CBSE Class 12 English Letter Writing Assignment

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Assignment for Class 12 English Letter Writing

Class 12 English students should refer to the following printable assignment in Pdf for Letter Writing in Class 12. This test paper with questions and answers for Class 12 English will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Letter Writing Class 12 English Assignment


Formal Letters have a variety of purposes. Formal Letters are written to:

• Ask for/give information

• Apply for a job

• Make inquiries

• Register complaints about inadequate goods or services

• Place orders/send appropriate replies

• Apologize for behaviour

• Solicit new customers for grievances

• Persuade others

• Make an appeal for help

• Send a recommendation

However, all of these letters have a common goal, which is to get the results you want from someone you may or may not know personally.



• The formal letter is written in formal language. Try to avoid starting with 'I'. Keep sentence short and to the point. Do not use contractions.

• End with a short sentence that anticipates the response of the addressee.

• The tone in formal letter is polite and impersonal.

• Use passive voice where possible.

• Be brief and to the point; do not beat about the bush.

• Be clear and specific; state the purpose clearly and concisely.

• Be positive and polite even if you are writing a complaint. Remember on the receiving end of your letter is a human being!


Business letters

These include:

(i) Letters of enquiry/asking for information

(ii) Replying to enquiry/giving information

(iii) Placing orders and sending replies

(iv) Cancelling orders

A business letter is the basic means of communication between two companies. It is a document typically sent externally to those outside a company, but is also sent internally to those within a company.

A business letter should be written whenever you need a permanent record that you have sent the information requested for, because business letters are generally sent to other professionals.

A formal salutation and closing must be added.

They are different from personal letters in form, tone and content. Most business letters have a formal tone as opposed to the informal, friendly or personal tone, content and style of the personal letter. The treatment of the subject has to be simple, systematic and formal.

• begin by identifying yourself
• clearly state the purpose of writing
• give relevant details
• make a request for appropriate action
• be positive and polite - even if you are making a complaint
• use polite language and a pleasant tone
• Quote reference numbers, order number, cheque/demand draft number, file numbers, etc.
• convey message briefly and in a straightforward manner

Official Letters
These include:
i. Letters of complaint
ii. Making inquiries
iii. Making requests/appeals
Official letters are written to various public or civil servants who generally head their respective departments, sections, branches or zones.

Important points
• Show due respect but do not flatter or sound too servile
• Clearly state the purpose of writing
• Use polite language and a pleasant tone

Letters to the Editors
These letters give suggestions/create awareness on an issue of public interest or an issue already raised in an article/write-up/published letter.

Important Points
• Begin with reference to the recent development/event/issue
• Give details of the topic bringing out cause-effect relationship
• Offer suggestions/solutions
• Do not ask the editor to solve the problem as he can only voice your views and ideas.

Job Applications
These types of letters demand a very formal and precise treatment. Their format is almost the same as that of the forwarding cover letter and is usually accompanied by a curriculum vitae/ resume. The curriculum vitae/resume ought to include the name, address, name, date of birth, educational qualifications, experience, hobbies, expected salary and signature.

Letter of complaint
Neera Singh is the secretary of Army Apartments C G road, Sagar. The complex subscribes to New Cable Services M G road Sagar. The proprietor Mr. Singh has increased the monthly subscription, but he has done nothing to improve the quality of transmission. The sound is low and unclear, the colours blurred, and the selection of channels limited. She writes a letter complaining about the same.

Sample 1. Write a Letter to the editor of the Hindustan Times complaining against the bursting level of noise pollution in your city

606 Harmony apartments Nagpur

16th August 2021

The Editor
The Hindustan
Times Nagpur

Sub: Concern over rising level of noise pollution in the City- reg

Sir Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the rising noise pollution in our cities.

Despite laws made by the government banning the use of loudspeakers and DJs after a particular time people seem to turn a deaf ear to what the government tells them. Marriage processions till late night in the middle of the cities and DJ’s loud music are all sources of noise which have an adverse effect on older and the ailing members of the society. Students are the main victims especially during examination days. Not only does it affect health of the people but also their behaviour. It causes elements like hypertension, insomnia, sleeplessness, hearing impairment and what not.

It all speaks volumes of well planning on the part of the government rules made must be implemented. It is hoped that this concern if published in your reputed newspaper will awake the authorities from their slumber and the needful will be done at the earliest possible.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully


Choose the correct options:

Question. ______________letters are sent to people whom we don't know on a personal level
i) chain
ii) informal
iii) formal
iv) reference

Answer: formal

Question. Which of these is not a part of a letter
i) date
ii) greeting
iii) photo
iv) signature

Answer: photo

Question. When you are writing a formal letter, what information might you need?
i) dates
ii) names
iii) contact details
iv) all of these

Answer: all of these

Question. When we don't know the recipient's name how do we close and end the letter
i) yours sincerely
ii) affectionately yours
iii) yours faithfully
iv) none of these

Answer: yours faithfully

Sample 1. You are Amit / Amita staying at Sunrise apartments, Gymkhana road, Pune. The main road leading to this colony has three open manholes causing frequent accidents at night. The street light is also not available. Complete this letter to the editor of the Times of India expressing your concern about the part of the authorities towards this situation. Also suggest ways to mobilize city dwellers, with the help of school children for the cause of safety roads.

Sunrise apartment,
Gymkhana road,

June 13 2021

The Editor
The Times of India

Sub: a __________________________________________ Respected Sir Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper I wish to draw the kind attention of the relevant authorities towards the b)____________________.

I would like to draw the attention of the relevant authorities towards the issue of three open manholes on the main road leading to a colony. These open man holes are turning into death traps for the residents who have demanded that the authorities concerned take steps to cover them.

Moreover , our colony has no street lights since the last 2 months . There are no street lights even on the main roads leading to a colony. With the open manholes and lack of street lights c)________________ , the road gets dark even after 7 in the evening. People fear going out not only to avoid accidents but also to avoid being prey to unscrupulous elements. The open manholes not only d)_________________ but are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Motorist, elders and children are the main victims of these manholes and many times accidents have been reported due to these manholes. Whenever torrential rains hit the areas they cause even more problems. e) ______________for the cause of safe roads, we plan to organise a student rally from sunrise apartments main gate to Mr Rehan, the current MP’s house and hope this letter will elicit a suitable response from our elected representatives.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully


Choose the most appropriate option

i) Mobilization of city dwellers.
ii) Darkness around sunrise apartments.
iii) Road safety in the colony.
iv) Concern about night accidents.

Answer: darkness around sunrise apartment

i) Pitiable condition of local residents.
ii) Miserable condition of people residing in colony.
iii) Pathetic condition of residents of Sunrise apartments Gymkhana road.
iv) Frequent accidents occur during at night.

Answer: pathetic condition of residents of Sunrise apartment Gymkhana road

i) Accidents happen.
ii) Accidents are on a rise.
iii) There are racing accidents.
iv) Most accidents occur.

Answer: accidents are on a rise

i) Emit bad smell and cause pollution.
ii) Give foul smell and lead to accidents.
iii) Create a pollution.
iv) Create worst situation

Answer: emit bad smell and cause pollution

i) To avoid the danger.
ii) To provide safety to passengers.
iii) To protect the passes by.
iv) To mobilize City dwellers.

