Why has she to feel embarrassed about it later?
Answer: Saheb is a poor rag picker. The writer sees him every morning probing the garbage helps in her neighborhoods. She asks Saheb why he doesn’t go to school. At this Saheb says,” There is no school in my neighborhood. When they build one, I will go”.
The writer says half – joking, “If I start a school, will you come?”
“Yes,” says Saheb, smiling broadly.
A few days later, Saheb sees the writer. He comes running to her and asks, “Is your school ready?”
The writer has to feel small. She had made a promise which she did not mean. Now she could only say, “It takes longer to build a school”.
Promises like these are often made with the poor but they are never fulfilled.

Question. Why did the governor send Jackson to frisk McLeery? What where the things found with him?
Answer: The Governor had no doubts about McLeay himself. But he feared that McLeay could have innocently brought in something’s which Evans could use as a weapon for his escape. So he sent Jackson to ensure himself about it. While freaking McLeay’s clothes, he felt something hard.
McLeay said that it was his reading glasses. Jackson then opened the small suitcase that McLeay had bought with him. He picked up each envelope in turn. He passed hid palms carefully along their surface. He seemed satisfied. There was a copy of the Bible and a copy of The Church Times also.
There was nothing objectionable about them. But then Jackson saw a small semi – inflated rubber ring in the suitcase. McLeay said that he suffered from piles and needed it when he had to sit for some length of time. Jackson was satisfied with this explanation. At the bottom of the suitcase, there was a paperknife. Jackson thought it better to keep the knife with him. Then he went away satisfied.

Question. What did the people living in Iping think about the stranger?
Answer: The stronger was a common topic in the village due to his weird appearance. Opinion was greatly divided about his occupation. Mrs. Hall would say that he was an experimental investigator. She would say that her visitor had an accident which temporarily discolored his face. But most of the people in the village said that he was a criminal trying to escape from justice. It was to escape the eyes of the police that he kept himself wrapped. Mr. Gould, the probationary assistant in the National School, said that the stranger was an anarchist in disguise who was preparing explosives. Some people regarded the stranger as a harmless lunatic. Whatever the people thought of him, they all agreed in disliking him. His irritability, his frantic gesticulations, his strolls after nightfall, his pulling down of binds, his blowing out the candles and the lamp – were things that amazed that the villagers very much.

Question. Give in brief the character-sketch of Colonel Adye.
Answer: Colonel Adie is the chief of police in Port Burdock. He is a law – abiding and dutiful officer. When Dr. Kemp gives him an urgent call regarding the Invisible man, he immediately reaches Kemp’s house. He is very wise and thoughtful. He feels the intensity of the situation. He knows that it is only Kemp who has seen and talked to the Invisible Man. He also knows that he has no other choice. So he listens to Kemp’s suggestions and makes plan accordingly to capture the Invisible man. In tough hours also, he doesn’t ignore the moral values. He objects to Kemp’s advice of spreading powdered glass on roads to trap Griffin. He calls it unsportsmanlike. But seeing no other alternative, he has to accept it. He is very brave and courageous. He tries his best to save Dr. Kemp from the Invisible Man. He keeps fighting with the Invisible Man till the end. The Invisible Man shoots him with Kemp’s revolver. And it is assumed that Colonel Adye died there and then.

Question. How was the governor able to catch Evans at the Golden Lion, & how did Evans escape once again?
Answer: The governor had got a mike fitted in Evans’s cell. Thus he was able to listen in all the conversation between Evans and Mcleery. He rebreeds the index number (313) and the centre number (271) That mcleery had asked Evans to fill in. Now he thought that these numbers could be the code of some area in the town. He took an oxford shire map and found that the six-figure reference 313/271 indicated the middle of chipping Norton. He also remembered the words ‘golden lion’ of the correction slip. Thus with the help of these two clues, he was able to nab Evans in his room at the golden lion hotel. Evans gave himself up at once. They had long pleasant chat. In the meantime, a prison van comes there with a prisoner officer. The prison officer silently handcuffed Evans. Both of them got into the back seat of the van and drove away. But later we find that the prison officer was a
fake one. In fact, he was one of Evans’ own men and had appeared on the scene for his escape.

