CBSE Class 12 English Report Writing Assignment

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Assignment for Class 12 English Report Writing

Class 12 English students should refer to the following printable assignment in Pdf for Report Writing in Class 12. This test paper with questions and answers for Class 12 English will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Report Writing Class 12 English Assignment

A report can be a brief note or a complete detailed information about an event that has taken place in the past.

Types of Reports

- For News Paper

- For Magazine

POINTS to Remember

- Be brief and to the point.

- Report an event in the order in which things happened.

- Should be always written in Past Tense (Magazine) and a mixture of tenses (for News Paper).

Format for Magazine

Heading by

Content Split into 3-4 paragraph.

1st Para :- What/Where/When/for Whom, who is invited.

2nd Para :- Sequence of the event to be described.

3rd Para :- Quote excerpts from Chief Guests Speech and Conclusion.



BY _________________

Date : ______________________

Place : _____________________

1st Para :- Expansion of the headline.

2nd Para :- Detailed description of the event/ happening.

3rd Para : - Remakrs of the witness/people present at the event.

4th Para : - Action taken so far/will be taken

Questions : -

Scholastic India Ltd. organised a one day workshop on creative writing in your school to promote writing skills. As the Literary captain of your school, write a report to be published in the school magazine. You are Rohit/Radha.

Sample of a report for the School Magazine

Creative Writing Workshop By Radha

Scholastic India Ltd. conducted a one day workshop in KV.......... as part of their campaign to promote writing on 20th September'16 in the school library for the student of class XI-XII.

Question. On your way to school, right in front of the school gate, you saw a verbal dispute leading to a physical fight between an auto rickshaw driver and his passenger. A teacher of your school intervened, found out the cause of the quarrel and amicably resolved the issue (problem). Write a report on incident in 120-150 words. You are Balbir/Bimla.

Heroes in Our School
— Balbir

9 March 2020,
Yesterday, on my way to school, right in front of the school gate, there arose a dispute between an auto rickshaw driver and his passenger. Soon the verbal dispute led to a physical fight between the two.
Mr. Saini, our Physical Education teacher, intervened and asked both of them about the cause of the quarrel. He then listened to both of them with patience, Actually, the meter of the auto was not working properly. So, the driver asked the passenger to pay on an average of kilometers but the passenger was reluctant in doing so. Mr. Saini made the auto rickshaw driver understand his mistake that the issue should have, been settled before starting. He also advised the passenger not to indulge in disputes like this. He suggested them that it is always better to resolve the disputes with patience.
He amicably resolved the issue and as a result, the physical fight which may have caused injuries to both, was settled down without much ado.
He made both of them understand that we need to be always patient and make the other person understand our point of view. Disputes and fights are not the solution but they may aggravate the problem.

Question. History club of your school organized a picnic on a river bank. During the picnic, you observed a small boat (with two persons on it) sinking. You saw a good swimmer jumping into the river and rescuing the two persons sailing in the boat. Write a report in 120-150 words on the picnic and rescue. You are Rohit of 2, Mall Road, Kanpur. 

Swimming Hero
— Rohit

9 March 2020
2, Mall Road
Last week, History club of our school organised a picnic on the banks of River Ganga. Everyone was enjoying. The teachers also joined the students. There were some other families also who had come to enjoy the scenic beauty.
We were singing and dancing. Suddenly, we heard a loud commotion. We learnt that a small boat carrying two persons had overturned and the passengers were shouting for help. It appeared that both of them could not swim. Suddenly, a young boy of around 22 came running and jumped into the river. With expert strokes, he swam to the overturned boat. With some effort, he returned the boat to the original position.
Then, without wasting any time he swam to the two persons one by one and towed them to the boat. He also helped them to again climb on the boat. As it was a small boat, he did not himself boarded the boat.
He signalled them to row the boat to the shore and swam along the boat.
All the people on the bank clapped for the spirit of the boy and the passengers thanked a lot for his timely help.
We surely need our youth to take inspiration from the boy and do selfless service.

Question. A programme on ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ was organized in your school on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Posters were prepared and pasted in the colony near your school. A procession was taken out. School premises and its surroundings were cleaned by the students. Public was advised to make this mission successful. Write a report on the programme in 120-150 words. You are Srinivasan/ Latha.

Swachh Bharat Mission – A cleanliness Drive in School
— By Latha

Ranchi, Oct 2, 20XX
Our school organized a cleanliness drive under the Swachh Bharat Mission on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. The main purpose of this programme was to create awareness among the students regarding cleanliness and the benefits. All the students of class 8 to 12 participated in the programme with great zeal and zest. Posters were prepared by class 8 and 9 and were posted in nearby colonies. School premises and its surroundings were cleaned by the students of 10th class. A procession, was taken out at 10 a.m.
under the guidance of our teacher. During the procession, the groups of teachers and the students of class 11 and 12 advised the public to make this mission successful, especially to those who were consuming paan masala and other tobacco produce in the public places. They also advised people who were littering here and there throwing waste in gutter. After two hours, again all the students assemble in the school premises where our Principal delivered a speech on the importance of sanitation and cleanliness. All the students were very happy to participate in the programme as it could transfer the face of our city as well as our country.

