CBSE Class 12 English Article Writing Assignment

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Assignment for Class 12 English Article Writing

Class 12 English students should refer to the following printable assignment in Pdf for Article Writing in Class 12. This test paper with questions and answers for Class 12 English will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Article Writing Class 12 English Assignment

Articles and speeches express the personal opinion of the writer and present information on a variety of themes.


1. Write the HEADING/TITLE at the top.
2. Write the name of the writer below it.
3. Split your subject matter into 3-4 paragraphs.
(i) Paragraph-1: Introduction-briefly tell what the Article is about, giving some startling fact or quotation to arouse interest.
(ii) Paragraph-2&3: Develop the cause and effect of the problem. Give statistical data to support your views. Compare and contrast.
(iii) Paragraph-4 : Conclusion.Briefly offer suggestions and solutions to improve the situation.

Predictions and personal observation may be included.
4. Systematic presentation of ideas is a must.
5. Pay attention to grammatical accuracy and use of good vocabulary.
6. Use sentence linkers to ensure continuity-eg .consequently, similarly, finally, moreover, etc.
7. Avoid irrelevant information and repetition.
8. Follow word limit (150-200 words)




FORMAT: (title &writer's name) 1mark
EXPRESSION: (5marks)
Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings (2 1/2marks)
Coherence and relevance of ideas and style (2 1/2marks)

Sample 1. With the visual media technology overtaking the print media you have observed a decline in the people's interest in reading books. You are disturbed by this excessive dependence of the young on television and computer games as the source of entertainment. Write a speech in 150 to 200 words for your school magazine on “the pleasures of reading”. The pleasures of reading Reading affords pleasure like no other activity. It is deeply fulfilling and satisfying. a)_____________, the reader is in direct communication with the writer however distant we may be in time or space. The reader is fully focused and enjoys the content as well as the beauty and power of the language.

b)__________________ according to one's taste. Knowledge, imagination and the readers own appreciation on the written word are some of the rewards of reading. c)______________________ into unknown cultures through books. for example reading of Tolstoy or Chekhov gives us an insight into the life of the Russians as a reading of Dickens gives us of the British, particularly of London dwellers.

Reading makes us more sensitive to human greatness as well as human sufferings. A reader of Premchand’s short stories d)__________________. The classics of literature are eternal in their appeal.
Unfortunately, e)__________________ of Sharad Chandra’s Devdas three to four times but the original printed one is not even attempted once.

Choose the most appropriate option

i) Though reading.
ii) When reading.
iii) As soon as you read..
iv) While reading.

Answer: While reading.

i) How can you read.
ii) As you read
iii) Reading offers an infinite variety.
iv) What to read.

Answer: Reading offers an infinite variety

i) Only one can venture.
ii) Reaching.
iii) As one reads.
iv) If one is adventurous one can venture.

Answer: If one is adventurous one can venture

i) Takes us to the depths.
ii) Will find that reading is necessary to.
iii) Will enjoy.
iv) acquaints us with the strengths and weaknesses of human character.

Answer : acquaints us with the strengths and weaknesses of human character

i) blogs of.
ii) Today there are more options .
iii) today most of us visit the celluloid version.
iv) Most of us visit the library

Answer: today most of us visit the celluloid version


Q1. Over the past few years there has been constant rise in Coaching Institutes and private tuition centers all over India .Write an article in about 150-200 words highlighting the exploitation of young minds that seek sincere counseling and proper direction. You are Mahesh/Mita a

student of class XII of Indira Public school, Gwalior.