Question. What idea do you form of Sophie’s character from the story “Going Places”?
Answer: Sophie is a little girl. She is still at school. But she is highly ambitious. She belongs to a poor family.
She has no source of any money. Yet she dreams to have the finest boutique in the city. Her friend Janise tells her that it would take her a long time to save that much money. At this, Sophie says that she will become a manager to begin with. She never stops to think who will take her as a manager straight off.
Then she says she will become an actress. There is a lot of money in it. She will run the boutique side by side because actresses don’t work full time. She even thinks of becoming a fashion designer. All this shows what a dreamy girl she is. She has her head in the skies. Such a girl is bound to meet disappointment when she falls back to the ground of reality. And all this happens when her fantasy about Danny Casey breaks in the end.

Question. What happens on ‘Whit Monday ‘with Mr. & Mrs. Hall? What did Mr. Hall call supernatural?
Answer: The day Mr. hall saw the stranger’s door ajar, he went into the room and saw the stranger’s garments and bandages scattered all over the room. He ran down to Mrs. Hall and said “jenny, he is not in room
. And the front door is unbolted.” Just then, they heard the front door open and shut. But they saw no one there. Then Mrs. Hall went to the stranger’s room. As she entered the room, a most extraordinary thing happened. The bedclothes gathered themselves together, leapt up suddenly into a sort of peak and then fell headlong to one side banging the furniture around. The stranger’s hat hopped off the bedpost and dashed straight at Mrs. Hall’s face. Then a chair rose and charged at Mrs. Hall. It pushed her out of the room. “It is supernatural,” said Mrs. Hall. She immediately assumed that her furniture had been influenced by ghosts. She believed that the strangers had put some ghost in her furniture.

Question. Give a brief character-sketch of Griffin?
Answer: Griffin is the main character of the novel. He is a brilliant scientist. He wants to prove that human body can become invisible. And he discovers a rare drug that can make the human body as transparent as glass. But griffin misuses his discovery. To save himself from his landlord, he takes that drug and becomes invisible. Griffin is a lawless person and does many unlawful activities when he becomes invisible. He sets fire to his landlord’s house and steals things and money from shops. He is bad-tempered and soon stoops to violent rage. He subjects poor marvel to utter servitude. He is a heartless fellow. To further his research, he needs money and for this he robs his own father. His father shoots himself because money is not his. BUT griffin is least regretful about it. He makes plans to unleash a region of terror on his country. But he fails in it and meets a soeowful end at the hands of people.

Question. What is it that draws Derry towards Mr. Lamb in spite of himself?
Answer: Derry finds Mr. Lamb different from others. Mr. Lamb shows no short or fear on seeing Derry’s burnt face. Rather, he talks to him in loving manner. He welcomes him to grade. He offers to plunk apples and make jelly for him. He calls him his friend. He says that things look outwardly different, but inwardly they are all the same. He gives the example of flowers, trees, herbs and weeds. They look different looks, but inwardly they all are same. Derry says that he hates some people. At this, Mr. Lamb says that it can do him more harm than any bottle of acid. Acid burns only the face, but hatred burns one away inside. He tells Derry never to think of his burnt face. He has two arms, two legs, eyes, ears, tongue and a brain. And if he has firm mind, he can do better than others. It is by such words of encouragement that Mr Lamb draws Derry to himself.

Question. Reproduce in your own words what Franz did or thought on his way to school.
Answer: Franz was late for school. He feared that his teacher, Mr. Hamel, would scold him. Moreover, the teacher had said he would ask questions on participles. But Franz did not know a word about them. So he thought of running away and spending the day out of doors. It was a warm and bright day. He saw the Prussian soldiers of drilling in the open field. It was a temping sight. However, he hurried off to school. When he passed by a town hall, he saw a crowd in front of bulletin-board. For the last two years, all their bad news had come from there. The village blacksmith was reading the bulletin. He called after Franz, saying, “Don’t go so fast, boy. You’ll get to your school in plenty of time.” Franz thought the blacksmith was making fun of him. He continued going fast. When he reached his school, he was all out of breath.

