CBSE Class 9 English Speech Worksheet

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Worksheet for Class 9 English Speech

Class 9 English students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Speech in Grade 9. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 9 English will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Speech Class 9 English Worksheet Pdf

A speech is made to pass on orally a wide range of information, or to express a point of view to a large gathering of people. Writing a speech involves a lot of creativity, imagination, verbosity, knowledge of the subject and an appropriate style.
Steps in Planning a Speech
• Decide on a central message — What is the focus of your speech or the organizing element of your ideas?
• Plan beforehand what is your purpose — to inform, to educate, to entertain, convince or persuade, so keep it simple by developing a central message.
• Decide upon 4 or 5 key-points
• Develop supporting evidence for each point — with stories, statistics, examples, etc.
• Think of a strong introduction and a powerful conclusion.
Steps in Writing a Speech
• Begin with appropriate title and salutation according to the target audience in front — whether it is students, teachers or a political gathering.
• Use sentences that make an immediate connection with the audience.
• Arrange your points according to priority.
• Use conversational language, as if you are speaking to a friend. Create mental stickers by using phrases from TV commercials, comics, and personal experiences.
• Emphasise your main points by using quotes, comparisons, etc.
• Develop an effective close, using a relevant poem, a message or a quote, to leave a long-lasting impact on the audience.

Title and by line
Introduction : Explain the topic, contemporary evidence, give the present scenario, state facts.
Body : Advantages, disadvantages, results, effects, etc.
Conclusion : Solutions /steps taken by the Government / other agencies.
Close : a quote, an appeal, etc.
Kenneth, is the Sports Coordinator . He has been asked to address the morning assembly on the topic, ‘ How to Balance Sports and Studies.’ He writes the speech in 150 words.
How to Balance Sports and Studies
by Kenneth
Respected Principal, Teachers and dear Friends !
Good morning ! Many of us are beset with this problem of balancing the two seemingly opposite activities – Sports and Studies. being the sports coordinator let me share my views on the same. How can we balance sports and studies is a challenging aspect of every student, today. Friends, Nothing is impossible !
Sports and studies are complementary activities. Sports and games make us mentally agile and healthy. They make us intellectually sharp. When we are physically fit, we are mentally healthy too, without which we cannot study properly.
In order to have a balance between sports and studies, we need to follow a strict time table. First of all, each one of us should choose a game which is suitable to him or her. The game should be such as does not hamper one’s studies. A science student, burdened with academics, may opt for an outdoor game like table tennis or badminton. It is not essential to play for long hours. It is sufficient if we play a game for an hour. Then the play time should follow a short period of rest and relaxation, followed by hours of intense study. If we are strong in will power, we can, thus, easily balance study and play time. Only the weak-willed neither study properly nor play properly. There are many who do one thing at the cost of the other.
Let us learn to be a rope-walker – this is what we are also expected to do in life.
Thank you
1. High buildings, metro, shopping malls, big parks, wide road, etc. attract people to live in a metro city. On the other hand traffic jams, pollution, crime, insecurity, etc disappoint them. Write a speech on the topic ‘Impact of Development on Life in a Big City’. (120 -150 words)
2. You are Ronita / Ralph, a student of Class IX. Write a speech for the morning assembly to be delivered by you on the topic, ‘Internet addiction is not good for health’ in about 120 – 150 words.
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