Coaching institutes Exploit Students

Coaching institutes have mushroomed in every nook and corner of a city over the past few years. These so called" temples of learning" are exploiting the young minds just for their financial gains. The misleading advertisements given by these Institutes act as Magnets to attract the innocent, inexperienced students, who are seeking for sincere counselling and proper direction.
Most private tuition centers and coaching institutes treat students just as commodities, instead of providing them proper direction in their scholarly pursuits and giving them individual attention they leave them to their fate. The counsellor who is appointed to these institutes is assigned the task of filling the unpopular coaching programmes with more students so that the institution
can maximize its profits, irrespective of whether that particular programme suits the student or not.
These Coaching Institutions take advantage of the ignorance of the illiterate Parents by advising them to enroll their weak child in a "crash" course whereas he needs to join the long term coaching programme for being successful in life .The sole purpose of these institutions are to fill their coffers with money, not to look into the well-being of these students, who are the future
assets of the nation. These institutions are like the" termites" making the nation's future hollow.
The Education Department of the Government should be vigilant and stop these Coaching Institutes from exploiting the innocent students. Stringent laws should not only be made to stop these institutes from spreading their tentacles in the society but the guilty who are playing with the future of the students should be brought to task.

Write an article in about 200 words on the topic ‘Modern Woman’. You are Ashish.

Modern Woman- By Ashish

This article is in sympathy for the beleaguered Indian male who is confronted with an alien species: the modern Indian woman! She is a wondrous and amazing phenomenon but a huge (?) one to him! He has seen a traditional grandmother and mother enjoy peaceful non-threatening roles as housewives and mothers and largely cocooned within their home domain. But this new breed of woman has wheels under her feet and air under her wings!

She has emerged from the clearly defined boundaries of her home and entered schools, colleges, and defined her right and role at the workplace. She effectively juggles a work life, her social life, her home, family life and traditions and festivities. She’s a great blend of Western emancipation and Indian warmth, compassion, family values and traditions. But contrary to his conditioned mindset of how ‘women at home’ should be, she is strong, worldly-wise, opinionated, independent, economically self-sufficient and probably isn’t a virgin. It’s hard for him to digest because it’s not something that has happened slowly, but in one generation’s lifetime, over just a couple of decades.

What he grew up looking at and what he is now confronted with is in stark contrast. How does he bring ‘it’ home to mom? How does he even begin to break his own mental stereotype and deeply ingrained ‘good woman doesn’t drink, entertain male work colleagues, party till late or go for holidays with her friends’ thought processes? If conservatives drag her out of a pub for drinking, she retaliates by sending lakhs of pink chaddis in protest and carries on undeterred. Most men mistakenly perceive emancipation of women as losing power and control over their women. But the fortunate few see it as a wonderful union of equals. I say fortunate because the true strength of a man isn’t in domination, it’s in being strong enough to respect her for her life choices and instead of being threatened by her individuality, to enjoy it. The next time you encounter a beleaguered Indian male, ask him to be truly strong!

Sample Article: Modern Life: by Barbara Caw Thorne Crafton
We didn’t even know what ‘modern’ was. What it felt like. We didn’t just work: we inhaled our jobs, breathed them in, and became them. Stayed late, brought work home – it was never enough, though, no matter how much time we put in. We ordered things we didn’t need from the shiny catalogs that came to our houses: we ordered three times as much as we could use, and then we ordered three times as much as our children could use. We didn’t just eat: we stuffed ourselves. We had gained only three pounds since the previous year, we told ourselves. Three pounds is not a lot. We had gained about that much in each of the twenty-five years since high school. We did not do the math.
We re-did living rooms in which the furniture was not worn out. We threw away clothing that was merely out of style. “They always put that on the label,” we told our children looking at the warning printed on the wine bottle, when they asked about this. We saw that they were worried. We knew it was because they loved us and needed us. How innocent they were. We hastened to reassure them: “It doesn’t really hurt if you’re careful.”

We felt that it was important to be good to ourselves, and that this meant that it was dangerous to tell ourselves ‘no’ about anything, ever. Repression of one’s desires was an unhealthy thing. I work hard, we told ourselves. I deserve a little treat. We treated ourselves every day.

And if it was dangerous for us to want and not have, it was even more so for our children. They must never know what it is to want something and not have it immediately. It will make them bitter, we told ourselves.
So we anticipated their needs and desires. We got them both the doll and the bike. If their grades were good, we got them their own telephones.