Question. Teachers day was celebrated in your school. The function was presided over by State Education Minister. A variety programme was organized. Five retired teachers were honoured. Write a report in 120-150 words on the function. You are Pritam / Nirmala.

Teacher’s Day Celebration
— By Pritam

Sep 6, 20XX
Teachers’ Day was celebrated in our school on September 5, 20XX. The grand celebration was organized in the beautiful school Auditorium. The function was presided over by the State Education Minister.
The programme was started with a prayer song, followed by an innovative inauguration where Principal and the honourable chief guest offered flowers to a portrait of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. Then the head boy delivered a speech, throwing light on the life of Dr. Radhakrishnan. The speech was followed by a variety of cultural programmes. The main attraction of the programme was the one act play-where students enacted their teachers. The teachers told that it was a real treat to watch the play.
Before the conclusion of the programme, five retired teachers were honoured for the services during their tenure. Gifts were given to all the teachers as a token of gratitude. The celebration wrapped up with fun – games and sumptuous lunch for all the teachers.

Question. Due to heavy rainfall, the river near your town started overflowing its banks. As a result, your town was flooded. It led to a great loss of life and property. Many N.G.O.s came forward to help the people with food, shelter, and medicines. Write a report in 120-150 words for a local newspaper on the tragedy and rescue efforts. You are Raghav/Ritika.

Flood Relief Programme
— By Raghav

Guwahati, Assam
Feb 9, 2020
Due to heavy rainfall, the river Brahmaputra started overflowing its bank. As a result, the capital was overflooded, leading to a great loss of life and property.
In an initiative to provide immediate material and trauma relief to the evacuees of the flood and calamity struck victims in our area, the volunteers of various NGOs organized a flood relief programme of which I was an active participant. Ever since incessant rains resulting in heavy floods lashed our area, volunteers of many NGO’s have been working in coordination with the disaster management team to distribute door to door relief material to the victims. For providing material relief, these organizations have been raising funds and have also been conducting trauma-relief meditation for the evacuees. Various teams of volunteers and doctors are constantly providing medical aid and food, assisting in rescue operations and clearing the debris. The united efforts of the NGOs have helped in saving much more lives than were anticipated.

Question. A massive fire due to short circuit gutted 50 odd shops in the congested area of Sadar Bazar in Delhi leading to loss of life and property. As a reporter with ‘The Tribune’, write the report for the newspaper.
Expression : 
Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings 
Coherence and relevance of ideas and style
Word Limit: 120- 150 words
Suggested value points:
How the fire started
How the fire spread
Reaction of the crowd
Number of people injured/got burnt
Action taken-rescue operations-when and how
Total estimated loss
Possible cause of fire
Compensation announced

50 Shops Gutted in a fire at Sadar Bazar

XYZ (A Correspondent of ‘The Tribune’)
March 12, 20XX
Fifty shops were gutted in a massive fire that broke out at Sadar Bazar in Central Delhi on Saturday night.
Though no casualty was reported yet property worth about Rs.4 crore was destroyed.
According to the Delhi Fire Service, “A call was received at the fire control room at 7-50 p.m. In all, 27 firetenders were pressed into service. It took more than two hours to douse the flame completely,” said a DFS official.
The blaze started from the garment store to a jewellery shop and then spread to 50 add shop in the area.
Two businessmen who were passing along the street had seen the sparks but before they could inform the shop owner, the garments hanging outside had caught the fire. It immediately spread to the neighbouring shops.
The exact cause of fire has not been ascertained yet. According to the police, prima facie it appeared that the fire started due to an electric short-circuit in the garment shop.
The businessmen in Sadar Market alleged that faulty wiring is a major problem in the market, which is prone to short-circuits. ”A huge loss has been estimated as the shops had loads of articles and goods due to festive season.

Question. In your locality a blood donation camp was organized by an NGO – ‘For Your Health’. Many people visited the camp and donated blood. Write a report in 120-150 words for a local newspaper covering the arrangements, doctors team, refreshment served, etc.
BLOOD DONATION CAMP (any other relevant title)
Suggested Value Points
- blood donation camp in ABC Nagar by an NGO
- date, time and venue- wide publicity
- qualified / efficient / experienced team of doctors
- well organised
- clear cut instructions
- sugar / B.P. tested before donation / followed norms
- donors served with fresh fruits