Question. The strangers had been bitten by the cart man’s dog. What happened when Mr. Hall went to his room to offer an immediate help?
Answer: When the cart man’s dog attacked the stranger, the stranger ran back to his room. Mr. Hall thought the dog had badly bitten the stranger. He wanted to offer him immediate help. So he went straight to his room. Having a naturally sympathizing mind, he pushed open the stranger’s door without any ceremony. The blind was down the room was dim. He caught the glimpse of most singular thing-a hard less arm waving towers him and a face of three huge spots on white. Then Mr Hall was struck violently in the chest and pushed back. The door slammed in his face and locked. It was so rapid that it gave Mr Hall no time to observe. He stood there speechless for some time, wondering what it
might be that he had seen. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He found it incredible that he had seen anything so very remarkable in the stranger’s room.

Question. Who was Mr. Cuss? Why did he want to meet the stranger staying at the ‘Coach & Horses’? What happened when he met the stranger?
Answer: Mr. Cuss was the general practitioner in iping. The tales of mysterious stranger had filled him with terrible curiosity. The stranger’s bandages had excited his professional interest. And the report off those thousand and one bootless of the stranger had aroused his jealousy. He wanted to know if the stranger was doing research work. So he longed for an opportunity of talking to the stranger. At last, he hit upon the idea of collecting donations for a village nurse. And he decided to contrive an interview with the stranger. Then he went to the in to meet the stranger. Mrs. hall took him to the stranger‘s room. During the interview, the stranger accidentally removed his hand from his pocket.
Mr. Cuss got a glimpse of the empty sleeve to the elbow. When Mr. Cuss questioned him about moving an empty alive, the stranger laughed at him. He hit Mr. Cuss’s back so severely that he got hysteric. Mr. Cuss became so scared that he ran away.

Question. What unusual things did Franz notice when he reached school?
Answer: The school usually began with a great bustle. Lots of sounds and noises could be heard in the street.
For example, the opening and closing of desk could be heard. Children repeated their lessons loud in unison. The rapping of the teacher’s rod on the table could also be heard. But that day it was all quite. It was a quite as a Sunday morning. Franz could see through the window that his classmates were already in their seats. The teacher was walking up and down in the classroom. He had his terrible iron rod under his arm. Franz opened the door and went in. He was terribly frightened.

Question. When does Mr. Lamb display signs of loneliness & disappointment? What are the ways in which he tries to overcome these feelings?
Answer: Derry goes away saying that he will come back after telling his people at home. Now Mr. Lamb is left alone. Once again he feels very lonely and disappointed. He feels that Derry, too, like all others, would never come back. Everyone says, “I’ll come back. But they never do. None of them ever come back. These words show Mr. Lamb’s feeling of loneliness and disappointment. But he tried to overcome these feelings by watching, listening and thinking. He had no curtains on his windows. He loved to see the natural light and darkness. He loved to hear the winds blowing. People say bees buzz, but when he listened to them, he would feel they were they were humming. He found no difference between flowers, trees, herbs and weeds. To him, they were all growing living things. It was by such positive thoughts that he would try to overcome his feelings of loneliness and disappointment.

Question. Write in brief about the burglary at the vicarage.
Answer: One night, the vicar’s (priest’s) wife woke up suddenly. She had heard some noise coming from the adjoining dressing room. She arose the vicar. Just then, they heard a fumbling going on at the study desk downstairs. They came downstairs. There they heard the opening of the drawer and rustling of papers. Through the crack in the door of the study, the vicar, to see the desk and the open drawer and candle burning on the desk. Then the vicar and his wife heard the chink of money. Someone was taking out the money from the vicar’s desk. They rushed into the room but they found no one in the room. However, they were sure that they had heard somebody moving their in. They search each and
every corner of the room. There was no sign of anybody. Still the desk had been opened and the money was missing. The vicar and his wife terribly confused to think of the strange burglary committed at their house.