There were times, coming into the house from work or waking early when all was quiet, when we felt uneasy about the sense of entitlement that characterized all our days. When we wondered if fevered overwork and excess of appetite were not two sides of the same coin – or rather, two poles between which we madly slalomed. Probably yes, we decided at these times. Suddenly we saw it all clearly: I am driven by my creatures – my schedule, my work, my possessions, my hungers. I do not drive them; they drive me.
Probably yes. Certainly Yes. This is how it is. We arose and did twenty sit-ups. The next day the moment had passed; we did none.
After moments like that, we were awash in self-contempt. You are weak. Self-indulgent. You are spineless about work and about everything else. You set no limits. You will become ineffective. We bridled at that last bit, drew ourselves up to our full heights, and insisted defensively on our competence; on the respect we were due because of all our hard work. We looked for others whose lives were similarly overstuffed; we found them. “This is just the way it is,” we said to one another on the train, in the restaurant. “This is modern life. Maybe some people have time to measure things out by teaspoonfuls.” Our voices dripped contempt for those people who had such time. We felt oddly defensive, though no one had accused us of anything. But not me. Not anyone who has a life. I have a life. I work hard. I play hard.

When did the collision between our appetites and the needs of our souls happen? Was there a heart attack?
Did we get laid off from work, one of the thousands certified as extraneous? Did a beloved child become a bored stranger, a marriage fall silent and cold? Or, by some exquisite working of God’s grace, did we just find the courage to look the truth in the eye and, for once, not blink? How did we come to know that we were dying a slow and unacknowledged death? And that the only way back to life was to set all our packages down and begin again, carrying with us only what we really needed?
We travail. We are heavy laden. Refresh us, O homeless, jobless, possession-less Savior. You came naked, and naked you go. And so it is for us. So it is for all of us.

Question. Our performance in Rio Olympics brought to light that we do not pay enough attention to athletics and outdoor games. It is time to revise our attitude. Sports should be an important part of a student’s life.Write an article on the ‘Importance of Outdoor Games’. You are Sreeja/Thomas. (Delhi 2017, Set I)

Importance of Outdoor Games
(by Sreeja)

It is said that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Sports and games are instrumental in improving not only our physical but also our mental health. Sports increase our concentration power and build personality.
Unfortunately in India the value of sports remains unappreciated. Sports lovers are regarded in an inferior light than academically inclined persons. The natural enthusiasm of children for robust and healthy outdoor games is thus dampened. Thus, only few children are inclined to make careers in sports. This attitude of ours has recently taken a beating in the Rio Olympics where our performances left much to be desired.
More and more students need to be encouraged to play the sport of their choice. Moreover talent should
be spotted right at the level of school and nurtured regularly with the best facilities and training
possible. Parents also need to appreciate the value of sports for personality building. Last but not least,
the government should channelize more funds to develop and nurture sporting talent.

Question. Every teenager has a dream to achieve something in life. What they are going to become tomorrow depends on what our youth dream today. Write an article on ‘What I want to be in life’. You are Simranjit/Sunita.

What I Want to be in Life
(by Sunita)

From the time I was seven I felt like my being on this Earth was for a reason and that I was destined to do something great in my life. I wish to be a social worker. I want to help people. The profession of social work seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals and bring about an effective the change through the pursuit of social justice. Just like any helping profession, such as nursing and teaching, social work seeks to help people overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. What separates social work from other helping professions is its emphasis on social justice.
The profession of social work is varied- serving people young and old, from every walk of life, in a number of settings such as hospitals, schools, neighborhoods and community organizations. It involves working with families, couples, groups, organizations, and communities. I too volunteer to work with the NGO Khushi twice a week and take classes for labourers on health and hygiene. I shall study social work in future and work to bring happiness and comfort in the lives of the less fortunate.