Answer: to mobilize City dwellers


Question. Last month, you purchased a TV set from Ram Electronics, Pushp Vihar, Ambala. It is not working properly (imagine a few defects). Write a letter of complaint to the Manager, asking for repair or replacement.
Answer: You are Amar / Amrita, M-114, Model Town, Ambala.
M-114 Model Town
28 March 20_ _
Messrs Ram Electronics
Pushp Vihar
Subject : A recently purchased colour TV set
Dear Sirs
I bought a Venus Colour TV set from your shop against cash memo No. 1786 dated 17-03-20_ _,
and I regret to inform you that the set is not working properly, to the great dismay of each one in
the house. The sound is not clear and the volume keeps fluctuating automatically. The picture also
changes to black and white from time to time. The set is still under warranty, so you are requested
to either repair or replace the TV set at your earliest.
I hope you’ll enable us to watch on our TV the one-day Singer Cup cricket matches going to
commence next Monday.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Amrita Kushwaha


Question. Mountview Public School, Kalka, is run by an NGO to give quality education to the children of the deprived sections of society. The Principal of the school feels that blackboards in the classrooms need to be replaced. She decides to ask the chairperson of the NGO named ‘Education for All’ for funds. Write a letter on her behalf. Her name is Shweta Pandit.
Answer: Mountview Public School
27 April 20_ _
The Chairperson
Education for All
A.J.S. Road
Our school that was established by this NGO with the objective of providing quality education to the children of the deprived sections of society has gone a long way in realizing this objective.
Sir, I am writing this letter to your goodself to draw your kind attention to an important requirement by the school. The blackboards in almost all the classes need to be replaced. With constant use, they have become rough and are thus rendered unable to be used properly. You are requested to release the required fund so that we can change them as soon as possible.
With thanks
Yours faithfully
Shweta Pandit 


Question. You are Neeraj / Neeraja Shekhar, Principal, Vasant Public School, Pune. Your school has just started a music department. Write a letter to the Manager of Melody House, Pune, wholesale supplier of musical instruments, placing an order for musical instruments for the school. Ask for a discount on the catalogue prices.
Answer: Vasant Public School
11 March 20_ _
The Sales Manager
Melody House
Subject : Order of Musical Instruments for School Music Department
Kindly supply the following musical instruments for our school music department at your earliest :
1. Drums (made by the company — Bina) 5 pieces
2. Guitars (made by the company — Concord) 6 pieces
3. Tablas (made by the company — Somnath) 10 pieces
4. Harmoniums (made by the company — Paloma) 6 pieces
5. Sitars (made by the company — Kanailal & Sons) 4 pieces
Payment shall be made by D.D. as soon as the musical instruments are received. Please give maximum discount that could be available on the purchase of these musical instruments.
Yours faithfully
Neeraja Shekhar


Question. Write a letter to the Manager, Book World, Chennai, complaining about the delay in the supply of Class VII textbooks for the current academic session, giving necessary details. Highlight the inconvenience caused due to the delay and seek an immediate supply of books. You are Rajini / Rajan, Manager, Book Store, Good Shepherd High School, Trichy.
Answer: Book Store
Good Shepherd High School
20 May 20_ _
The Manager
Book World
Subject : Inordinate Delay in the Supply of Class VII Textbooks
Dear Sir
We had placed an order for the supply of 50 sets of textbooks for class VII. It is going to be more than a month but till date neither the books nor any reply has been received from you. The academic session has already started and the children and their parents are pestering us daily for the books.
Our school supplies the books to children at subsidised rates as notified by the government. Could that be the reason of the delay because the books are easily available in the open market ?
Naturally, without books, students are suffering in their studies which is a serious matter. Kindly arrange to supply the books immediately so that we are not constrained to bring it to the notice of concerned higher authorities.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Rajan Gupta


Question. Write a letter to Lightways Sports Co., Amrapali, Thane, placing an order for a minimum of 4 sports items to be supplied to your school — ABC Matriculation School, Civil Lines, Pune. Sign yourself as Ravi / Raveena, Sports Secretary.
Answer: ABC Matriculation School
Civil Lines
15 July 20_ _
Messrs Lightways Sports Co.
Subject : Order for Sports Goods
We need the following sports goods for the students of our school.
1. Cricket bats with long handle 6 pieces
2. Cricket bats with short handle 4 pieces
3. Cricket balls (red) 2 dozen
4. Hockey sticks 8 pieces
5. Hockey balls 6 pieces
6. Footballs 4 pieces
7. Volleyballs 4 pieces
Kindly supply us the above-mentioned articles at your earliest since we need them for the annual district-level sports, going to be held very soon. All the items should be of very good make and high quality. Payment shall be made by D.D. as soon as the goods are received. Also please give maximum discount that you usually give for schools and colleges.
Yours faithfully
Sports Secretary


Question. You are Nalini / Vishal, Hostel Warden, Zenith Public School, Kosikalan. Write a letter to the Sales Manager, Bharat Electronics and Domestic Appliances Limited, New Delhi, placing an order for a few fans, microwave ovens and geysers that you wish to purchase for the hostel. Also ask for the discount permissible on the purchase.
Answer: Zenith Public School
09 September 20_ _
The Sales Manager
Bharat Electronics and Domestic Appliances Ltd.
New Delhi
Dear Sir
We wish to purchase the following electronics appliances for the school hostel :
1. Ceiling fans 10 pieces
2. Microwave ovens 5 pieces
3. Geysers 7 pieces
Kindly supply the above-mentioned appliances as soon as possible. All the appliances should be of very good make and high quality. Payment shall be made by cheque as soon as the goods are received.
Please give maximum discount that you usually give for schools and colleges.
Yours faithfully
Hostel Warden


Question. You are Nitin / Natasha, staying at 20, S.F.S. Flats, Worli, Mumbai. You bought a mobile phone from ‘Mobile Villa’, Mahim, Mumbai. The phone developed a problem within a few days of the purchase. Write a letter to the Sales Managar of the showroom, complaining about the defect and seeking immediate replacement.
Answer: 20 S.F.S. Flats
Worli Mumbai
20 December 20_ _
The Sales Manager
Mobile Villa
Subject : Replacement of Defective Mobile Phone
Dear Sir
Last month, I bought a mobile phone — Nokia 8 — from your showroom. The cash memo issued by you bears serial number 186 dated 15.11.20_ _. The set was bought against a warranty of two years. It worked so-so for a couple of days and then started giving all sorts of trouble. All through the calls, jarring sounds keep coming from the set and sometimes the call gets terminated all of a sudden. The battery too goes low very unexpectedly. I feel that there is something gravely wrong with the set. Since the set is yet within the warranty period, it is requested that the set may please be replaced with a perfectly working one. Kindly have the replacement done at your earliest and oblige.
Yours faithfully