V. K. Sharma ( A reporter of The Hindustan)
17 March, 20XX
A Blood Donation Camp was organised by an NGO– ‘For Your Health’ in Jaipur House, the heart of Agra city. A wide publicity was done beforehand. People of the colony and neighbouring areas were pre-informed about it through hand bills. It was inaugurated at 8 a.m. sharp, by Dr. H. C. Arora with the lighting of a lamp ceremony followed by chanting of prayer to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. A team of doctors and para-medical staff had already reached there. Dr. Arora, the chief guest, was the first one to donate blood. There was a large queue of young boys who had voluntarily come there to donate blood. A medical checkup, which included sugar and B. P. tests, was done of all the donors and after that they were sent inside for donating blood. Two or three people were sent inside at a time for the donation. Every donor was given a glass of milk and fruits after they had donated blood. The chief guest appreciated the arrangements made by the organizing club. As many as one hundred people donated blood. They were all happy to do something for a noble cause. The camp lasted till 3 pm. Many people were skeptical about donating blood. The doctors present there cleared all their doubts and told them the importance of blood donation. The camp ended successfully because of the appreciable response of the people. The President of NGO Mr. A. K. Sharma proposed a vote of thanks for the efforts put in by all members and expressed gratitude towards all the participants for making the camp a success. He said, “ To save a life with a unit of your blood is the greatest good you can do for the humanity.”

Question. Your school held a two-day Diwali Mela in the school grounds. Various food stalls were put up by the students. On the second day, there was a song and dance programme. Prizes were awarded to the participants. However, there were no fireworks. You are Amit/Amrita. Write a report on the event in 152 – 150 words for your school magazine.
Diwali Mela / Any other relevant title
Suggested Value Points
- Date, time, venue
First day
- Inauguration – Chief guest’s welcome
- No. of stalls, eatables for sale
Second day
- Cultural programme – song and dance
- Prize distribution
- No fireworks

— By Amrita

New Delhi,
3 November, 20XX
With Diwali round the corner, the spirit of festivity is in the air. A two day grand Diwali Mela was organised in the campus of XYZ School, New Delhi on 1st and 2nd November, 20XX. Various food stalls were put up by the students of classes X to XII. The Mela started with lamp lighting by the Honourable Chief Guest Mr. A. K. Tyagi, an IAS officer. He visited all the food stalls and game stalls as well.
There were twenty food stalls where different sorts of eatables – from Indian street food to Chinese to South Indian, were present. There were also stalls of sweets. No one could resist tasting Rava Dosa, Chilly Potatoes and Vada Pao. Most of the things were home-made. Stalls of Indian handicrafts, handmade lampshades, painted diyas and hangings were also set up. There were various games and activities (Break the Pyramid, Tear the Paper, Dart game, Coin in the bucket, Rice and Button, Roll the Dice, Tambola, Tattoo Making and Bouncy) which attracted the attention of students and their parents. The children were excited. Senior as well as junior students with their parents and friends could be seen enjoying the various stalls. A cultural programme which showcased song and dance performances was held on 2nd November in the school auditorium. The performers gave their best performance. A stage came when it was difficult to judge the winner. The cultural programme was followed by prize distribution. Rajesh Kumar of class IX C had bagged the first prize in singing, whereas the students of class XI were awarded for group dance. Their dance performance stole the show. There were no fireworks in this Diwali Mela because playing safe is always the best. The mela depicted the vibrance of this festival. The two day programme ended on a pleasant note. Everyone was cheerful and enjoyed to the maximum. It was a huge success.

Question. An NGO, ‘Health for All’ organised a health check-up camp in a slum at Amritsar. You are Ruchika/ Raunak, and you visited the camp. Write a report in 120–150 words covering arrangements such as registration, check-up, tests carried out, etc.
HEALTH FOR ALL / Any other relevant title
Suggested Value Points
- what
- purpose
- when
- where
- arrangements – registration, check-up, tests, reports
- follow ups and treatment
- people’s satisfaction
- feedback given by visitors

— By Raunak

18th May, 20xx
A complete health check- up camp was organised by an NGO, ‘Health for All’ in a slum of Amritsar on 12th May 20XX. The camp aimed to make the slum-dwellers aware of their ailments or other health problems so as to come up as a healthy being. The programme started at 9 a.m. in a local school nearby. A team of five doctors, along with paramedical staff, reached the venue in time. They first started the registrations where the persons were supposed to tell their age and general health. Next, there were different counters where normal medical check -up, eye-test, etc., were done. The main focus was on making the people aware of illnesses caused by not taking care of hygiene and sanitation. They provided information to individuals about any kind of diseases they might be suffering from. Free medicines were distributed among the people and they were also made aware about the importance of follow up. The programme was a huge success as they were given information about healthy food habits and clean and healthy surroundings in a lecture by Dr. Gautam. The response of the slum dwellers was overwhelming and they promised to follow the health-safety points given by the team.

