CBSE Class 11 Economics Collection of Data

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1. What is a variable?

2. Why is data collected

3. What are samples?

4. Define population

5. What are open ended questions?

6. What are close ended or structured questions?

7. Name the agencies that collect data in India

8. Define „Exit polls‟.

9. Name the publication in which collected data is published in India


1. Name the different ways of collecting data

2. What is Primary data? How is it collected?

3. What is secondary data? What are the different sources of secondary data?

4. Distinguish between Primary and Secondary data

5. Distinguish between „Census‟ and “Sampling” method of data collection.

6. What is „Census of India‟? Name the data collected in the Census of India.

7. Explain personal interview. What are its advantages and disadvantages?

8. What is pilot testing? Why is it done?

9. Explain Mailing questionnaires. What are its advantages and disadvantages?

10.What are the factors that must be kept in mind while preparing a good questionnaire?

11.What are telephone interviews? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

12.What are the different methods of sampling?

13.What are the advantages of sampling?

14.What are sampling errors? Briefly explain the different Non-sampling errors

15.What is the role of NSSO in data collection? Name the data collected by NSSO.

NCERT text book questions

1. Mark the following statements as true or false. Give reasons

a) There are many sources of data (true/false).

b) Telephone survey is the most suitable method of collecting data, whenthe population is literate and spread over a large area (true/false).

c) Data collected by investigator is called the secondary data (true/false).

d) There is a certain bias involved in the non-random selection of samples(true/false).

e) Non-sampling errors can be minimised by taking large samples (true/false).

2. In a village of 200 farms, a study was conducted to find the croppingpattern. Out of the 50 farms surveyed, 50% grew only wheat. Identify thepopulation and the sample here.

3. Give two examples each of sample, population and variable.

4. Which of the following methods give better results and why?

a) Census

b) Sample

5. Which of the following errors is more serious and why?

a) Sampling error

b) Non-Sampling error

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