Question. As Stores Incharge of Goodwill Public School, 47, M.G. Marg, Allahabad, write a letter, complaining about the poor quality of biscuits in the latest consignment received from Messrs Mangla Confectioners, Allahabad, seeking immediate replacement.
Answer: Goodwill Public School
47 M.G. Marg
28 October 20_ _
Messrs Mangla Confectioners
Subject : Poor Quality of Biscuits in the Latest Consignment
Dear Sir
In response to our order dated 15th September, 20_ _ for the supply of biscuits for the school stores, we have received your consignment of six boxes. The boxes were delivered to us only yesterday.
But on opening the boxes, it was found that the biscuits are of very poor quality. We can’t recommend them for consumption by our staff and students. You are requested to take the supplies back at your own expense and arrange for fresh-quality biscuits that are tasty as well as nutritious. Also please ensure that our future supplies are up to the mark or we shall have to stop placing any further orders with you.
Yours sincerely
Roop Lal Sethi
Stores Incharge


Question. Write a letter to the Manager, Furniture World, Chennai, complaining about the poor quality of office furniture you recently purchased from them. Give details of the nature of complaint, date of purchase, details of invoice, etc. and seek immediate repair / replacement. You are S. Reddy, Principal,
Answer: P. S. Public School, Chennai. 
P. S. Public School
27 March 20_ _
The Manager
Furniture World
Subject : Replacement of Poor-quality Office Furniture
Dear Sir
We had placed an order for some items of office furniture in the month of February. The supply was received in the first week of March and since then the items had been lying in store room. But now when they were taken out for use, they have been found to be of a very poor quality. The details of furniture are given below :
1. Office tables 6 pieces
2. Office chairs 12 pieces
3. Bookshelves 8 pieces
4. Easy chairs 9 pieces
5. Dual desks 50 pieces
Since all the items fall much below in respect of quality and other specifications, you are requested to replace the items immediately since our next academic session has already started and we need these items without any delay. These items have been supplied against our order no. 130 A/77 dated 10.02.20_ _ and a part amount of the bill has already been paid.
Yours faithfully
S. Reddy


Question. You are Tarun / Taruna who bought a new Luminous Inverter for your home from R.K. Electronics, Noida, but found many functional problems as the charging is not done properly and battery water is getting leaked. Write a letter of complaint to the proprietor to take care of the same.
Answer: 554 Cosy Apartments
20 April 20_ _
The Manager
R.K. Electronics
Subject : The Defective Inverter
I had bought a Luminous inverter from your showroom on 05 April 20_ _. I was assured of its satisfactory service and a one-year warrantee was also given on the product. But within 15 days of purchase, it has started giving trouble. While it discharges abnormally quickly, its recharging also takes an unusually long time. Adding to our woes, the water from the battery also leaks, necessitating frequent filling up. With such defects, the gadget is of not use to us. In the light of your assurances and the accompanying warrantee, I request you to replace the inverter immediately.
Thanking you in anticipation of prompt action
Yours faithfully



Format of the Letter

  •  Left aligned i.e., Start each new line from left hand margin.
  •  Sequence of writing information in a letter

(i) Sender's address

(ii) Date

(iii) Receiver's address

(iv) Salutation : Sir/Madam

(v) Subject

Content of the Letter

  •  3 - 4 paras
  •  Para I - Introductory
  •  Para II and III -Main ideas
  •  Para IV - Concluding
  • Complimentary Close
  •  To the Principal : Yours obediently
  •  To the employer/editor : Yours sincerely
  •  To the dealer/business vendor : Yours truly.


  •  Coherence and organisation of ideas
  •  Think and analyse the subject/topic
  •  Recall all the ideas and put them in a rough sheet.
  •  Organise the ideas
  •  While dealing with social or civic problems in 'Letter to Editor', always provide suggestions to curb or control it.


(i) Giving Information

1. You are Satish/Sarita, Manager of Newage Sports equipments Co. Ltd. Rohini. Your firm has manufactured sports equipments especially designed for school students in the age group of 10-15 years, in collaboration with USA sports research unit. Write a letter to the Director, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan Schools, Hyderabad informing about your latest products which are ready for sale.

2. You are Bharti/Bharat manager of Smart Link School firm Chennai, T.N. Your firm has designed easily installable smart black boards. Write a letter to the chairman BBPS managing trust giving information about your products and services.

(ii) Asking for Information
3. You are Sudha/Sudhir, President of Residents’ welfare association of Neelamber Apartments, Jaipur. You have decided to get the apartments  whitewashed with plastic paints. Write a letter to the manager New lightPainters and Decorators, Jaipur asking about their services and charges for whitewashing the apartments.

4. You are Aditi/Aditya from 7-S Najafgarh. You are interested in joining Yoga and Meditation centre of your locality as a student. Write a letter to the chairman of the centre asking about various particulars of the admission and other related information.

(iii) Placing Order/Cancellation of Order
5. You are incharge of Junior Science Laboratory of ASN Public School, Shalimar Garden. Place an order to SUV laboratory works; Karol Bagh for various apparatus/equipment used in your laboratory.

6. You are Neetu/Neel, Eco Club incharge of S.V.C. school Motibagh, Delhi. Place an order with Green World Nursery, Dayabasti for Nonflowering Ornamental plants.

7. You are Shivani/Shivam, Incharge of Cultural, committee of Jai Deep School, Nehru Vihar. You had placed an order for the supply of several musical instruments for organising annual day, at your school to M/s Gagan Musical Store, Karolbagh, As the dealer did not supply the instruments before the due date you were forced to arrange for the instruments from some other store. Write a letter to the dealer for cancellation of the order placed by you and returning the advance money deposited by you.

(iv) Sending Replies in Response to Enquiries

8. You are Zeenat/Zeeshan, Manager of VGC firm Sahibabad, Dealing with readymade clothes. You have got letters of enquiry from Vision Costume and Accessories, Vivek Vihar about your products. Write a letter providing necessary information in response to the enquiry.

9. Sheetal restaurant, Sector-8, Rohini wants to know about various types of ice creams supplied by Jai Deep Ice Creams, an outlet of Amul Ice Creams, Pant Nagar. You being the manager of the outlet provide necessary information in response to the enquiry, assuming yourself as Rajni/Rajan.

(v) Making Enquiries

10. IGNOU, Delhi has started 6-months certificate course in Disaster Management. You are Deepika/Deepak head of Disaster management cell of SDS Public School Bangalore. Write a letter to the Vice-Chancellor IGNOU enquiring about various aspects of the course like fee, criteria of admission etc. as you want your colleagues to join it.

11. You are Ameena/Aman from NSCB hostel, Dehradun. You and your friends are planning a holiday. You come across the following advertisement in a newspaper. Read the advertisement and on the basis of your choice of destination write a letter to the tour operator enquiring about various aspects of the tour.

Perfect holiday with friends and family; Unlimited Enjoyment
Goa      3d/2n   Rs. 7000 for two
Shimla  4d/3n   Rs. 8000 for two
Kerala   4d/3n   Rs. 15000 for two.
Free breakfast; No hidden charges, concession available on bulk booking. Contact Sai Tour and Travel, Vivek Vihar-1

12. You are Meenakshi/Mohan from A-8 Rohini. You have been reading about an advertisement in various newspaper about Dr. Bakson’s Homeopathic hospital, assuring hundred percent treatment for various types of allergies. Write a letter to the head of the hospital enquiring about various aspects of the treatment for skin allergy.

