CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Paper 2014 (6)

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1. A square coil ABCD is placed in YZ plane carrying current in clockwise sense .Find the direction and magnitude of the magnetic moment of the coil.

2. How will the intensity of maxima and minima, in the YDSE change, if one of the two slits is covered by a transparent paper which transmits only half of the light intensity?

3. State the steady value of the reading of the ammeter in the CR circuit if dc signal is applied across them.

4. A charge q is placed at the centre of a cube of side l .what is the electric flux passing through the two opposite faces of the cube?

5. A proton and an electron have same kinetic energy .Which one has greater debroglie wavelength and why?

6. Two wires of equal length, one of copper and the other of manganin have the same resistance. Which wire is thicker?

7. Arrange the short wavelengths limits of the Lyman, Paschen and Balmer series in the hydrogen spectrum in the increasing order of their wavelengths.

8. State Ampere’s circuital law modified by Maxwell. 

9. Identify the part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is

(i) suitable for radar systems used in aircraft navigation,

(ii) produced in nuclear reactions

(iii) used in water purifiers and

(iv) used for taking photographs in foggy conditions

10.A plane electromagnetic wave travels in vacuum, along negative Xdirection. Write down the ratio of the magnitudes and the direction of its electric and magnetic field vectors.

11.Calculate the half period of a radioactive substance if its activity drops to 1/16 th of its initial value in 30 years.

12.Two dipoles made from charges q and Q respectively,have equal dipole moments.   Give the (i) ratio between the separations of these two pairs of charges (ii) angle between the dipole axis of these two dipoles.

13. Draw a schematic diagram of a Cassegrain reflecting telescope.State one advantage of reflecting telescope over a refracting telescope.

14.A solenoid is connected to a battery so that a steady current flows through it. If an iron is inserted into the solenoid will the current increase or decrease? Explain

15.Keeping the voltage of the charging source constant,whatwould be the percentage change in the energy stored in a parallel plate capacitor if the separation between its plates were to be decreased by 10 %?

16.Define: Reactance and Impedance

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