Question. The Fine Arts Club of your school celebrated its tenth anniversary in a grand manner. Distinguished artistes Pt. Jasraj, Hariprasad Chaurasia and the veteran Kathak dancer Shovana Narayan graced the occasion and enthralled the audience by their mesmerizing compositions. Shovana Narayan’s graceful movements were a delight to watch. The function ended with two lilting songs by Shambu, a class 10 student of your school. Write a report in 120-150 words on the event, to be published in your school magazine. You are Sohan/Sakhi, Secretary of the Club.
10th ANNIVERSARY OF FINE ARTS CLUB / Any other relevant title
Suggested Value Points
- Organiser – Fine Arts Club
- Occasion – 10th anniversary
- Artistes – Pandit Jasraj, Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Shovana Narayan
- Event – when, where
- Duration
- Inauguration of the program
- Performances by various artistes
- mesmerizing performance by class 10 student, Shambu
- Programme concluded

— By Sohan (Secretory, Fine Arts Club)

XYZ School, New Delhi
15th Jan, 20xx
The students of XYZ school celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Fine Arts Club in a grand manner on 12th January, 20XX. It was celebrated in the Cultural Hall. Students had prepared well for the celebration.
The programme began with the lighting of a lamp. Pt. Jasraj, Sh. Hariprasad Chaurasia and the veteran Kathak Dancer Shovana Narayan graced the occasion. They are great artists. Everyone was enthralled by their mesmerizing compositions. The graceful movements of Shovana Narayan were a delight to watch. It seemed as if time had come to a halt. Every eye was just at the performances of the distinguished artists.
When the performances were over, an echo of ‘once more’ could be heard. After the performances of these great artists, a class X student, Shambu, presented two beautiful songs which again encaptured the audience. The members of the Fine Arts Club displayed the paintings and portraits on the walls. Everyone appreciated the work done by them. In one corner, there was a craft exhibition. Students had done some useful productive work. The best were the clay pots which were made and decorated beautifully.
There were stalls of healthy food as well. Everyone enjoyed the celebration. The Chief Guest, Mr. M.K.
Pandey, in his address, conveyed his happiness in keeping the art alive and lauded the participants. The programme ended on a happy note.


Question. The Principal of your school retired after rendering 35 years of meritorious service. A grand function was held to give him a hearty farewell. Write a report for publication in your school magazine describing the celebrations. You are Sudha/Sandeep of XII A.

A Grand Farewell
(by Sudha, XII A)

Sh. R.R. Gupta, Principal of XYZ School, retired on 30 September 20×× after rendering 35 years of meritorius service. On the day of his retirement a grand function was held to give him a hearty farewell. Students and teachers organised a cultural show. Songs and poems dealing with his qualities were recited. The Vice Principal Mr. Sen delivered a thought-provoking speech. He praised the outgoing principal for his contribution to education and sports. Students garlanded the principal and escorted him to his car. Some of them became emotional. They began to weep. We bade him adieu with tears in our eyes.

Question. Your school has recently opened a computer wing. The facility of computer training and access to Internet connections has been made available to students. As Rakesh/Rashmi of XII B, write a report on the new computer wing for your school magazine.

New Computer Wing
(by Rashmi, XII B)

The new computer wing of our school on 25 April 20×× constructed at a cost of two crore rupees was inaugurated by the Director of Education, yesterday. This wing with five halls on first floor has twenty computers with access to internet connections. The ground floor has facility of computer training for the beginners. It has nine rooms with five computers in each room. The school authorities fulfilled a long felt need of the students. Computer training facilities is equipped to help students in IT industry in the new technology.

Question. You were a member of your school cultural club which participated in the zonal Inter-School Music and Dance Competition and won the trophy. Write a report for your school magazine describing the items presented, preparation, costumes, music, performance and efforts of the participants and teachers. You are Neha/Navin of XII D.

Cultural Club Bags Trophy
[by Navin, XII D]

The Cultural Club of the school won the trophy in an Inter-School Music and Dance Competition held at Sophia School, Meerut. The school team participated in solo as well as group items of music and dance. Kathak dance by Mohini, ghazal by Renu, folk song by Urvashi and group song were highly acclaimed. The team was rated second in group dance, bhajan and geet. The school team won the trophy for overall best performance. The students and teachers had worked hard for a month. Costumes were hired and performances rehearsed three to four hours a day for each item.

Question. The Environment Club of your school organised a campaign to celebrate cracker-free Diwali. Posters, placards and banners were prepared. Then a long march was organised. Write a report for publication in your school magazine about the campaign describing the efforts put in by the staff and students to make the campaign successful. You are Mohini/Mayur of XII C.