(vi) Complaint regarding a defective household item/items of general use you purchased

13. You are Sheetal/Satish staying at B-43, Kailash Colony, Delhi. You purchased a computer from M/s City Hightech computers, Laxmi Nagar.
After using it for one month you found its working was getting faulty.
Write a letter to the dealer asking him to replace it immediately under the terms and conditions of the deal.

14. You are Jeet/Jyoti resident of R-7, Pitampura, Delhi. You purchased teak furniture from S.K. Decorators Lajpat Nagar. After three months of use many items started getting defective. Write a letter to the dealer, complaining about the problem. Also request him to change the defective items as per terms and conditions specified in warranty card.


(i) Letter Regarding a Civic Problem / Issue to the Concerned Authorities Directly

15. You are Yasmee/ Yashwant from Q-6, Mangolpuri, Delhi. There are many uncovered manholes in your locality which are constant cause of fatal accidents. Write a letter to the Commissioner Sewage Disposal Board of Delhi complaining about the problem and requesting for its early solution.

16. You are Jasveer Kaur/Jaideep Singh from C-9, Tilak nagar, You feel hurt and helpless to read about the accidents, caused due to illegal occupation of roads by vendors. Write a letter to the Police Commissioner, Delhi about the problem of road encroachment by hawkers.

(ii) Writing Letters in Newspaper to highlight the Civic Problems /issues

17. You are Jaya/Jaideep, head of Eco Club of Sai Ram Public School, Jor Bagh, Delhi. As a team leader of Eco club, you have come to know that Delhi is the top garbage producer of the country and it is facing a tough task of disposing it off. Write a letter to the minister of health, Government of Delhi on this problem suggesting ways to tackle the problem.


Letter to the Editor
Points to Remember / Important Points

♦ Draw the attention of the concerned authorities/general public towards the problem NOT of the Editor
♦ Request the concerned authorities to take the action NOT to the editor
♦ Raise the issue by citing some latest news items / Survey report / personal experience etc.
♦ Analyse the issue in terms of its cause and consequences
♦ Offer suggestions

18. You are Samita/Sunit, resident of C-9, Vasant Kunj, Delhi. You find, participation of children in various reality shows on T.V. a form of child exploitation. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily showing your concern about various forms of child exploitation prevalent in educated, urban society giving some suggestions to curtail it.

19. You are Kavita/Kailash staying at B-101, Yamuna Vihar, Delhi. You find it disturbing that despite a ban on the use of polythene bags its use is rampant in city. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily expressing your concern about apathy of people towards environmental degradation.
Also suggest ways to mobilise city dwellers for the cause of safe environment with the help of school children.


Points to Remember
♦ Start body of the letter giving source of information about the job (newspaper) day, date, advertisement number etc.)
♦ Close the letter giving note that Bio-data/resume is enclosed.
♦ Write 10-12 points in Bio-data
♦ Bio-data/resume curriculum vitae is integral part of the job applications
♦ Bio-data should include :
– Name
– Date of Birth
– Address
– Education qualifications : Year, marks, and subjects of the
(i) – X
(ii) – XII
(iii) – Graduation
(iv) – Diploma/higher qualifications
– Professional qualifications :
– Experience
– Hobbies
– Salary expected
– Reference

20. You are Sudha/Sudhir resident of A-7, Shanti Park. You read the following advertisement in a newspaper.

Situation Vacant
Wanted a young and experienced graduate with fluency in English and Hindi to work as receptionist at customer care booths of NCR group of hotels, Delhi.
Contact : Manager alongwith your complete C.V. within 7 days of this
Draft an application in response to the advertisement giving your detailed resume.

21. You are Krishna/Krishan from F-9, Mayur Vihar, Delhi. You have come across an advertisement in a national daily for recruitment of Radio Jockey by Radio one, Noida. Apply in response to this advertisement giving your detailed bio-data.


Solution of Some Questions

ASN Public School,
Shalimar Garden
10th August, 2012
The Manager
SUV Laboratory Works
Karol Bagh
Subject : Order for supply of laboratory apparatus.
After going through your latest catalogue of laboratory equipments. I am placing order for following apparatus for our school laboratory.
S.No. Name of the Apparatus Specification Quantity
1. Beaker            500 ml 45
2. Test tubes       2” × 5” 200
3. Tripod stand    4 × 10 cm 150
4. Bunsen Burner  2 × 7 cm 50
The quality of the material should be plus one grade with other specifications as mentioned in the catalogue.
Substandard items will be returned. The items should be delivered in the school within one week before 12.30 p.m. on any working day.
Please send the bill after deducting maximum discount as is applicable for educational institutes.
Thank You
Yours Truly

C-9, Vasant Kunj
10th Aug., 2012
The Editor
The Times of India
Subject : Exploitation of children in Urban Society
I want to draw the attention of the general Public and the concerned authorities towards the above cited problem through this letter of mine in your newspaper.
In Urban societies parents are increasingly using their children as means of achieving their own unfulfilled dreams and aspirations, resulting in physical and mental exploitation of the children. Forcing children to participate in reality shows or cajoling them to play roles in TV serials by shunning games are some examples of child exploitation. Even parents among audience of such programmes openly compare their wards with child actors on TV. In school arena parents put pressure on their wards, to excel in the field of
academics, sports and other activities alike without considering their field of interest and abilities.

The implication of exploitation of children in the guise of making their future bright are evident now. The diseases like hypertension, obesity, diabetes which were known to be adult diseases a decade back are common among children. Psychotic problems among children are also rising with cases of drug abuse, depression or even suicide are reported

Authorities in the child’s rights department and educational institutes should come out with bolder steps to curb the problem. There should be ban on all types of advertisements and programmes on TV with child actors below 14 years of age. There should be regular counselling for parents in schools to make them understand the consequences of stressing the children.
Thank You
Yours sincerely
Smita/Sumit frequently.

A-7, Shanti Park
10th Aug., 2012
The Manager
NCR Group of Hotels
Subject : Application for the post of receptionist
In response to your advertisement in Hindustan Times dated 7th August, 2012 for the post of receptionist, I hereby offer my candidature for the same.
I possess requisite qualifications and experience. I want to join your hotels to fully utilize my potential.
You may call me for an interview on any date as per your convenience.
I shall be able to join my duties at one month’s notice if appointed. I am enclosing my detailed resume for your perusal Thank you
Yours sincerely
Enclosure : Detailed resume.