Question. Describe the circumstances that led to the unveiling of the stranger.
Answer: One day Mrs. Hall didn’t serve any food to the stranger. She was annoyed with him because he had
not paid his bills. The stranger tried to assure Mrs. Hall but she refused to accept any excuse. It enraged the stranger and he put his open palm on his face and withdrew it. The center of face became a black cavity. He put something on Mrs. Hall’s hand. She screamed to see it. It was the nose of stranger. Then he removed his spectacles, hat, bandages and whiskers one by one and soon became headless man. Just then Mr. Hall and Mr. Jeffers reached there with a warrant. The stranger said to the constable, “I’m invisible. It’s strange perhaps, but it’s not a crime”. Mr. Jaffers told that he was not after any invisibility but after burglary at the vicar’s house, and all the circumstances pointed towards the stranger. At this the stranger started removing his clothes one by one and soon became invisible. Thus was unveiled the identity of the stranger.

Question. Where did the writer see Saheb one winter morning? What was he doing there?
Answer: Saheb was standing by the gate of a club. It was a fenced gate. 2 young men were playing there. They were dressed in white. Saheb said that he liked that game. But he was content to watch it from outside. Sometimes there was no one around. Then the gatekeeper allowed him to use the swing.
Saheb, too, was wearing tennis shoes. They were discarded shoes. Some rich boy had given these to him. There was a hole in one of them. But that did not bother sahib. For him it was a dream came true. He used to go barefoot, but now he was wearing tennis shoes. However, the game was watching son lovely was out of hi reach.

Question. What did Zitkala-sa do when she came to know that they were going to shingle her hair? What happen to the end?
Answer: Zitkala-Sa crept up the stairs quietly when no one was watching. There she found a large room with three white beds in it. The windows were covered with dark green curtains. It made the room very dim. Zitkala-Sa went down on her hands and knees.
She crawled under the bet that was farthest from the door. There she lay huddled in the dark corns.
Soon she heard voices calling her name. Women and girls entered yes room. Someone threw up the curtains. The room was filled with light. She was found under the bed and dragged out. She was carried downstairs and tied fast in a chair. She cried aloud, shaking her head all the while. She felt the blades of scissors against her neck. She heard them cut off one of her thick braids. Now she lost her spirits and stopped struggling. When her long hair was shingled, she moaned for her mother. But no one came to comfort her.

Question. Describe the constable Mr. Jaffer’s fight with the Invisible Man.
Answer: Mr. Jaffers came to Mrs. Hall’s inn with a warrant against the invisible man. The man said, “I’m all here, but it happens I’m invisible. It’s strange but it’s not a crime.” At this, Mr. Jaffers said that he was not after invisibility but after the burglary committed at the vicar’s house. And all the circumstances pointed towards him. Hearing this, the man started taking off his clothes one by one.
Suddenly realizing what was happening, Jaffers cried, “Hold him! Once he gets those things off……” He himself too tried to grip the man. He clutched at the man’s sleeve but only helped to pull it off. Soon the man completely became invisible.He started hitting MrJaffers with unseen blows. Whosoever came to help Mr. Jaffers, too, received unseen blows. “I got him!” Jaffers shouted suddenly wrestling against his unseen enemy. He was checking; nevertheless he kept holding his enemy tight. At last, he fell down unconscious and the invisible man escaped from iping.