Question. To have a fair complexion is an obsession in our society. Demand for fair brides in matrimonial columns and sale of fairness creams are evidence enough. Write an article giving your view on ‘Beautiful Mind,Better than a Fair Complexion.’ You are Natwar/Nimmi. Use the following clues:
• the west, people like to be tanned
• fair complexion, only skin deep
• beautiful mind
• attitude to life
• behaviour in society, etc. 

Beautiful Mind is Better than Fair Complexion
(by Natwar)

There is a clear preference across Indian society for fair complexion and we do not have to go far; one just needs to open matrimonial column of any news paper to read “Wanted tall, fair, beautiful girl for our son”.
Conforming to so-called ‘beauty standards’ is nothing more than leading oneself towards facing disappointments or discontents or displeasures, which creates negativity, hinders success and does not allow one to make one’s talent shine. It must also be noted that if we believe in such beauty standards which are only skin deep, we are teaching ourselves to hate our bodies. This is a recipe for a dissatisfying life. If we feel good about ourselves, we can increase our self-confidence and lead ourselves towards total self-improvement. So, there is a need for increasing inner beauty.
It’s shocking that such trend is not only ruling our minds but is now being shamelessly marketed through advertisements across our TV screens. What kind of education and civil awareness have we acquired in schools and our homes? With all the development and progress that we are so proud of, sadly we have not yet managed to free ourselves from the shackles of the medieval mindset.

Question. Last week as you were coming back from school you happened to see a huge plastic bag full of leftover food flung into the middle of the road from a speeding car. You wondered how people can be so devoid of civic sense. Write an article on why we lack civic sense and how civic sense can be inculcated in children at a very young age. You are Shiva/Shamini.

Lack of Civic Sense
(by Shamini)

People sometimes do not think about their surroundings. They only think about themselves. They have become selfish and self-absorbed in their thought. In India, people hardly follow any rules. They have no respect for public property. On railway platform, they do not follow any instructions. They spit anywhere or at any place and do not care for what they are doing. They even throw away the polythenes, water bottle etc. on the platform. They lack civic sense. Inculcating a civic etiquettes is the need of hour. Parents must instil civic sense among children at an early age so that they learn the values of cleanliness, discipline and tolerance. Parents must encourage their children to keep their surroundings clean. All these things must be taught at an early age. They are the future of the nation and they must take the responsibility of being a concerned citizen.

Question. You are Varshini. This year your school arranged a special cultural programme on the theme ‘Service and Sacrifice’ in commemoration of the International Year of Volunteers. Write an article about this cultural programme for your school magazine.

Service and Sacrifice
(by Varshini)

‘Service before self’, keeping this motto in mind, Bloom Public School, Vikaspuri organised a cultural programme in commemoration of the International Year of Volunteers. The programme commenced with a prayer service followed by a special presentation by the Scouts and Guides Cell of the school. The one-hour dance drama, ‘Service and Sacrifice’ depicted beautifully how volunteers and cadets from the NCC deal with exigencies, risking their own lives.
In a heart-wrenching situation, a few people buried under the debris of a shattered building were rescued by the volunteers, who, unmindful of their own wounds and injuries, spared no efforts in saving their lives.
In an another situation, the panic-stricken people trapped on the twenty-second floor of a sky-scraper,were saved by the fire personnel. The special light and sound effects and realistic sets added great colour to the programme.
The expressions showing tense moments, hustle-bustle, anxiety and panic were brought out beautifully by the young and talented cadets of the school.
The audience sat spellbound as they were greatly touched by the pathos created by different traumatic situations coupled with the noble sacrifice of the volunteers. They gave a standing
ovation to the participants reflecting their pleasure and appreciation.
Eminent journalists were the special guests. Speaking on the occasion, they expressed immense satisfaction and pleasure at witnessing such a meaningful programme. Congratulating the participants on their brilliant performance, the principal cited many more examples from her life highlighting the importance of duty before self.
The evening became a memorable event for everybody.

