CBSE Class 11 Economics Infrastructure

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Very Short Answer Questions 

1. Explain the term “Infrastructure”.

2. Name the two types of infrastructure.

3. What is meant by transmission loss?

4. Define Morbidity.

5. What is a „global burden of disease‟?

Short Answer Questions 

1. What are the various sources of commercial and non-commercial energy?

2. What is the share of nuclear energy of total energy consumption?

3. How can transmission and distribution losses of energy be reduced?

4. How has the consumption pattern of energy changed over the years?

5. Why is it necessary to conserve energy?

6. Differentiate between Commercial and non commercial sources of energy.

7. What does Health Infrastructure include?

8. What do you mean by global burden of diseases?

9. Why has the sex ratio in India declined since 1991? What does it indicate?

10. How has women‟s health become a matter of great concern?

Long Answer Questions 

1. List the six system of Indian Medicine. What is the state of their infrastructure?

2. Discuss the role of Private sector in development of health infrastructure.

3. Describe the meaning of Public health? Discuss the major public health measures undertaken by the state in recent years to control diseases.

NCERT text book questions:

1. How do infrastructure facilities boost production?

2. What do you mean by transmission and distribution losses? How can they be reduced?

3. Discuss the main drawbacks of our health care system.

4. Justify that energy crisis can be overcome with the use of renewable sources of energy.

5. How are the rates of consumption of energy and economic growth connected?

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