Job Application

Two Parts
1. Covering Letter
2. Bio-data in Block

Resume/Bio-data/Curriculum Vitae
A. Personal details :
1. Name
2. Fathers Name
3. Date of Birth/Age
4. Address
5. Hobbies
6. Language Known
7. Nationality

B. Educational & Professional Qualifications and Experience :
In educational professional qualifications.
Write down year marks & subjects, university/ Board of X, XII, Graduation, Post Graduation or Professional Qualification according to post.
Experience – Where worked and for how many years.
Expected Salary – (if required)

C. References :
1. Dr. P.S.K. Marth
Sr. Consultant G..T.B. Hospital, Phone- 9891............
2. Mrs. Aruna Dev
Director Spastic Society, Delhi
Contact No. 9818..........................
(You can name any body with new address)


Question. Sunshine Public School, Pune, requires two sports coaches (one male and one female). Each should be a degree holder in physical education as well as an SAI certified coach in athletics. You have seen their advertisement and you know that you have these qualifications. Write an application along with your resume. You are Praveen / Praveena, M-114, Najafgarh, Delhi.
Answer: M-114 Najafgarh
15 September 20_ _
The Principal
Sunshine Public School
Subject : Application for the Post of a Sports Coach
This is in response to your advertisement in The Times of India, regarding your requirement for
sports coaches. I offer my services as a sports coach at your reputed school. My brief resume is given
below :
1. Name : Praveen Sharma
2. Age : 28 years
3. Educational Qualifications :
(i) Bachelor in Science (JNDU)
(ii) Masters in Physical Education
4. Work Experience : Worked as a sports coach at D.P.S., Delhi, for five years.
Besides, I am a SAI certified coach in athletics. I have a perfect command over English. I hope you will find in me a suitable candidate.
Yours faithfully


Question. You are Ashish / Nimmi Dhar, B-94 Fort Road, Jammu. You have read the advertisement given below.
Answer: You are qualified for the job. Write an application along with a resume.
India Chemical Industries, Delhi
Accounts Officers
Qualification : B.Com.
Experience : Minimum 4 years
Job requirements : Maintaining books of accounts, preparation of balance sheet, etc.
Salary : Best in the industry
Apply to : Managing Director, ICI,
B-12, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi.
B-94 Fort Road
29 September 20_ _
The Managing Director
B-12 Barakhamba Road
New Delhi
Subject : Application for the Post of Accounts Officer
With reference to your advertisement in The Hindu dated 27.09.20_ _, I offer my services as an
accounts officer. My brief resume is given below :
1. Name : Ashish Pasricha
2. Age : 35 years
3. Educational Qualifications :
(i) M. Com. (Jammu University)
(ii) C.A. CHS, New Delhi
4. Work Experience :
Have been working as Accounts Head with G.N.G. Spinning Mills, Jammu since 2004.
Besides, I am expert in maintaining accounts books, preparation of balance sheet, etc. I am quite proficient in computer operations. I have a pleasing personality and have all the calibre required for the post of an accounts officer. I hope you will find a very suitable candidate in me.
Yours faithfully
Ashish Parricha


Question. Write an application (including a resume) for the post of a receptionist advertised in a national newspaper by JKL Publishers, Peshwa Road, Pune. You are Karuna, M–114, Mall Road, Pune, a graduate from SNDT University and have done a Secretarial Practice Course from YMCA, Mumbai.
Answer: M-114 Mall Road
28 January 20_ _
The Manager
JKL Publishers
Peshwa Road
Subject : Application for the Post of a Receptionist
With reference to your advertisement in Hindustan Times dated 26.01.20_ _, I offer my services as a receptionist in your firm.
My brief resume is as given below :
1. Name : Karuna Kashyap
2. Age : 22 years
3. Educational Qualifications :
(1) Bachelor in Business Communications (SNDT University)
(2) Secretarial Practice Course (YMCA, Mumbai)
4. Work Experience :
Worked as a receptionist at Hotel Prayag for two years.
Besides, I have a perfect command over spoken English and am quite proficient in computer operations. I have a pleasing personality and have all the confidence required for the post of a receptionist. I hope you will find in me a very suitable candidate.
Yours faithfully
Karuna Kashyap


Question. You are G aurav / Garima, living at 13, Vaishali, Delhi. Read the advertisement given below and write a letter to the advertiser, applying for the job. Also give your detailed resume which you would send along with your letter of application.
10, Sector 24, Faridabad.
Wanted Sales Manager
Qualification : M.Com. / MBA
Experience : 5 years for M.Com.; 1 or 2 years for MBA.
Competency : Knowledge of computers, finances and related commercial activities.
Salary commensurate with qualification and experience.
Apply to the General Manager.
13 Vaishali
27 July 20_ _
The General Manager
Wisdom Publishers Ltd.
10 Sector 24
Dear Sir
I am writing to you to apply for the post of the Sales Manager in your establishment. It is in response to your advertisement in The Pioneer dated 22 July, 20_ _ . Please find enclosed a copy of my resume. After doing my MBA from Punjabi University, Patiala, I worked for two years with K.K.
and Sons, Jalandhar, a well-known company for the publication of school and college books. Presently, I am working with UBS Publishers, Delhi, as their Sales Manager. I am well-acquainted with the market and am personally known to many bigwigs in this field.
I would welcome the chance of being a part of your establishment and I think I shall be able to boost your sales to the best of my abilities.
I shall be available for an interview any day next week. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully
Gaurav Gupta
(Gaurav Gupta)
Encl : Resume
Name : Gaurav Gupta
Date of Birth : April 10, 1976
Address : 13, Vaishali, Delhi.
Telephone No. : 011-23317931
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Unmarried
Academic Qualifications : 

Year Year Exam Passed Marks / Grade Institute
1996 Matric 70% New Sen. Sec. School, Patiala
1998 +2 65% New Sen. Sec. School, Patiala
2001 BBA 61% Punjabi University, Patiala
2003 MBA 63% Punjabi University, Patiala

Additional Qualifications :
PGDCA (Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications)
from Khalsa College, Patiala.
Experience :
Two years’ experience (2004-06) as Sales Incharge with K.K. & Sons, Jalandhar.
Nature of the Job :
A challenging job; increased the sales by 35% in two years.
Present Job :
2009 – till date
Working as a Sales Manager with UBS Publishers, Delhi. During my stay with this company, I have travelled widely and am highly conversant with the dealer network.
References :
(i) Sh Dayal Singh (ii) Dr Sanju Rathore
Mayor Heart Specialist
Municipal Corporation Holy Heart Centre
Delhi. Karol Bagh, Delhi.
Date : July 27, 20_ _ Gaurav Gupta


Question. Bal Vidya Public School, Bhilai, urgently requires a Postgraduate Teacher to teach Political Science for which they have placed an advertisement in ‘The Bhilai Express’. You are Sanjay / Sanjana Sharma from 21, Vasant Marg, Bhilai. Draft a letter including a CV, applying for the advertised post.
Answer: Box No. 123
C/o. Bal Vidya Public School
18 April 20_ _
Subject : Application for the Post of a Postgraduate Teacher in Political Science
Dear Sir
This is in response to your advertisement in The Bhilai Express, dated 15 March, 20_ _ for the post
of a Postgraduate Teacher in Political Science. I am an M.A., M.Phil. in Political Science. I have
have deep knowledge in this subject. I have good command over English language. I am also wellgrounded
in communication skills. I am enclosing herewith a copy of my curriculum vitae (CV).
Yours faithfully
Sanjay Sharma
Encl : Curriculum Vitae
Personal Details :
Name : Sanjay Sharma
Date of Birth : 15 September, 1983
Address : 21, Vasant Marg, Bhilai.
Telephone : Landline : 0788-260696 Mobile : 98874-27346
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Single
Educational Qualifications : 

Year Exam Passed Marks/Grade Institute
1998 X (CBSE) 86% ABC School, Bhilai
2000 XII (CBSE) 88% ABC School, Bhilai
2003 B.A. 64% Hindu College, Bhilai
2005 M.A. (Political Science) 58% Hindu College, Bhilai
2006 M.Phil. 61% IGNOU, Delhi

Experience :
Four years’ teaching experience with DAV Senior Secondary School, Sriwanthapuram, in teaching Senior Secondary Classes.