Campaign against Crackers
[by Mayur, XII C]

Environment Club organised a campaign to celebrate cracker-free Diwali. Posters, placards and banners were prepared. Posters were displayed at prominent places. Then a long march was organised. Teachers and students assembled at 9.00 a.m. All the students were in their school uniform. They carried banners and placards in their hands. They stopped near the posters and notices displayed along the road. The aim was to create awareness among the public in general and the young children in particular. Crackers create sound pollution. Being expensive, they are a wasteful luxury. The money ends in smoke and fire. Moreover, child labour is involved in cracker industry. Thus exploding crackers indirectly leads to exploitation of child labour. The response of the general public was good.

Question. Write a report for publication in your school magazine describing how the Teacher’s Day was celebrated in your school. You are Priyanka/Piyush of XII A.

Teacher’s Day Celebrations
[by Priyanka, XII A]

Teacher’s Day was celebrated by us in XYZ school on 5 September 20××. All the teachers were our honoured guests. We, the students, organised the entire day’s programme. First of all, the school was decorated with banners and posters. This year’s celebration was a special one because Mr R.C. Mathur, the Physics teacher had received the National Award for the Best Teacher. He was invited to the stage, the citation was read and he was honoured with a bouquet and a shawl. Students paid respect to the other teachers.
After the assembly, students of class XII went to the other classes and ‘taught’ the children. There was
a party for teachers during the break. The teachers appreciated the effort of the students.

Question. Your school has celebrated ‘Library Week’ recently. The editor of your school magazine has asked you, the head boy/girl, to submit a report to be published in the magazine. As Manish/Manisha, write the report.

Library Week
[by Manisha, Head girl]

Library week was celebrated in Vivekananda Memorial School in January. The students actively participated in decorating the library tastefully and arranging the books, magazines, posters, charts and innumerable written material in the hall. The title covers of the new arrivals were displayed on the notice boards in the porch. The school counsellor addressed group meetings and made us aware of the utility of books. He stressed that books could be our everlasting friends and advised the audience to adopt books. Moreover, books lead us from ignorance to knowledge and superstition to enlightenment. The school librarian advised us how to borrow books from the library and keep them neat and clean. On the final day, the Principal awarded special prizes to the teacher/student who had borrowed the maximum number of books from the library during the session.

Question. You are Amrit/Amrita, the head boy/girl of Ryan International School, Gurgaon. ‘No Tobacco Day’ was organised by the Health Club of your school last week. Write a report for publication in the school magazine.

No Tobacco Day Celebrations
[by Amrit, Head boy]

Last Saturday XYZ school celebrated ‘No Tobacco Day’ in the school hall. The aim was to create general awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco on human lives. Posters and banners in and around the school campus were displayed. An exhibition was arranged in the Activities’ Room, to enlighten the people about ‘Tobacco—the silent killer’. It highlighted the harmful effects of smoking, chewing or inhaling tobacco. A public meeting was also arranged. Eminent doctors, local dignitaries and general public participated. The doctors highlighted how tobacco harms not only the user but also others adjacent to him. With the help of slides, film strips and charts, they illustrated how tobacco impairs human throat, eyes, lungs, digestion and blood circulation system. It could lead to mouth sores and cancer. Dr Anuj Vats advised people to avoid the use of tobacco in any form. The programme had a salutary effect on all.

Question. You are Sneh/Anshu of Army Public School, Meerut. Recently you had the honour of having participated as the contingent leader of your school team in the Republic Day parade in Delhi, in which your school was adjudged the best participating team. Write a report about the memorable event for publication in your school magazine.

Republic Day Honours
[by Anshu, Contigent leader]

On the occasion of the ‘Republic Day’ school team participated in the Republic Day parade at Vijay Chowk in New Delhi. More than fifty teams representing different parts of India displayed their varied, colourful and romantic items of songs, dances and aerobics. The celebrations were a test of performance of the participating teams. When the name of the school was announced as the best participating team, there was a loud applause. The contingent leader went forward to receive the shield and dedicated the award to the Principal and the Physical Instructor who had provided the participants such an excellent training.

Question. The Golden Jubilee celebration of your school has just ended. It was a year-long programme featuring an Inter-School Debating contest, a play festival, a fun fair, an exhibition, special programme for exstudents and parents and concluding with a grand cultural programme. As Mayank/Mayuri of XII A, write a report for publication in your school magazine.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations
[by Mayank, XII A]

XYZ School completed fifty years of its existence on ‘Basant Panchami’—5 February, this year. To commemorate the event, a year-long programme of celebrations were planned. Meetings of staff, and students’ council were held. An organising committee comprising the principal, five members of the staff, office bearers of the student council was constituted. A calendar of curricular activities was chalked out. It was decided to hold an exhibition of art, craft and science at school level. Fancy dress and dance competitions were held for the primary section. A golden jubilee issue of the school magazine was also brought out. Inter-school debate contest and a play festival were held in September and October. During November, special programmes were staged by ex-students. On the concluding day, a dance-drama ‘Eklavya’ was presented. It was acclaimed by the audience.