Question. Write an article on the following topic to be published in your school magazine. You are Mumtaz/Mohd.Azam of XII Std., Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi.
Recently you read in the newspaper an incident in which the children tried to imitate the stunts shown on television and embraced death. You have decided to write an article on the hazards of television watching for kids and how the parents could guide them to watch the programmes in an effective way.

Hazards of Television Watching for Kids
(by Mumtaz)

Recently I read in the newspaper an incident in which the children of Meerut tried to imitate the stunts shown on television and embraced death. The young kids feel thrilled and excited on watching the amazing stunts on television. They blindly imitate these screen heroes and while trying to emulate their actions, they hurt themselves disastrously. The injuries prove fatal because no safeguards have been undertaken. The enthusiastic kids forget that these stunts are performed by specialists under well-controlled conditions.
It is upto the parents to educate their children about the harmful effects of aping these super-human tricks and feats of bravery. They must draw the attention of the children to the mandatory warning displayed at the beginning of the advertisement/stunt. The parents should not snub their wards. They should channelise and harness the abundant energy of the kids by giving them proper guidance. The kids should be encouraged to indulge in healthy competitive games of physical and mental skill under strict parental supervision. This would help in proper development of a child and ensure freedom from the dangers of mindless imitation of stunts.

Question. Write an article on ‘The Role of Youth in National Development’ to be published in your school magazine.
You are Mumtaz/Mohd. Azam of XII Std., Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi.

The Role of Youth in National Development
(by Mumtaz)

Youth is an asset and hope of a nation. The future of a nation depends on them. They can play a very constructive role in the progress, upliftment and development of a nation. The role of youth has become more important today as the modern era is becoming fast-paced, complex and complicated. The advent of internet has brought a revolution in the field of information. Modern educated youth can help in national development by attending to the ills and shortcomings in various sectors. They can help the villagers shed their shackles of ignorance, illiteracy and superstition by acquainting them with true facts. New scientific techniques can help in raising the yield of crops.
The problem of unemployment or underemployment can be overcome by establishing small scale industries for our youths. This will guide the rural youth about cheap raw material and profitable disposal of finished products. The youth can help in checking population growth by adopting family planning and presenting living examples to others. They can play a vital role in making India a great democratic, progressive and prosperous nation steeped in old cultural values but equipped with modern scientific outlook. Last but not the least, they can play a vital role in transforming the moral fabric of society by curbing the vices of selfishness and greed and imbibing the spirit of self-sacrifice, sympathy and mutual confidence.

Question. Write an article on ‘The increasing crime rate in today’s society and ways to curb it’.

The Increasing Crime Rate in Today’s Society
(by Karan)

Modern society has advanced in science, technology and information. Prosperity has increased manifold. But progress and affluence have their negative aspects too. Crimes such as burglary, kidnapping, robbery, violence, assault, sexual harassment, rapes, threats, verbal abuse have been on the rise and have become a curse for modern society. Most of the deadly and dangerous crimes are organised and executed by professional criminals. The lords of the underworld run a parallel government. Government machinery and police are ineffective against their machinations. They extort money by coercion and suffer no qualms of conscience to kill a victim if the demand is not fulfilled. On a lower-level, the smalltime urchins and pick-pockets grow up to be henchmen of the bosses and indulge in crimes against women and society.
Despite the growth of private guards and ever-increasing number of civil police, the rate of crime is increasing day by day. This is quite a shocking trend. Healthy and active cooperation of the people, police and political leaders can control the situation. Political leaders having links with the underworld should be identified and pressurised to yield to public opinion. In case, they do not redress the grievances of the people, they should be forced to resign and not elected again. The police must be vigilant at all times. Instead of harassing the person who lodges the F.I.R. (First Information Report), steps should be taken to apprehend the criminal and curb the crime. The general public needs enlightenment. The people should be conscious of their rights and duties. Only by observing a civic code of conduct, the elders can inspire the youth to combat crime.

