CBSE Class 9 English Keeping it from Harold Worksheet

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Worksheet for Class 9 English Keeping it from Harold

Class 9 English students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Keeping it from Harold in Grade 9. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 9 English will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Keeping it from Harold Class 9 English Worksheet Pdf

“Keeping it from Harold” is the story of a simple couple who hide from their child, the fact, that his father‟s real profession is boxing, as they fear that this revelation, would upset his sensitive mind. Instead, he is told that his father is a commercial traveller. For quite some time, they manage to keep this secret from him but just before the father, is due to fight the last contest with a rival, the boy gets to it.
Since the story revolves around the parents‟ futile and useless efforts to keep this secret, its ultimate and inevitable revelation and Harold‟s surprising reaction to it, the title is very appropriate.
The theme of the story is that „when all is lost future still remains‟. All odds, all challenges, all tragedies and all handicaps of life can be overcome with strong determination, persistent hard work, insurmountable patience and unshakeable tenacity and a little help from loved ones. They can help change one‟s destiny.
The story is built around the theme of the differences in the viewpoints of parents and their children. Most parents, unnecessarily worry about the growth and development of their child and go to all lengths to ensure, that their child does not have to face anything bad, objectionable or hurtful in life. They keep worrying themselves to death, as to what is appropriate for their child to learn and know about. In short, the story suggests that children must be allowed to grow up as naturally as possible and should be told, that there is nothing undignified about their parents‟ profession or economic status. Besides excellence in academics, a lot of self-esteem should be instilled into them.
Read the following extracts and answer the questions :
1] „Nobody could help liking this excellent man; which made it all the greater pity that his walk in life was of such a nature that it simply had to be kept from Harold.‟
a) Who is being referred to as an „excellent man‟?
b) Why has he been called „excellent‟?
c) What does the expression „his walk in life‟ mean?
2] „For the first time since Harold had reached years of intelligence she was easy in her mind about the future. A week from tonight would see the end of all her anxieties.‟
a) Who is „she‟ in the above extract? What anxieties did she have?
b) How were her anxieties going to end?
c) How did her anxieties prove to be unfounded?
3] “You and me had better be getting back to the White Hart.”Bill rose and followed him without a word.
a) Who is the speaker in the first line? Why does he want Bill to accompany him to the White Hart?
b) Why did Bill follow the speaker of the first line without a word?
c) Why was Bill reluctant to go to the White Hart earlier?
4] „They‟d chuck it tomorrow, and look up to me like anything, I do call it rotten.‟
a) Who is the speaker and who are „they‟ here?
b) What would „they‟ chuck tomorrow? Why?
c) What does the speaker call „rotten‟? Why?
II Answer in short :
a] What sort of relationship did the mother and child enjoy ?
b] When Mr. Bramble came to know that he was to become a father what were some of the names he selected for his child? Why?
c] What made Bill a proficient boxer?
d] How did Major persuade Mr. Bramble to give up boxing?
e] Why was Harold upset that his father had not told him about his true identity? Give two reasons.
III Long Answer Questions : (120-150 words)
1] How does Jerry Fisher‟s value of professionalism come in conflict with Bill Bramble‟s family values and personal choice? How did he reason with Bill to uphold his professional values and obligations?
2] Imagine you are Harold. Make a diary entry on learning about your father‟s real identity and profession.
In your diary entry you should…..
- Break the news of your discovery
- Describe your feelings on finding out the truth
- Explain how this newly found fact will affect your status and reputation at school.

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