Question. You are Mallika / Mayank, a student of class XII, Modern School, Shimla. You are eager to enter the National Film Academy, Shimla, after your board results. Write a letter to the Director of the film academy, seeking information regarding admission procedure, eligibility criteria, fee structure, placement opportunities, etc. 
Answer: Modern School Shimla
8 July 20_ _
The Director
National Film Academy, Shimla
Subject : Information about Courses in Your Academy
I am a student of class XII and my annual CBSE exams are only a couple of days away. I hope to do well in the exams. After clearing the exams, I intend to go in for a course in acting. I have seen your advertisement in the ‘Indian Express’ about your courses. I am deeply interested in working in films and television and want to take it up as a career. Please supply me the following information so that I can make up my mind about the kind of course I should go in for.
1. The various courses that are available and their duration.
2. Admission procedure.
3. Fee structure for each course.
4. Any concessions or stipends that can be availed of.
5. Whether the course is recognized or not.
6. Timings of the course : daytime or evening.
7. Placement opportunities.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Mayank, Class XII


Question. There is a senior secondary school running right in the middle of Manu Vihar, a middle class colony full of housing society flats. In the morning as well as in the afternoon the road passing in front of the school is congested with school buses, mini buses, private cars, etc. Write a letter to the Dy. Commissioner (Traffic) to provide at least two traffic police constables to regulate the traffic. You are Gautam/Gita, A- 21, Akashdeep Apartments, Manu Vihar, Delhi.
Answer: A-21, Akashdeep Apartments
Manu Vihar, Delhi
14 March 20_ _
The Deputy Commissioner (Traffic)
There is a senior secondary school running in the middle of Manu Vihar. It is a middle class colony full of housing society flats. In the morning as well as in the afternoon, the road passing from in front of the school is full of buses, trucks, tempos, private cars, motorbikes, etc. There is always a danger of horrible accident. Precious life of some student may go. No traffic policemen is present there at that time. Therefore you are very humbly requested to provide at least two police constable to regulate the traffic. I hope this request will be heard at the earliest and needful will be done.
Yours truly
Gautam Dravid


Question. You are Nandini / Navin, the President of the Rotary Club, Pune. You are organizing a two-day Eye-Donation Camp in Gandhi Arts College, Pune. The citizens can benefit from free eye check-up and operation for cataract of the eye in the premises. Write a letter to the Minister for Health, requesting him or her to be the Chief Guest and inaugurate the camp. Do not forget to mention the activities of your club.
Answer: Rotary Club
16 October 20_ _
The Hon Minister for Health
Hon Sir
The Rotary Club, Pune, has always been associated with various social welfare and service activities.
We have organised a number of free medical check-up camps and also blood-donation camps. This time, we are organizing a two-day Eye-Donation Camp (23rd-24th Oct.) in Gandhi Arts College, Pune. A number of people in the city have been motivated to donate their eyes so that when they die, some blind ones can be able to see the world through their donated eyes. It is hoped that during the camp, many others will be encouraged to follow their good example. Besides, during the camp, there will be a free eye check-up for those who want it, and free operations for the cataract of the eye will also be performed.
You are requested to grace the occasion by inaugurating the camp and by agreeing to be the Chief Guest. The time of inauguration can be adjusted according to your convenience.
Yours faithfully


Question. You are living in a village along a national highway. The state roadways bus does not stop near your village. Write a letter to the General Manager, State Roadways, requesting a bus stop for your village. Give all the reasons why you need a bus stop there. You are Omar / Amna, Gopalpur, Distt.
Answer: Ramnagar. 
Village Gopalpur
Distt. Ramnagar
18 March 20_ _
The General Managar
State Roadways
Through this letter, I would like to draw the attention of State Roadways authorities to a very big problem being faced by the residents of Gopalpur. Our village lies along the national highway. The State Roadways bus does not stop here. There is no bus stop within a radius of 4 km from the village.
The residents have to walk a long distance to take any bus to the city. The students also have to face the same problem. The boys can somehow manage, but for the girl students, it becomes very difficult to reach their schools or colleges. It results in so much needless waste of time and energy. You are requested to take immediate note of this problem of the village. Kindly provide a bus stop near the village, so that no villager has to walk more then 100 metres to catch a bus.
Yours truly
Omar Hussain


Question. You are Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ramnagar. The number of students in the computer class is increasing. Next year, starting with April 2017, you will need 25 more computers in your lab.
Answer: Write a letter to the Commissioner, K.V. Sangathan, for funds. 
Kendriya Vidyalaya
2 February 20_ _
The Commissioner
K.V. Sangathan
New Delhi
Our school has a well-equipped computer lab. At present, there are fifteen computers in the lab.
The number of students in the computer classes is increasing every year. In view of the increasing number of students, we will need 25 more computers. Today all parents want their wards to have the least the basic knowledge of computer. Therefore, to cope up with the demand, kindly sanction the funds for 25 more computers for the next session, starting in April 20_ _. I hope this demand will be met very soon.
Thanking in anticipation
R.S. Nautiyal
K.V. Ramnagar


Question. You are Varsha / Varun, Incharge of Excursion Club of B.V.P. School, Mathura Road, Delhi. Write a letter to the General Manager, Northern Railways, requesting reservation of a bogie for 80 students from New Delhi to Chennai and back by the G.T. Express. 
Answer: B. V. P. School
Mathura Road
10 November 20_ _
The General Manager
Northern Railways
Subject : Reservation of a Bogie (New Delhi to Chennai and Back)
The Excursion Club of our school has arranged a ten-day tour to Chennai during the coming winter holidays. It will be a party of 80 students and four teachers, leaving Delhi on the morning of 20th December by the G.T. Express. The return journey will be on 29th December by the same train. It is requested that a separate two-tier bogie be reserved for the comfortable journey of the party.
Full amount for the booking will be deposited as soon as the allotment is granted. Also please let us know if we are supposed to supply any documents for the purpose of the reservation.
Yours truly
(Incharge, Excursion Club)


Question. You have shifted your residence from 10, Lajpat Road to House No. 232, Aurobindo Marg, Delhi.
Write a letter to the General Manager, MTNL, requesting him for an early transfer of your telephone line to your new address. You are Rohit / Radhika.
Answer: 232 Aurobindo Marg
18 February 20_ _
The General Manager
Subject : Transfer of Telephone (23317931) Line to the Above-Mentioned Address
My telephone no. 23317931 had previously been working at 10, Lajpat Road, Delhi, but now I have shifted to 232, Aurobindo Marg, Delhi. Kindly arrange to shift the line to my new address as early as possible since my work will suffer tremendously as long as the line is not shifted. Till then, the number should be rendered non-functional to prevent its misuse.
Yours truly