Question. Owning a car has become a status symbol these days. However, increase in the number of cars has added to various types of pollution and other problems. Write an article highlighting the urgent need for reducing these man-made problems, giving suitable suggestions. You are Vinod/Vidhi.

Reducing Pollution
(by Vinod)

Delhi has become one of the most polluted cities in the country closely followed by Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. This is because of the millions of vehicles that ply on the roads of Delhi. Owning a car has become a status symbol today. As a result the number of cars on the roads has become manifold.This has resulted in numerous problems. The primary one is of traffic congestion, traffic snarls and traffic-jams. Driving on the roads of Delhi has become a nightmare and a health hazard. Vehicles emit fumes and poisonous gases which result in serious health hazard. Delhi has witnessed an increasing number of deaths among young children due to respiratory diseases caused by pollution.
Man-made traffic hazards are creating havoc for the populace. The number of fatal accidents has also increased alarmingly. 

The Delhi Government has taken measures to bring down the pollution level by plying CNG buses and autorickshaws on roads. The need of the hour is to support the government with public cooperation. Carpools should become the norm rather than the exception. Improved public transport system, use of lead free fuel and catalytic converters will go a long way in easing the situation and creating a healthy and greener city. Every open space should be covered with trees to create lungs in the city and help in bringing back its glory.

Question. You are Abhishek/Anubha studying in Plato Public School, New Delhi. You see many of your school boys and girls taking free lift from the passing cars, which you don’t like. Write an article on ‘The Evils of Hitch-hiking’ for publication in your school magazine.

The Evils of Hitch-Hiking
(by Anubha)

Hitch-hiking may seem to be a thrilling adventure at first, but the habit of taking free lifts from the passing cars is fraught with dangerous consequences. In their zeal to enjoy the fun of a free ride the young school boys and girls do not know who the persons offering them lift are. Everyday we read so many cases of kidnapping, molestation, sexual abuse, rape and murder. Gone are the days when face used to be an index of the mind. Now one may smile and smile and yet be a villain. You can never be sure of the intentions of these Samaritans who may prove ugly customers and ruin young promising careers forever. I think this practice of seeking free ride should be discouraged by the elders and wellwishers by educating the youth about its moral, physical and ethical aspects.
Many boys and young girls have been duped and ill-treated by anti-social elements by offering them free lifts, outings and entertainments. Although most of the victims bear the trauma silently, some of them are bold enough to inform the police and local authorities. This acts as an eye-opener to others and also helps the authorities to curb crimes by nabbing the anti-social elements.

Question. You are Saurabh/Surabhi. Your school has been invited to participate in an inter-school on-the-spot writing competition, organised by the Lions Club of your area. Based on your past performance in such competitions you once again get selected for this proposed competition. The organisers of this competition have given only one topic to write about: My Dreams of the Next Millennium. Write an article on this topic.

My Dreams of the Next Millennium
(by Surabhi)

The next millennium is going to be a purely scientific age. It will be a world ruled over by the technocrats.The previous three centuries of the second millennium have witnessed breath taking developments in the field of industry, agriculture and war-weapons.
The next millennium will see information technology reaching the peak. Domestic robots will replace human domestic servants. People will enjoy synthetic food and drinks. Trips to Moon and Mars will become so common that these space stations will be considered as picnic spots. In the next millennium India will become a super power. It will be the greatest country of the world not only in sheer numbers but also in the field of science and technology. It will become financially, scientifically as well as militarily strong and politically dominant. No nation of the world would dare to disrespect India or IndiAnswer. We will feel proud of being IndiAnswer.
Bio-technology will develop. The discovery of G-nome will help to understand the codes of genes properly. Grains and fruit will have enriched properties by further experiments in bio-sciences. Strains of high yielding varieties of rice, wheat, maize may be developed which will ensure complete freedom from drought and hunger. The harnessing of modern science may herald the era of instant food available in the form of tablets and capsules.

Question. Write an article for your school magazine justifying the need of education for girls in the country for national development.

