CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Paper 2014 (8)

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1. If potential difference V applied across a conductor is increased to 2V, how will the drift velocity of the electrons change?

2. If the position of cell and galvanometer in a Wheatstone network is interchanged what effect is caused of the network?

3. Nm2C-1 is S.I. unit of what physical quantity?

4. State S.I. unit of activity on a radioactive nuclide.

5. Write any one equation representing a nuclear fission reaction.

6. Why are danger signals red in colour?

7. Draw the graph showing the variation of intensity of polarised light transmitted by an analyzer?

8. What happens to the interference pattern if one of the slits in YDSE is closed?

9. In a single slit diffraction pattern how does the angular width of central maximum change, when

(i) Slit width is increased.

(ii) Distance between the slit and the screen is increased.

10. An object is placed at a distance of 75cm from the screen. Where a convex lens of focal length 12cm should be placed so as to obtain a real image of the object?

11. An equiconvex double lens of focal length f is splitted into two halves. What is the focal length of each half?

12. Show that the velocity of electron of hydrogen atom in the first orbit is 1371times the velocity of light. (Derive if from equation of velocity)

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