Question. The library of your school has been expanded and modernised with the facilities of computer, internet connection and video tapes. It has been shifted to a new block which is more spacious and better ventilated. As Rishabh/Ruchika, write a report for your school magazine.

The New Millennium Library
[by Ruchika]

A newly built and well-equipped library was housed in a spacious and better ventilated complex. It is detached from the main block. It has a large hall with seating capacity for 500 students. The tables and chairs have been arranged tastefully. The curtains on the large windows match the sobriety of the place. The walls are decorated with posters and pictures. There are four other halls adjoining it. Books on different subjects are kept in almirahs there. Even the catalogue has been computerised. By making internet connection available to the computers in the library, it now has access to the latest books in the world. Moreover, the facility of borrowing educational audio and video tapes in addition to two books at a time has been implemented.

Question. You are Shekhar/Sarika of Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Chandigarh. The Annual Sports Day of your school was held on 12 February 20XX. Write a report for your school magazine giving all details of the function.

The Annual Sports Day
[by Shekhar]

On 12 February 20XX, the Annual Sports Day of Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School was held in the school playground. A colourful shamiana was erected for guests and teachers. The stands were also tastefully decorated. The athletes gathered in front of the stage at 8.30 a.m. There was a march-past. The principal took the oath and declared the sports-meet open. At 9.30 a.m. the track events began with 200 metre race for boys and 100 metre race for girls. Field events like long jump, high jump, javelin throw and discus throw were held in between the races. The programme was beautifully planned. In the afternoon the cycle race, sack race and three legged-race provided amusement. The musical chair race for the guests provided a lot of fun. Kamal Nath of XII A was declared as the best athlete.

Question. You are Aditi/Aditya of Rani Laxmi Bai School, Jhansi. The Children’s Day was celebrated in your school on 14 November this year. You took an active part in the celebrations. Write a report on ‘The Children’s Day’ for the school magazine.

The Children’s Day
[by Aditi]

The Children’s Day was celebrated in Rani Laxmi Bai School on November 14, this year. It is celebrated each year on the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru in schools all over India. This year it was celebrated with great pomp and show. The Education Minister was the chief guest. A cultural programme was organised. Dances, songs and one-act plays were presented. Students recited poems. In the morning, sports were held. A Bal Mela was also organised in the afternoon. The students arranged the stalls there. Parents and other visitors went round the stalls. They purchased the items prepared by students. The chief guest awarded prizes to the winners of sports, best stalls and cultural events. The function came to an end with a thanks-giving ceremony.

Question. Amarapali is the Secretary of the cultural society of ABC School, Janakpuri. Van-Mahotsava is celebrated in her school on 24 August. She is asked to write a report of the programme. Write this report with all necessary details about programmes, participants, cleanliness, tree plantation, dances, etc.

[Amarapali, Cultural Secretary]

The Environment Club of ABC school, celebrated Vana-Mahotsava on 24 August, 20XX. The Botany teacher Ms M. Sudhakar, set the tone by delivering an illuminating discourse on the importance of the trees in our environment. Then Nishant, the president of the club, informed the assembly of the day’s programme. Some posters and slogans were displayed. These depicted the benefits of trees and the harmful effects of deforestation. The Vana-Mahotsava was inaugurated by the principal, Mr Sam, by planting a neem sapling. Teachers and students followed suit. One hundred trees were planted. Each tree was allotted to a group of five to look after. Thus, the awareness of preserving trees was created. B. Reports for a newspaper

Question. You are Rashmi/Rohan Kapoor reporter for The Indian Express. Write a report for your newspaper on miscreants hijacking and looting a bus from Delhi, bound for Dehradun.

Tourist Bus Looted
[Rashmi Kapoor, Staff Reporter, ‘The Indian Express’]
Meerut, 17 April 20××

A daredevil act was reported by the passengers of an ill-fated deluxe tourist bus which was going from Delhi to Dehradun on the night of the 16 April 20××. It crossed Meerut around 11.20 p.m. When the bus reached near Shamli, the driver noticed road blocks and indicators for diversion. He applied brakes. Just then some miscreants appeared from the cover of darkness. Two of them engaged the driver in conversation while the other two managed to enter the bus. They threatened to shoot the conductor and a passenger. They compelled the driver to take an approach road. The bus reached a wilderness. All the miscreants now became active. They surrounded the passengers and forced the ladies to part with their jewellery and compelled men to surrender cash and costly items. A case has been registered for robbery but the offenders are still at large.

Question. You are Asha/Arun Verma, correspondent for The Times of India. Write a report for publication in a newspaper about the arrest of a gang of scooter/car lifters operating in your city.