Education of Girls for National Development
(by Neha)

The girl child is an ignored species in our male dominated society which still practises gender bias. There is an apparent discrimination in the upbringing and education of the girls in the rural areas, middle classes and the lower classes of the society. Female education is relegated to the background and all the family funds and resources are lavished on the upbringing and education of the sons.

The ignorant parents, teachers and social reformers forget the need and importance of the education of girls. If we educate a boy, we educate a person. On the other hand, if we educate a girl, we educate a family. A girl acts as a bridge between two families. An educated girl can become independent and self-sufficient. She can contribute to the welfare of the family and society. The rise in the standard of living is possible when women supplement the incomes of the males. National development is impossible without the whole hearted contribution and active participation of women. We have seen the fate of some of the policies and schemes such as adult education and family planning foisted from above. They have failed miserably because women were not involved in them whole-heartedly. Hence, we must educate girls if we want our nation to progress, and match the developed countries in all the spheres.

Question. Kavita had a discussion with her friend on Information Technology. After getting a lot of ideas from her, she decides to write an article on Information Technology for her school magazine. Imagine you are Kavita. Write the article.

Information Technology
(by Kavita)

Modern technology has contributed towards the progress of society and there is no denying the fact that science has made our lives more enriching and meaningful. Gone are the days of rubber and pencil, nib and pen. Children need not strain their heads by memorising maths tables or go on cramming formulae or facts. In short the memory of students need not be overloaded. Science has done wonders for us. Today we have access to knowledge contained in books in any language, experiments or research going on in various countries. Newspapers, magazines and periodicals are becoming obsolete. Information technology has been revolutionised with the invention of computers.
It has opened a new window to the world. Computer based information technology has increased efficiency and human capacity to work. One person can do the work of fifty persons and that too more efficiently and precisely. Computer technology may be used for storing, transferring and improving knowledge. The inter-linking of computers through worldwide network like Internet provides instantaneous knowledge and service. Electronic mail (E-mail) and electronic commerce (E-commerce) have come in vogue. Computer has indeed opened new vistas for humanity. The future of information technology is bright.

Question. With the onset of monsoons, mosquitoes have also arrived. As Ajay Arora of class XII, write an article for the school bulletin about the mosquito menace and the ways to get rid of it.

Mosquito Menace
(by Ajay Arora)

The monsoon in our state is a boon as well as a curse as it provides relief from the scorching heat of the Sun but also becomes the source of problems as it brings mosquitoes with it. This year the death toll in our town from malaria, dengue and yellow fever has risen up to 45.
Mosquitoes breed in pools of stagnant water. The cesspools on the roads, water collected in coolers, overhead tanks, pots and pans are their favourite breeding places. Instead of using the traditional method of protection—mosquito nets, people use synthetic pesticides like DDT, Methane and BHC. The mosquitoes have developed resistance to them and hence these chemicals are ineffective. They, however, cause allergies and asthma. Household insecticides sprays like Flit and Baygons are quite popular. People use electrically operated mats, coils, aerosoles, etc. to combat the mosquitoes. The best method to save ourselves from mosquito menace is precaution. Cleanliness of surroundings, doornets and proper ventilation can keep the mosquitoes away. The civic authorities provide ‘fogging’ the lanes and streets to drive away mosquitoes. Non-toxic drugs and kerosene oil should be used around the pools of stagnant water to kill mosquito larvae.’ It is rightly said, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

Question. Recently you were deputed by your school along with a few other students of class XII for participation in the national exhibition on ‘Environmental Protection’ held at IIT, Powai, Mumbai. Write an article on the exhibition and highlight the need for preserving our environment. The article is for your school magazine.