Question. You want to spend a week-long holiday at Shimla in the month of October. You have decided to stay at Hotel Snowview. Write a letter to the manager to book a room. Mention the dates, facilities required in the room, food, sight-seeing facilities, etc. you will need. You are Amar / Amrita M-114, Lake Road, Karnal. 
Answer: M-114 Lake Road
3 September 20_ _
The Manager
Hotel Snowview
Subject : Booking of Accommodation
I wish to spend a week-long holiday with my family at Shimla in the month of October. My wife and our three children will accompany me. We have decided to stay at your reputed hotel. Kindly book a luxury suite for us in your hotel from 10 October to 17 October. You are requested to provide a luxury suite (2 double bedrooms with A.C. with attached baths) at reasonable tariff. Food should be good and also provide us the sight-seeing facilities available. We shall be checking in at around 11.00 a.m. on the 10th of October and shall be checking out before 8.00 p.m. on the 17th. Please see that we feel comfortable during our stay at your hotel.
Yours faithfully
Amar Gehlot


Question. Write a letter to the Dean, D.P. School of Management, Mumbai, requesting him to apprise you of the details for admission to P.G. Diploma in HRM, such as eligibility criteria, fees, hostel facility, prospects of placement, etc. You are Ram / Ramola of 21, Civil Lines, Bareilly.
Answer: 21 Civil Lines
28 July 20_ _
The Dean
D.P. School of Management
Subject : Information about Admission to P.G. Diploma in HRM
I have done my graduation in humanities from Lucknow University, U.P. Now I intend to do P.G.
Diploma in HRM. I have seen your advertisement in the ‘Maharashtra Times’ about your P.G.
diploma course in HRM. I am deeply interested in HRM and want to take it up as a career. Please supply me the following information so that I can make up my mind about joining your institute for the said course :
1. Eligibility criteria for this course.
2. Duration of the course.
3. Fee structure for the course.
4. Any concessions or stipends that can be availed of.
5. Whether the course is recognized or not.
6. Timings of the course : daytime or evening.
7. Placement opportunities.
On receipt of this information, I shall be able to make up my mind about joining the course. A self-addressed and duly stamped envelope is enclosed for the reply.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully


Question. Yesterday, you went to Sunrise Hospital, Market Road, New Delhi, taking with you the victim of a hit-and-run accident. There were chaotic conditions in the casualty department. The injured was attended to after a lot of precious time had been lost.
Answer: Write a letter of complaint to the Medical Superintendent. You are Karan / Karuna, M114, Mall Road, Delhi.
M-114 Mall Road
18 May 20_ _
The Medical Superintendent
Sunrise Hospital
Market Road
New Delhi
Subject : Chaotic Conditions in the Casualty Department
It pains me to bring to your notice the poor state of casualty department in your hospital.
Last evening, while coming back home from office, I saw a man badly wounded lying on the road.
He had been the victim of a hit-and-run accident. With the help of a passer-by, I took him to your hospital which happened to be the nearest one. But to my dismay, I found there was
complete chaos there and none came forward to attend to the victim. The nurse told me that I would have to wait till the doctor attended to the other patients. But I found that the other patients were also clamouring to be attended. And at last when the doctor came, he asked me if I had informed the police. I was going mad with rage but I restrained my nerves and requested the doctor to attend to the victim first. A lot of precious time was lost in useless arguments and the victim remained crying in pain. Thank God, he was at last attended and his life was saved. Could you please do something to tone up this most important department of your hospital?
Yours sincerely


Question. Park Lane, Chanakyapuram, Mysore, is proud of having four reputed public schools in close proximity to each other. In the morning and afternoon, there is a heavy traffic along the road and hundreds of students are put to a lot of inconvenience.
Answer: Write a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), describing the problem. Suggest a few measures to regulate the traffic. You are Karuna Shetty / Karan Kumar, Principal, Sunrise Global School. 
Sunrise Global School
Park Lane
16 July 20_ _
The Deputy Commissioner of Police
Subject : Park Lane Traffic Snarls
It is a matter of pride that Park Lane, Chanakyapuram, has four reputed public schools in close proximity to each other. But this close proximity has given rise to grave traffic problem also. In the morning at the time of the opening of the school, and in the afternoon when the school closes, the traffic becomes almost chaotic. The area becomes crowded with all sorts of vehicles and hundreds of students as well as the public have to face a lot of inconvenience. It is requested that some traffic policemen should be put on duty during those hours to regulate the flow of traffic and make it easy for all the road users.
Thankfully yours
Karuna Shetty


Question. In all big cities, road rage has become a serious problem. A minor scratch, a little push, or a small brushing past can lead to a scuffle, sometimes resulting even in murder. Write a letter to the Police Commissioner, giving your views on the problem and its solution. You are Karuna / Karan, M 114, Mall Road, Delhi.
Answer: Mall Road
16 May 20_ _
The Police Commissioner
Subject : The Problem of Road Rage
Life today has become very fast. Everybody seems to be in a hurry. Drivers of vehicles use their strength at the accelerator in order to reach their destinations as soon as possible. Due to the fast pace of life and due to many other reasons, people remain under stress all the time. They have become less tolerant. A minor scratch, a little push, or a small brushing past can lead to a dangerous scuffle, sometimes resulting even in murder. It is because of the various stresses under which they live. There is stress due to family issues. There is stress due to work-related issues. And then there is yet another reason. There are no stringent penalties for those who break the traffic rules. In the absence of severe penalties, people ignore traffic rules at their will. The cure of each ill lies in removing the causes. Therefore, we should avoid road rage and be disciplined motorists. We should know traffic rules and be courteous to fellow drivers. If we have an appointment, we should start well in time. We shouldn’t carry any stress while driving. Speed breakers should be built at points that are
more prone to accidents.
Yours truly


Question. You bought a flat from PQR Builders, Sector 55, Noida. Within a period of two months, you have started facing a lot of problems like seepage in the walls and ceilings, wall paint peeling off, leaking sanitary fittings, lift gettings stalled, etc. Write a letter of complaint to the Works Manager. You are Karuna / Karan, A9D Apoorva Apts, Noida.
Answer: A9D Aporva Apts
18 February 20_ _
Works Manager
PQR Builders
Sector 55
Subject : Fast Dilapidating State of the Apartments
I am the owner of Apartment A9D on the third floor of Aporva Apts and I bought it cash down only two months ago. At the time of the deed settlement, tall assurances were given about the quality of the material used in the construction, sanitary fittings and furnishing of the entire complex. But within two months, I find a lot of problems surfacing daily. There are seepages all over the walls and ceilings. The paint on the walls has started peeling off. Sanitary fittings keep leaking resulting in waste of water, and the lift gets stalled frequently. There are similar complaints from the residents of other apartments also. Kindly take immediate remedial measures lest I am constrained to have a legal recourse.
Yours faithfully


Question. What is the purpose of writing a letter to the editor?
(a) To express one’s request
(b) To express one’s opinion or give comment on a current issue
(c) To give warning about the issue
(d) To inform the readers about a certain issue
Answer. B

Question. Which of the following is the correct tone for letter to the editor?
(a) personal
(b) formal
(c) amusing
(d) serious
Answer. B