Question. Who was Gibbins? What did he experience and what was he not aware of?
Answer: Griffin was an amateur naturalist of the district. He was lying out in the open on a steep hillside.
There was not a soul within a couple of miles of him, as he thought. While he was almost dozing, he heard close to him the sound of a man coughing and sneezing. Then he heard his swearing savagely to himself. Gibbons look all around, but saw nothing. Yet the voice was certainly there. It continued to swear in the manner of a cultivated man. It grew to a climax, diminished again and dies away in the distance. Gibbons was not aware of that morning occurrences in Iping. He felt so disturbed by this strange phenomenon that all his philosophical tranquility vanished. He got up hastily and hurried down the steep hill. He walked towards the village as fast he could.

Question. How are the attitudes of the ironmaster & his daughter different? Support your answer from the text?
Answer: There is a difference of poles between the ironmaster and his daughter. The ironmaster is a very practical person. He makes regular visits to his forgery to see that the work is done well. He sees a stranger there and takes him for an old regimental acquaintance. He offers to take him home for the night. He also wants to help out of his misery. But when he realizes his mistake, he is awfully angry.
He at once asks the peddler to get out of his house.
But the ironmaster’s daughter is quite different. She sees that the peddler is in no way to blame. He never pretended to be a captain. It was a mistake of her own father. The young girl sees the peddler only as a poor hungry man. Her only motive is to make him feel at home on Christmas. We can say that it is she who saves the peddler for being caught into the rattrap of the world.

Question. How did tiger king stand in danger of losing his kingdom? How was he able to avert the danger?
Answer: Once a high-ranking British officer visited the maharaja’s state. He wished to hunt tiger in the state.
He also wished to be photographed with the tigers he had shot. But the maharaja refused his permission. The British officer’s secretary sent word through the dean. He said that the officer did not have to kill them. The maharaja could do the actual killing. The officer only wanted to have himself photographed, holding the gun and standing over the tiger’ s dead body. But the maharaja did not agree even to this proposal. Thus he stood in the danger of losing his kingdom. He had consultation with his dean. The maraca arranged for fifty expensive diamond rings. He sent the all these to the officers wife. He hoped that she would choose one or two and send the rest back but the lady kept all those and sent her reply, “thank you very much for your gifts.” The maharaja had to pay three laky rupees for the ring. But he was able to retain his kingdom.

Question. On Whit Monday, a stranger entered Iping from the direction of the hills. What was so peculiar about the stranger that prompted Mr. Huxter to follow him? Who was this stranger?
Answer: The stranger came to the ‘coach and horses. He looked a little frightened and moved with a sort of reluctance. He appeared to undergo a severe internal struggle before he entered the inn. Mr. Huxter who had his shop just on the opposite side was observing ties man’s peculiar body language. He saw the man taking to himself. The stranger went into the inn and soon came out. Huxter saw him walking in an oddly furtive manner towards the gates of the yard. Just then the parlor window opened. The stranger would occasionally look up the yard with quick glances. Then he vanished into the yard. Suddenly he reappeared carrying a big bundle and three books in his hands. Seeing huxter watching him, he started running. Huxter felt that some robbery had taken place. So he started chasing the stranger. But hardly had he gone ten yards when something tripped him knocking him
out. Stranger was Mr. Thomas marvel, whom the invisible man had engaged for his help.

Question. How did the whole village join to catch hold of Mr. Marvel and why?
Answer: Mr. Huxter saw a man walking furtively in the yard of the ‘coach and horses’. The man disappeared for some time for the yard. And then he reappeared with a bundle and three books in hands. Hoister felt some robbery had taken place. So he started chasing the man crying. “Stop thief” hall, henrys and other people sitting taproom heard the noise and came out. They saw huxter running after a man then taking a leap and falling down on the ground. Then they saw the man vanishing by the corner of the church wall. They at once concluded that this was the invisible man. They all at once set off chasing “hold him I don’t let him drop that bundle I you see him so long as he holds, the bundle.” In fact,
cuss knew nothing of marvel’s presence there. And actually, it was marvel that was holding the bundle and the books. The invisible man had handed over thetas thing to him. So all the villagers took Mr Marvel for the invisible man and joined together to catch of him.

