CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Set K Solved

Download printable English Class 9 Worksheets in pdf format, CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Set K Solved has been prepared as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Also download free pdf English Class 9 Assignments and practice them daily to get better marks in tests and exams for Grade 9. Free chapter wise worksheets with answers have been designed by Standard 9 teachers as per latest examination pattern

Worksheet for Class 9 English

Class 9 English students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for English in Grade 9. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 9 English will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Class 9 English Worksheet Pdf


1. Read the extract and answer the questions that follow : 
“Actually, the overall pattern of her progress is quite satisfactory.”
a) Name the speaker in the above context. To whom is it addressed?
b) Why had the speaker been called?
c) How had the speaker solved the problem?
2. Answer the following questions in 30 – 40 words each : 
a) How was the futuristic school different, from the school, they read about in the real book?
b) „Two roads diverged in a yellow wood‟ What do the two roads indicate in the poem?
c) What had Margie been thinking about? How was school fun for the children then?
3. You feel that although you may not be facing any water shortage, yet there are a large number of people in our country, who have to walk on foot for miles together, to get water. There are families who have to keep awake the whole night, waiting for water, besides, there are areas, where water is supplied only once or twice a week. So, we must conserve water for our country, for our society and for humanity, especially with the rising temperatures, now.
You at once decide to write a letter, to the editor of a prominent newspaper, highlighting the need to conserve water and suggesting ways to do it, in 120 words.
4. The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction against the correct blank number in the answer sheet.
3 Time is very precious than money for eg. very - more
a) a lost opportunities may spoil one‟s life.
b) An intelligent student prepares his lessons on advance.
c) Hence proper use in time is essential.
1. a) The County Inspector addresses Margie’s mother in the above context.
b) The mechanical teacher had been giving her test after test in geography, and Margie had been doing badly, so her mother had sent for the county inspector.
c) The geography sector had been geared a little too quick, so he’d slowed it up to an average ten-year level.
2. a) The futuristic school, 2157, was held at home. Margie’s school was right next to her bedroom. The regular teacher was large, black and ugly and had a big screen on which lessons were shown and the questions asked. There was a slot were the homework and test papers were put. They were written in a punch code. The mechanical teacher calculated the results in no time. It was on at the same time every day, except Saturday and Sunday.
b) ‘The Road Not Taken’ is a metaphor of life. The two roads indicate the two choices the poet had. He wanted to travel both but being a lone traveller, he couldn’t. So, he chose the second road which had a better claim for him and left the first for another day. He doubts if he’d ever come back, as one road leads to another. His choice had made all the difference in his life.
c) Margie was thinking about how the kids must have loved it in the old days. She was thinking about the fun they had. School was fun for the children then, as the kids from the neighbourhood came, laughing and shouting in the schoolyard, sitting together in the schoolroom, going home together at the end of the day. They learned the same things, so they could help one another with the homework and talk about it. And the teachers were people.
3 Format – 2 Content-3 Expression - 3 
4 Incorrect                 correct
a) very                        more
b) opportunities           opportunity
c) on                           in

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