Question. How should we address the audience of the letter?
(a) Dear Sir/Madam or Dear Editor,
(b) To The Editor,
(c) Sir/Madam,
(d) To Whom it may Concern
Answer. A

Question. One of the main parts of the letter that includes the address and date. In some cases, it is okay to just write the date.
(a) Signature
(b) Salutation/Greeting
(c) Body
(d) Heading
Answer. D

Question. It is the main text of your letter.
(a) Closing
(b) Signature
(c) Heading
(d) Body
Answer. D

Question. Your letter to an editor should always include_______.
(a) A long opening paragraph
(b) A brief opening paragraph which introduces your reason of writing
(c) Bullet points with main reason for writing
(d) A polite opening asking about the health.
Answer. B

Question. The reason with which you write a letter to an editor is:
(a) Purpose
(b) Content
(c) Audience
(d) Format
Answer. A

Question. It is one of the main part of a letter that includes a short capitalised expression such as ‘sincerely’ of ‘love’ and is followed by a comma.
(a) Salutation
(b) Closing
(c) Date
(d) Body
Answer. B

Question. This is what you sign your name beginning directly after the closing?
(a) Closing
(b) Signature
(c) Body
(d) Salutation
Answer. B

Question. The layout of a letter to an editor is:
(a) Purpose
(b) Content
(c) Audience
(d) Format
Answer. D

Question. The topic of a letter to an editor is:
(a) Purpose
(b) Content
(c) Audience
(d) Format
Answer. B

Question. A _______ is a greeting used in a letter.
(a) date
(b) closing
(c) salutations
(d) body
Answer. C

33, Jal Vihar,
New Delhi–33
The Editor,
Hindustan Times,
New Delhi.
Subject: Need for people’s movement for the clean
Dear Editor,
I am Radha G member of NGO AWAAZ. I am writing to you in order to highlight the deteriorating condition of the river Yamuna.
The city of Delhi is getting contaminated water from the river Yamuna. The residents are to be blamed for this. They pollute the river with garbage, sewage and filth. The river water is full of bacteria, plastic,chemicals and other waste materials. It is unfit for consumption.
The people have been demanding a Water Treatment Plant. The authorities have not yet responded to the repeated requests.
I request you to highlight the problem in your newspaper and arouse public interest. We all need to get together in order to get the plant set up in the area.
What is missing in the given letter?
(a) Body
(b) Salutations
(c) Date
(d) Closing
Answer. D

Question. I am Sakshi/ Sameer, a concerned resident of the city of Mohali. I am writing you this letter to draw your attention towards the problem of growing invasion of slums on the roadsides of Mohali. Since the last few months, slums have been multiplying in places like footpaths, empty parks, and market areas. Slums on the roadside create difficulty in the movement of traffic and cause unnecessary jams. The living conditions are also risky for those living so close to speedily passing vehicles. I request you to publish my grievance in the columns of your newspaper. This would help in making the city authorities aware of the problems faced by the city folks and they will be required to take taking necessary actions for public welfare.
What is the purpose of the given letter?
(a) Opinion on issues of public interest
(b) Giving suggestions
(c) Complaint
(d) Request
Answer. A

4, Gandhinagar
Dated: 15th March 20XX
The Editor
Hindustan News
Respected Ma’am/ Sir
Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw people’s attention towards the valiant service extended by the cleanliness and sanitation workers of our country during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Nowadays, with a pandemic on the rise, cleanliness and hygiene has become one of our major concern. In the times when we all are sitting safely at our homes, these brave people have taken the responsibility of keeping our hospitals, roads and streets clean. They are bravely facing the risks and are doing their jobs in a dedicated manner. We should all be thankful for their precious service.
I request you to publish my letter in your newspaper so that the people realise the importance of cleanliness workers in our society and give them the respect they rightly deserve.
Yours faithfully
Manu/ Meena
What is the missing part in the given letter to an editor?
(a) Salutations
(b) Subject
(c) Closing
(d) Date
Answer. B

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CBSE Class 12 English Letter Writing Assignment

We hope you liked the above assignment for Letter Writing which has been designed as per the latest syllabus for Class 12 English released by CBSE. Students of Class 12 should download and practice the above Assignments for Class 12 English regularly. We have provided all types of questions like MCQs, short answer questions, objective questions and long answer questions in the Class 12 English practice sheet in Pdf. All questions have been designed for English by looking into the pattern of problems asked in previous year examinations. 

Assignment for English CBSE Class 12 Letter Writing

Our team of expert teachers have referred to NCERT book for Class 12 English to design the English Class 12 Assignments. If you practice at least one test paper daily, you will get higher marks in Class 12 exams this year. Daily practice of English course notes and related study material will help you to clear all your doubts and have stronger understanding of all concepts. You can download all Revision notes for Class 12 English also from absolutely free of cost.

Letter Writing Assignment English CBSE Class 12

All questions and their answers for the assignment given above for Class 12 English have been developed as per the latest curriculum and books issued for the current academic year. The students of Class 12 can rest assured that the best teachers have designed the questions of English so that you are able to revise the entire syllabus if you do the assignments. Lot of MCQ questions for Class 12 English have also been given in the worksheets and assignments for regular use. All study material for Class 12 English students have been given on studiestoday.

Letter Writing Assignment CBSE Class 12 English

Regular assignment practice helps to get a more comprehensive understanding of Letter Writing concepts. Assignments play a crucial role in understanding Letter Writing in CBSE Class 12. Students can download all the assignments of the same chapter in Class 12 English in Pdf format. You can print them or read them online on your computer or mobile.

CBSE English Class 12 Letter Writing Assignment

CBSE Class 12 English latest books have been used for coming up with the latest questions and solutions for the above assignment. If you have revised all concepts relating to Letter Writing then you should attempt all questions given in the test sheets above. We have also provided lot of Worksheets for Class 12 English which you can use to further make your self stronger in English

Where can I download in PDF assignments for CBSE Class 12 English Letter Writing

You can download free Pdf assignments for CBSE Class 12 English Letter Writing from

The assignments for Letter Writing Class 12 English for have been made based on which syllabus

The Letter Writing Class 12 English Assignments have been designed based on latest CBSE syllabus for Class 12 English issued for the current academic year

Can I download and print these printable assignments for English Letter Writing Class 12

Yes, These printable assignments for Letter Writing Class 12 English are free to download and print

How many topics are covered in Letter Writing English assignments for Class 12

All topics given in Letter Writing English Class 12 Book for the current academic year have been covered in the given assignment

Is there any charge for this assignment for Letter Writing English Class 12

No, all Printable Assignments for Letter Writing Class 12 English have been given for free and can be downloaded in Pdf format

How can I download the printable test assignments for Letter Writing English Class 12

Just click on the View or Download button below, then another window with the Pdf will be visible, just click on the Pdf icon to download the free assignments for Letter Writing Class 12 English

Are these assignments available for all chapters in Class 12 English

Yes, apart from English you can download free assignments for all subjects in Class 12

Can I download solved assignments for Letter Writing CBSE Class 12 English

Our team of expert teachers at have provided all answers for the practice questions which have been given in Class 12 English Letter Writing assignments