Question. Give a brief account of the life and activities of the people like Sahib-E-Alam settled in Seemapuri.
Answer: Seemapuri is a slum area inhabited by people like Saheb-e-alma. They are all rag pickers. They are about 10,000 in number. They live in structures of mud. They have roofs of tin and tarpaulin. There is no sewage, drainage or running water. Those who live here came from Bangladesh in 1971. They have no identity or permits. But they have ration cards. They have their names on voters’ lists. But to them, food is more important than anything else. They pitch their tents wherever they can find food.
For them, rag picking means survival. Garbage to them is gold. It is their daily bread. It is a roof over their heads. For children, it is even more. For them, it is a thing wrapped in wonder. When they find a silver coin in a heap of garbage, they don’t stop probing it. They have always a hope of finding more.

Question. The lesson, ‘On the face of it’, is an apt depiction of the loneliness and sense of alienation experienced by people on account of disability. Explain.
Answer: ‘On the Face of it’ is the story of an old man named Mr. Lamb and a fourteen year old boy named Derry. Mr. Lamb has lost one of his legs in war. Now he has a tin leg in its place. He lives alone in a house that has a big garden in the front. People have spread many stories about him and no owner comes to visit him. Kids called him Lamely Lamb. Derry’s state is no different. The one side of his face is all burnt. He looks very ugly and people look at him with a sense of shock and fear. Everyone makes him conscious of his ugliness and it gives him much mental pain. He is sick of the world he is living in. when Derry and Mr. Lamb meet each other, they have a long heart-to-heart talk. Derry is so impressed by Mr. Lamb’s encouraging words that he decides to leave his home and start living with Mr. Lamb. But when Derry goes away saying that he will come back, Mr. Lamb says to himself,” Everyone says, ‘I’ll come back’. But they never do. None of them ever comes back.” Thus this story aptly depicts the loneliness and sense of alienation experienced by people on account of some physical disability.

Question. What treat did the voice give to Mr. Marvel and why? What was the Invisible man scared of?
Answer: When the Invisible Man created havoc in Iping, the people started running here and there in terror to save themselves. Mr. Marvel took advantage of the situation. He ran away with the Invisible Man’s stuff that he was to deliver to him. But the Invisible man some how found Mr. Marvel. And he threatened marvel that the news about his invisibility would soon be in the papers. He said,” No one knew I was invisible! And now they know. What am I to do?” he feared that everybody would now
look for him.

Question. What did Griffin do inside a big London store?
Answer: It was mid-winter. The air was bitterly cold and Griffin could not live without clothes. So to save himself from the cold, he entered a big London store. Closing time arrived. And as soon as the doors were shut, Griffin became able to give himself the pleasure of feeding and clothing without any expense. He went to the clothing section of the store. From there he got socks, shoes, trousers, a jacket, an overcoat, a thick comforter and a big hat. He put on the clothes and become a visible person again. Then he went to the refreshment section. There he relished cold meat with coffee.
After the meal, he enjoyed sweets and wine taken from the grocery. Then he settled down to sleep under a pile of quilts feeling very warm and comfortable. When the store was opened in the morning, he was seen sleeping there. Men in the shop tried to catch him. But Griffin smashed art pots on the men chasing him. Then Griffin started taking off his clothes one by one and slipped out of the store.

Question. Though Rajkumar Shukla was an illiterate peasant; He Was Resolute and Was Able to Bring a Change in the Lives of the People of Champaran. Discuss
Answer: Grit And Determination Play a Very Important Role in One’s Life. A Person Who Does’’ Give Up Too Easily And Has Tendency To Step Ahead Without Thinking Too Much About The Difficulties Is Able To Accomplish Anything. We Can Take The Example Of Rajkumar Shukla. He Desired GandhiJi To Go With Him To His Area Called Champran. Gandhi Ji Was Engage D at the Time.
However, Shukla Did Not Leave Ghanhiji.He Followed Him Whenever Went. Finally, Gandhiji Had To Arrange And Fix Time To Go With Him. Shukla’s Resolute Nature Led to a Change in the Lives of the People of Champaran. His Persistence Both Fruit. It Is Important To Pursue Or Goals With Grit And Determination To Be Successful. The Will to Succeed One Day Result in Triumph. It Is Possible That It Might A Long Time To Succeed But Definitely Be Achieved.