Car Lifters Arrested
(Arun Verma, Staff Correspondent, TOI)
New Delhi, 12 October 20××

A gang of scooter/car lifters operating in Delhi, U.P., Haryana and Punjab, was arrested due to the vigilance of Delhi Police. The gang, consisting of four teenagers was nabbed near Noida late at night. The police control flashed the description of a red coloured Tata-Indica missing from the porch of Kanishka hotel. All patrol parties were put on high alert. On a tip-off from the Safdarjung cross-road the missing vehicle was spotted near Noida. The Uttar Pradesh Police was immediately contacted. The miscreants were forced to surrender. On interrogation, they revealed the details of other cars, scooters and bikes stolen by them.

Question. You are a press reporter. You have interviewed different victims of the earthquake/flood to know their experiences. Sum up their experiences as a report for a newspaper.

Plight of Earthquake Victims
(Nidhi, Reporter, ‘The Sun’)
Bhuj, 25 August 20××

The unfortunate victims of the 26 January 20×× earthquake are still shelterless, jobless and nervous wrecks. The trauma of the devastation has proved unbearable for many. Tall promises of rehabilitation, development, social and economic re-construction have proved hollow. The plight of the victims is apparent from their conversation. Most of them complain of the apathy of the government machinery. They need physical facilities, medicines and psychological care in addition to financial help. The voluntary organisations should come forward to render help.

Question. Recently, the protest of bus-operators against the banning of diesel driven buses brought transport to a standstill. Describing the plight of the harassed commuters—school children, office-goers, patients, old and sick persons, write a report for a newspaper. You are Nidhi/Manoj.

Commuters Stranded
[Nidhi, Staff Reporter]
New Delhi, 28 November 20××

A state of disorder and confusion was witnessed at almost all the bus stops whereas the situation was quite chaotic at the railway stations and ISBT. This was a direct outcome of the protest by the bus operators against the Delhi Govt’s orders to ban diesel driven buses with immediate effect. According to the Supreme Court orders only CNG fuel driven buses could operate after 1 October 20××. The busoperators pointed out that conversion to CNG mode was costly and refuelling was time consuming. So they called for a flash-strike to register their grievances. Their action brought transport to a standstill.
School children, office-goers, patients, old and sick-persons were all stranded. There were not enough vehicles on the road to cope with the rush. Taxis and auto-rickshaws had a field day.

Question. A school boy of fifteen displayed remarkable nobility and heroism in rescuing men, women and children trapped in an overturned bus. After rescuing them he also arranged for their hospitalization. As Vineeta/ Vipin, write a report for publication in a newspaper.

School Boy Saves Lives
[Vipin, Staff Correspondent, TOI]
Kanpur, 7 May 20××

Fifteen-year-old Ashish saved two precious lives. He rescued people trapped in an overturned bus. It was about 8 p.m. when Ashish was returning home after tuition. As he came to a lonely dark spot near the bend, he heard cries. He found a bus on its left side. It had probably skidded. The passengers were trapped. Some of them had managed to come out of the windows and were extricating other persons. Ashish climbed in from driver’s seat. He carried a small child out and gave it artificial respiration. Then he lifted an old lady in his arms. She was a heart patient and swooned on seeing blood stains. Ashish stopped a passing auto-rickshaw and took them to the city hospital.

Question. You are Rahul/Rashmi, a staff reporter of The Hindustan Times. You have been asked to cover the incident of a daylight robbery when the inmates were watching television in their house. Write a report.

A Broad Day Light Robbery
[By Rahul, Staff Reporter, HT]
New Delhi, 10 Feb. 20××

Three unidentified armed youths robbed a businessman’s house in Sundar Nagar yesterday at about 2 p.m. The incident happened with the family was watching television in their drawing room. It was learnt that they entered from the back door in the street, cut off the telephone wires and bolted the doors of the drawing room from outside. Then they entered the bed rooms, broke the locks of chests, safes and almirahs and looted the cash and jewellery. The maid-servant, who was cleaning the kitchen, noticed strangers moving about suspiciously. As she opened her mouth to shout, one of the robbers hit her on the temple with the butt of his revolver. She fell down unconscious. In the meanwhile, the robbers drove away in the Ford Ikon car of the businessman. The maid servant is the only eyewitness in this case of broad day light robbery. The police is investigating the case.

Question. You are Puneet/Nalini, a correspondent of The Pioneer. While passing near Lucknow University, you saw a violent demonstration of the students. Write a report for your newspaper.

Students Protest Against Fee-Hike
[Puneet, Staff Correspondent, The Pioneer]
Lucknow, 15 September 20××

In Lucknow University, angry, slogan-shouting students proceeded to the Vice-Chancellor’s office from all sides. Apprehending trouble and breach of peace, the authorities had sought police protection. The whole area looked like a fort guarded by garrison. While the youth raised slogans and waved placards, the police resisted their attempts to break the cordon and rush into the Senate hall, where a meeting of the Executive Council was going on. The shouts of “revoke the enhanced fee”, reverberated in the air. Ultimately, the Registrar came out and asked the agitated students to submit their case in writing. The students felt pacified as he assured them that the E.C. will consider their demands. The students presented a charter of demands, dropped their demonstration and went back to their classes.