Environmental Protection
(by ABC)

Recently the National exhibition on Environmental Protection held at IIT, Powai, Mumbai provided a rare occasion to us to learn about the need of environmental protection. The exhibition displayed posters, charts, models and scientific instruments that highlighted how our environment is under constant threat of pollution from different sources. The leading themes of the exhibition were the protection of our forest wealth; keeping our rivers and lakes clean; degradation of mountains and hills and the hazards of air and noise pollution. The exhibition was an eye opener and highlighted the urgent need to protect environment at all costs.
Students can play a leading and effective role in creating awareness regarding environmental concerns.
The masses must be educated to keep their surroundings neat and clean. General public can be associated in all the activities of controlling pollution, conservation of natural resources like air, water etc., taking care of deforestation, planning urbanisation and industrialisation. Students can educate the slumdwellers about personal hygiene, cleanliness and the need of taking fresh food and drinking boiled water to ward off diseases. Thus, the cooperation of all sections of society is needed to preserve the environment.


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CBSE Class 12 English Article Writing Assignment

We hope you liked the above assignment for Article Writing which has been designed as per the latest syllabus for Class 12 English released by CBSE. Students of Class 12 should download and practice the above Assignments for Class 12 English regularly. We have provided all types of questions like MCQs, short answer questions, objective questions and long answer questions in the Class 12 English practice sheet in Pdf. All questions have been designed for English by looking into the pattern of problems asked in previous year examinations. 

Assignment for English CBSE Class 12 Article Writing

Our team of expert teachers have referred to NCERT book for Class 12 English to design the English Class 12 Assignments. If you practice at least one test paper daily, you will get higher marks in Class 12 exams this year. Daily practice of English course notes and related study material will help you to clear all your doubts and have stronger understanding of all concepts. You can download all Revision notes for Class 12 English also from absolutely free of cost.

Article Writing Assignment English CBSE Class 12

All questions and their answers for the assignment given above for Class 12 English have been developed as per the latest curriculum and books issued for the current academic year. The students of Class 12 can rest assured that the best teachers have designed the questions of English so that you are able to revise the entire syllabus if you do the assignments. Lot of MCQ questions for Class 12 English have also been given in the worksheets and assignments for regular use. All study material for Class 12 English students have been given on studiestoday.

Article Writing Assignment CBSE Class 12 English

Regular assignment practice helps to get a more comprehensive understanding of Article Writing concepts. Assignments play a crucial role in understanding Article Writing in CBSE Class 12. Students can download all the assignments of the same chapter in Class 12 English in Pdf format. You can print them or read them online on your computer or mobile.

CBSE English Class 12 Article Writing Assignment

CBSE Class 12 English latest books have been used for coming up with the latest questions and solutions for the above assignment. If you have revised all concepts relating to Article Writing then you should attempt all questions given in the test sheets above. We have also provided lot of Worksheets for Class 12 English which you can use to further make your self stronger in English

Where can I download in PDF assignments for CBSE Class 12 English Article Writing

You can download free Pdf assignments for CBSE Class 12 English Article Writing from

The assignments for Article Writing Class 12 English for have been made based on which syllabus

The Article Writing Class 12 English Assignments have been designed based on latest CBSE syllabus for Class 12 English issued for the current academic year

Can I download and print these printable assignments for English Article Writing Class 12

Yes, These printable assignments for Article Writing Class 12 English are free to download and print

How many topics are covered in Article Writing English assignments for Class 12

All topics given in Article Writing English Class 12 Book for the current academic year have been covered in the given assignment

Is there any charge for this assignment for Article Writing English Class 12

No, all Printable Assignments for Article Writing Class 12 English have been given for free and can be downloaded in Pdf format

How can I download the printable test assignments for Article Writing English Class 12

Just click on the View or Download button below, then another window with the Pdf will be visible, just click on the Pdf icon to download the free assignments for Article Writing Class 12 English

Are these assignments available for all chapters in Class 12 English

Yes, apart from English you can download free assignments for all subjects in Class 12

Can I download solved assignments for Article Writing CBSE Class 12 English

Our team of expert teachers at have provided all answers for the practice questions which have been given in Class 12 English Article Writing assignments