CBSE Class 9 English Debate Writing Worksheet

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Worksheet for Class 9 English Debate Writing

Class 9 English students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Debate Writing in Grade 9. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 9 English will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Debate Writing Class 9 English Worksheet Pdf

A debate is a discussion between sides with different views. Persons speak for and against a particular topic, before making a decision. A topic, problem or a question is raised and speakers for and against speak on it, trying to convince others with their arguments.
Steps in preparing a debate
• Introduction should be very impressive, possibly with a quotation or extract from a poem, etc.
• Give reasons in favour or against the motion
• Support your argument with facts and statistics
• Counter your opponent‟s arguments / attack / deny his claims referring to the speech given, during the (Rebuttal)
• Give your own opinion. Strike a note of warning, make an appeal or express a doubt or fear.
• Conclude with finality, as if what you are saying is the ultimate for the end should be dramatically effective.
Some expressions for use during debate
• I fail to understand....
• I would like to point out....
• .... I am surprised at my opponent‟s ignorance.
• .... I wholeheartedly reject the contention.
• .... I totally disagree with the view.
• .... I wish to emphasize.
The Young Speakers‟ Forum is organizing a debate on the topic, „Sports Stars Are Good Role-Models.‟ Prepare the speech for and against the motion in 150-200 word.
Respected Chairman, Members of the Jury and my dear Friends !
Sports stars make great role models for children, teens and adults. They show the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, while they eat, train and play healthy. They encourage children to be strong and fit, and not all sports stars take drugs. It is only a couple that wreck the reputation of the other sports stars. Sports people are good you just have to see the goodness in them. They are good because they are fit and healthy. So kids will do the same and get fit and healthy as well. The other reason is that they donate money to a charity and help people in need.
Sports stars should be role models, in my mind, as they inspire young and old people to get into sports and exercise. They show that it‟s not impossible to hit a 3 pointer in basketball, hit a century in cricket or get a goal in football. Sports stars show that all this is possible, if you try to. In my mind if a sports
star inspires a boy or girl to play that sport, they are a role model, for, if someone looks up to them, they will never give up on that star and follow a good sport. Many people only like to read the negative articles when really there are many good ones out there. I support this because many sport stars out there inspire us to work hard. I don't know anyone that takes fame for granted. They have struggled so much in their life. They have come up with great difficulties.
Even if they aren‟t educated, they have proved to be successful by devoting their time for the game. If children are inspired by them, they will come to know that sports is an integral part of our life. Maybe one day, you might like to be like your role model too. So I strongly support the motion „Sport Stars Are Good Role- Models.‟
Respected Chairman, Members of the Jury and my dear Friends !
Sports stars are the biggest show-offs. They think that they're the best persons ever, just by winning something. And if they don't win, they blame other competitors for no reason! On TV, you will see many sports stars who are show-offs and parade around waving to everyone and posing, to gain popularity. They influence children to become sports stars and have bad sportsmanship. We don't want our children to be like that, or the next generation could be the generation of fights. Do we want the next generation learning how to be rude to fellow people, use drugs and be completely inappropriate? No. So I ask you all this: Are sports stars really the best role models for our kids? They brag about the things that they have (being rich) and how others don't have the money for it. They have fancy homes, transportation and a rich lifestyle. It‟s not ok for kids to look up to these people. Kids will think that it‟s fine to brag, boss others around, and be plain rude. Sport stars out there that are a bad influence to young children.
Yes there are a handful that have charities, but think about the ones in scandals, taking drugs, and in various scandals . Do you want your child to support a sports star, who takes drugs, to enhance performance, or whose main aim is money? I think not. Sports stars do not make the best role models.
Practice questions :
1. “Is The Earth Only For Human Beings?” Debate this topic and write your views in about 150-200 words to be presented at an inter-school competition, where you have to speak Against the motion.
2. As a part of the debate competition in English, the topic given is, “We Are More Advanced Than Our Forefathers.” Prepare a debate For the motion in 150-200 words. You are Sahil/ Sachi of class IX.

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