CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Paper 2015 (2)

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Q1. Electric field between the two plates of a capacitor is E. Distance between the plates is increased to twice. What would be the new electric field?(1)

Q2. Draw p. d. between the two electrodes vs current graph during the discharging of a cell.(1)

Q3. A proton and alpha particle enters perpendicular to same magnetic field with equal k.E. Write which one will describe circle of greater radius.(1)

Q4. Write the name of that part of electromagnetic spectrum which produces in de excitation of nucleus?(1)

Q5. If a prism immersed in water, what will be the effect on angle of minimum deviation?(1)

Q6. Draw a graph between rate of disintegration vs time graph?(1)

Q7. For same radiation if the cathode of greater work function is used, what will the effect on stopping potential of emmited electrons?(1)

Q8. Energy gap in photo diode is 3ev.Write with reason whether the given diode will detect to the radiation of wave length 500nm?(1)

Q9. Why we need to increase the frequency of transmitting signal before its transmission?(2)

Q10. Why we obtain continuous energy spectrum for β emission?Why emission of antineutrino takes place in β emission?(2)

Q11 Debroglie wavelength λ vs 1/√V graph for two particles of same charges are given,write which one is having greater mass?(2)

Q12. Analytically prove that on placing an object in between pole and focus of a concave mirror a magnified virtual image will form in front of the mirror.(2)

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