Question. A big boy pushed Douglas into the deep end of the swimming pool, which could have led to his death. Concerns regarding bullying and ragging persist in many teenage groups. Quote example from the text. Discuss the problem of bullying and its effects on the victims.
Answer: Bullying or ragging Creates Many Physiological Problems for Victims. It May Not lead to physical
harm but psychologically it the victim. Douglas Was Also A Victim Of A Similar Incident. At The
Y.M. C. A Pool, A bully Threw Him in the Deeper End of the Pool. Although He Was Saved, The Terror Stayed With Him. As A Result, He Could Not Sleep Or Eat For Days And Did Not Go Near The Water For Years. He Also Started Avoiding Water For A Long Time. Smile Activities Like Fishing and Boating, Which He Wanted To Enjoy Couldn’t Be Done To Deal With This Problem, Especially In Schools And Colleges, Committees For Monitoring Teenagers Should Be Set Up. Once The Prospective Bullies Know That They Are Being Watched,
They Would Not Dare To Do Such Actions. Equally Important Is The Support Of Parent And Community. Children Need To Be Aware To Understand What Bullying Is And Report Any Incident Of Bullying. Bullies Should Be Severely Punished And Not Just Left With A Wearing. Unless Some Stringent Measures Are Not Taken, The Problem Of Bullying And Ragging Cannot Be Resolved.

Question. Do you think Sophie is overambitious and Jansie is more practical? Discuss.
Answer: Sophie and Jansi are class fellows and friends. They belong to lower middle class Families. Jansie Understand Her Limitation Well. She knows that both of them are earmarked for the Biscuit Factory.
But Sophie Is Totally Blind To The Harsh Realities Of Life. She Dreams Of Big And Beautiful Things. She Wants To Have A Boutique. She Also Entertains the Idea Of Becoming An Actress. She Loves To Be Nice, Grand And Sophisticated. All Her Dreams Are Beyond Her Reach And Resources. Though Jansie Advice Her Sophie Refuses To Be Sensible. She Is Nothing More Than A Romantic Dreamer.
Sophie And Jansie Are Poles Apart In Thinking And Temperament. Sophie Is All Lost To Herself And Her Dreamy World. Sophie Is An Incurable Escapist. She Adores The Young Irish Footballer Danny Casey. She Remains What She Always Is---A Dreamer.

Question. How is Derry’s and Mr. Lamb’s behavior and attitude different towards people because of their physical impairment?
Answer: Derry’s main problem in his burnt face. One side of his face was eaten up by acid. He suffers from a tremendous sense of inferiority complex. He is always conscious that his face is “bad”,”terrible” and “the ugliest thing” people are “afraid” of him. His tries to escape people. He allows himself to be alienated from the world. On the other hand, Mr. Lamb doesn’t allow his physical disabilities to come in his way. He accepts life as it comes. He has positive attitude towards life, things and people.
He doesn’t find solace in escapism. Children tease him by calling “lamey-lamb” but he doesn’t mind it. One of his legs blown off in the war but he is full of life and enjoys it at his best. He enjoys sitting in the sun, reading books and growing weeds and flowers. Derry is withdrawn and defiant he doesn’t trust people. He thinks that no one will ever love and kiss him except his own mother. He can’t stand people staring at him or passing uncharitable remarks. He is touchy and hyper sensitive. Mr. Lamb is open-minded and open-hearted. All are welcomed he loves everybody and everything. He teaches Derry how to handle people and things.