Question. ‘Traffic Week’ is being observed in your city. Within the first two days the police has booked over three hundred violations. Under-age drivers are the main culprits of lane breaking, jumping red lights and speed violations. As Pritish/Parul write a report for publication in a newspaper.

Traffic Week
[Parul, Staff Correspondent]
New Delhi, 8 April 20××

The ‘Traffic Week’ currently being observed by the Delhi Police promises to be effective in controlling traffic problems of the city. In the first two days of the week-long campaign, over three hundred violations have been booked for various offences. Maximum offences were of lane breaking. These violations were detected using special devices with the electronic eye fitted strategically. Jumping redlights and breaking speed limits are next in frequency. These violations are reported to cause accidents with pedestrians and cyclists. High on the list of offences is rash driving by under-age drivers, some of whom sit behind the steering wheels without a driving licence. It will be better if the ‘Traffic Week’ is preceded by an ‘Awareness Week’.

Question. You are a press reporter. Recently Delhi reeled under a heavy fog for 22 days. This resulted in cancellation of many trains and air-flights. Passengers were stranded at the Palam Airport and Indira Gandhi Airport. Write a report highlighting the plight of the stranded passengers.

Plight of Stranded Passengers
[Mukul, Staff Correspondent, The Indian Express]
New Delhi, 21 January 20XX

The weather gods have been fickle and unpredictable and the forecasts of the weathermen ominously correct. What surprised everyone is the long spell of fog and low temperature for more than 20 days. The thick fog delayed air flights and fast running trains. Passengers who had booked their seats in advance reported at the airport in time. They were not allowed to leave the hall. An announcement was made from time to time that the flight had to be rescheduled. Gradually, the number of passengers increased and the information network failed. The harassed persons could not contact their dear ones as the STD booths were not functioning. The stalls selling tea/coffee and snacks had already exhausted their supplies. Poor visibility and extreme cold made it difficult for the people to move out. They remained cramped and stranded in the overcrowded waiting hall. What an ordeal for the air-travellers!

Question. Recently, the protest of industrial workers against the shifting of polluting industries out of residential areas brought normal life of the city to a standstill. Rioting, stoning and burning of buses, attack on government property were witnessed all over the city. As Akash/Akanksha Chawla, write a report for publication in a newspaper.

Rioting by Industrial Workers
[Akanksha, Staff Correspondent, TOI]
New Delhi, 6 April 20××

Three buses were burnt and five were damaged by a stone throwing and road-blocking mob of agitated industrial workers. They felt provoked by the government decision to shift polluting industries out of residential areas to far flung places in outer Delhi or even out of Delhi. They felt cheated as they would be deprived of their jobs which was their sole means of subsistence. Hence, they decided to lodge a protest in their own way. The protesters organised a demonstration and raised slogAnswer: Flared up by the speeches of labour leaders, the peaceful march took a violent turn. Now the protesters came on roads and blocked traffic. Some mischievous elements destroyed government property. Schools were closed and markets forced to close. The commuters were stranded at various places. Till evening, no settlement of dispute was in sight.

Question. ‘Cinema Fire claims 156.’ This is the newspaper heading. Write a report on the event mentioning the following points.
— Place, date — What, where, when
— Details of cause of fire — People injured, extent of damage
— Rescue operations — Government’s response/action

Cinema Turns Inferno
[An eyewitness account by Suruchi]

On August 20, 20xx a very devastating fire broke out in Amar Cinema, New Delhi, taking a toll of 156 lives. The show was running on when the fire started at about 2 p.m. in the afternoon. On seeing the smoke and suffocation the firemen gave alarm but there was pitch dark in the hall. Audience started running one after the other for safety. More than 100 people got serious injuries. The fire engulfed the hall. Its roof fell flat with a crackling sound. Many people could not be rescued by the fire brigade due to congestion in the hall and the area. The police reached in time and registered a case of gas leakage in the canteen. The canteen manager was arrested and taken into police custody. The city government has initiated an inquiry into this heinous act.

Question. The floods in the state of Orissa, adversely affected the area causing destruction to life, property, cattle and crops. As a news correspondent, you visited this state. Write the details of this disaster in the report.Also give a suitable title to your write up.

Devastation by Floods
[XYZ, News Correspondent, The Express]

The cyclonic storm has proved a disaster for the state of Orissa. Coastal areas have been hit hard. The villages and hamlets have been adversely affected. Thousands of acres of land having crops are still submerged in water. Millions of cattle have been washed away or perished in the flood waters. Thousands of the villagers have been rendered homeless. Hundreds of children and the aged have been swept off. Thus, there has been an all round destruction of life, property, cattle and crops. The government agencies and voluntary groups have rushed to the help of the flood-affected victims. The situation is grim and calls for more concerted efforts.

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