CBSE Class 9 English Letter Writing Worksheet Set B

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Letter Writing English Worksheet for Class 9

Class 9 English students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf in Class 9. This test paper with questions and solutions for Class 9 English will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Class 9 English Letter Writing Worksheet Pdf

Letters are a very effective means of communication for keeping contact with friends and relatives, who live at a distance. They can be used to share most intimate thoughts and feelings, convey messages which we hesitate to utter on phone, to invite, remind, advice and appreciate or to complain. A letter can be more expressive, emotional and can be preserved for posterity.
Broadly speaking, there are two types of letters:
1. Personal letters (Informal letters)
2. Business/official letters (Formal Letters)
1. Personal/Informal Letters
In these letters we use an informal, intimate tone. They are written in a simple, easy to understand, and natural style, just as one talks to a friend or a relative.
Parts of an informal letter
1. Heading –It includes the sender’s address and is written at the top left hand corner of the letter.
2. Date –It appears directly below the address.
3. Salutation- It is the usual way of beginning the letter and is written just below the date.
4. Body – It forms the very soul of a letter - the message that it carries. It usually makes use of three paragraphs but may be shorter or longer.
5. Complimentary close – It is a polite way of ending the letter. The expression used must match the salutation.
6. Signature – It is written just below ‘complimentary close’ and includes the sender’s name
• Organize your ideas before writing the letter.
•Assessment will be based on C.A.L.F. : Content, Accuracy, Layout, Fluency.
Formal letters include letters to officials, editors, business, colleagues and mere acquaintances. We use a formal, impersonal yet pleasing tone.
In writing a formal letter, keep in mind the following points :
•Be polite and formal.
• Start by introducing yourself and describing the purpose of writing.
• Briefly describe the news item and date of its publication/give details of what you would like the concerned official to do.
• Give your comments/feedback on it.
• Conclude with a hope, an appeal or a suggestion as required.
• Be straight forward and to the point.
• Be brief and relevant.
You are Mahesh. This summer vacation you visited a new place Write a letter to your grandfather giving him the details of your journey and the places you visited.
340 Huda Colony
17 June, 2016
Dearest Grandpa
Hope you are in the best of spirits. You must be annoyed with me, for not visiting you this summer vacation. Well, I hope you will understand when you read my letter.
This year the summer vacation started on the 08th of May and I completed my assignments by the 10th. Uncle Harish made plans to visit Shimla and dad decided to join him. It was a pleasant surprise for me as it was the first time, I was visiting another place.
We went to Kalka by train. Then, we caught the toy - train from there and reached Shimla in the evening. The beautiful sights of hills and valleys were simply fascinating. The cool fresh air was so refreshing. We stayed in Hotel Gulmohar which is situated on the ridge itself. It is a five star hotel. We visited the Adventure Island and Wild Flower Valley. We saw the Helipad and the highest Cricket Ground in Chail. It is really a wonderful green place. There were a lot of monkeys, when we visited the
Jakhu Temple, which is situated at a great height. I clicked many photographs with all of us. The ride to Kufri, Mashovra and Chail, was indeed a great experience. We enjoyed the snowfall there. We also did some shopping and purchased many beautiful artifacts. I have bought a horse made of wood for you. I will give it to you when I come there, soon. Dad and I always strolled on the Mall Road and the Ridge every evening. It was a beautiful stay. I did miss you but I will visit you during the Diwali break.
Convey my regards to my beautiful dadi and Ravi uncle. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care of your health and stay fit and healthy. Love you grandpa!
Yours affectionately
Practice Questions:
1. India is singing a new tune every day. From sufi to hip-hop, from techno to ballads, from R & B to bhangra, the entire generation is obsessed with music. Whether it is a walk in the park or a busy trafficjam, music has become a permanent fixture. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about the ‘music –mania on the rise’ among today’s youth. (120 words)
2 You are Sunil / Sunitha. Having read the lesson ‘A Dog Named Duke’ you have been greatly touched by the loyalty of Duke towards his master Chuck. Write a letter to your cousin discussing Duke’s important role in the lesson and why you now feel that animals have to be treated with love and care. (120 words)
You are a resident of Delhi and love its beautiful architecture. Recently you visited the Red Fort and was disturbed by the poor maintenance of the monument as well as the careless and negligent attitude of the visitors who spoil the buildings by scribbling names and messages on the walls. Write a letter to the Editor, Hindustan Times, expressing concern over this state of affairs and the need for awakening a sense of pride and love for such monuments in the common people.
B//12, Phase – I
Ashok Vihar
Delhi 110052
23 November, 2016
The Editor
Hindustan Times
Dear Madam/ Sir
Subject: our rich heritage – can we show some responsibility?
Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to assert the fact that we Indians, blessed with a rich heritage, owe our responsibility towards its proper maintenance, by changing our outlook and doing whatever we can to preserve their beauty.
We carelessly spoil our treasures, for we aren’t really aware of its value to our country. It can be seen in the attitude of the people, by their reckless behavior during their visits, there. These historical monuments are a legacy. Delhi is rich in monuments of the Mughal and British era.
We need to be proud and find ways to beautify and preserve them through proper maintenance. Tourists should be made aware of the importance of these places of interest. The sheer negligence, ignorance, laziness and disregard spoils the beauty at large. The Red Fort walls are filled with scribbling and the surroundings are uncared for.
The concerned authorities must issue strict orders and impose fines for any reckless behavior. The surroundings should be properly maintained and regularly surveyed. Tourism boosts our country and so the preservation of these beautiful monuments will add valor and interest, for all. These monuments stand for elegance and style.
I would, therefore, urge the Delhi Corporation, to take necessary steps to look into the matter without any delay. These monuments are our heritage and we should be proud to be citizens of a beautiful country. Do hope my sincere appeal will help create an awareness and help save all these beautiful monuments.
Yours truly
Suchitra .R. Sharma
Practice Questions:
1. You are Salomi of 32, Kailash Colony, Pune. Write a letter to the Editor of the local newspaper about the misuse and poor maintenance of the public park in your colony.
2. You are Anjali / Ajay of House No. 101, Sector 22, Jaipur. You are greatly disturbed by the increase in traffic pollution and un cleanliness in your city. Write a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper, on these aspects, seeking the cooperation of the authorities to keep this beautiful city clean.

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CBSE Class 9 English Letter Writing Worksheet

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Worksheet for English CBSE Class 9 Letter Writing

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Letter Writing worksheet English CBSE Class 9

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Letter Writing CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet

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Worksheet for CBSE English Class 9 Letter Writing

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