Question. Illustrate is the ending of the novel “The Invisible Man” happy and just? What is your reaction when Griffin gets killed and Marvel gets to keep all the stolen money? Are you glad that the invisibility formula is hidden from Kemp, who could use it?
Answer: The ending of the novel, ‘the invisible man’ his happy, with respect to its protagonist Griffin. Upon making an invisibility formula instead of helping people, he goes on to create as absolute havoc. He harms people and steals from them. Though he tries to justify his action, the fact remains that they were unjust. Though his death was sad there was no way anything could be done. He was on a mission to create dread among people any kind of reasoning was beyond him. The sad and unjust part is Marvel getting rich with stolen money. He was just a tramp and an opportunist. He gets to keep Griffin’s book also. Kemp could also misuse the invisibility formula. So it is good that the invisibility formula is hidden from Kemp. A happy ending would have been the protagonist; Griffin realizing what he was doing and changing his ways.

Question. Why did Kemp turn out differently than Griffin? After All They Are Both Scientists. Is Kemp less isolated than Griffin? Is it simply because Kemp has more money?
Answer: Both Kemp and Griffin were scientist, thought both had different approach to life. Griffin does not think about humanity. He is preoccupied with himself and his research. He lives a solitary life. He is overambitious and selfish. Kemp, on the other hand has a caring attitude. This is reflected in his actions. This was because Griffin was around and was raging with anger. He also apprises, warns and advices everyone about the invisible man’s intentions. More than money, it is important to be sensible and have a good heart. Griffin was ready to go any extent to fund his research. He does not spare even his own father. All this eventually led to his doom.

Question. Bama’s experience is that of a victim of the caste system. What kind of discrimination does Zitkala – Sa’s experience depict? What are their responses to their respective situations?
Answer: Zitkala-Sa is the victim of social discrimination belonging to a tribe of Native Americans. The white skinned settlers of Europe consider local tribes as inferior. They treat them like animals. Both Bama and Zitkala- Sa refuse to bow to the injustice they are subjected to. Both protest in their own way.
Zitlala Sa does not want her hair to be shingled as amongst her tribe, shingled hair is regarded as a sign of cowardice. She struggles with all her might when tied to a chair. Towards the end however, the little one has to give up. Bama, on her part, decides to work hard in her studies so that others realize her worth and become her friend.

Question. The fog in the story “The Enemy” is symbolic. Elucidate.
Answer: The fog which appears soon before the American soldier shows up, symbolizes Sardo and Hana’s predicament and the lack of clarity concerning what they should do with the man on the beach. It might also symbolize secrecy. Consideration of safety compels them to keep the man’s presence in their home a secret. They’re faced with the dilemma of whether or not to save the man’s life. On the other hand, sheltering an enemy in their home, especially an enemy prisoner, could endanger the entire family. On the other hand, they feel incapable of throwing a wounded man back into the sea, where he would certainly die. For the same reason, they hesitate to turn him over to the police.

Question. What drawbacks of being invisible were faced by Griffin, The Invisible Man?
Answer: Griffin had swallowed the potion that made him invisible. He was trapped, as he could not reverse his invisibility and become visible again. There were so many drawbacks faced by him. In a crowd, he could not move comfortably. People stepped on him. When naked it was difficult for him to move out in the cold. If he had to, he caught severe cold. He had to remain completely covered, from head to toe, when he wanted to be visible.
The dogs could sniff and smell him easily, thus detecting his presence.
His footmarks revealed in which direction he was moving. While having food, it was visible till completely digested.

Question. How was Griffin finally caught?
Answer: Things came to such a pass that Kemp was frantically being chased by Griffin. He could feel Griffin was nearby but could not see him. Wherever Kemp went, Griffin followed. People also joined the chase. Kemp realized that everyone was chasing Griffin. Finally they managed to nab Griffin. In a scuffle that ensues, Griffin suffers severe injuries which eventually result in his death. The invisibility of Griffin was irreversible in life. Gradually the effect began to reverse now. This was a clear indication that Griffin was nearing his death as his wounds were fatal.

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