CBSE Class 9 English Dog Named Duke Worksheet

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Worksheet for Class 9 English Dog Named Duke

Class 9 English students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Dog Named Duke in Grade 9. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 9 English will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Dog Named Duke Class 9 English Worksheet Pdf

A Dog Named Duke
Theme : The theme of the story is that ‘when all seems lost ,future still remains.’ Strong determination, persistent hard work, patience and help from loved ones can certainly help overcome all odds, challenges, tragedies and handicaps of life. They can help change one’s destiny. The relationship between Chuck Hooper and his dog Duke shows the loyalty of the pet towards the master. When all seemed bleak, the dog proved itself by making Chuck get back on his feet after the accident, which had left him completely paralysed on the left side. He gave Chuck the stability and endurance to go on with life, even after its death.
Message : the story conveys the message that coping with the challenges of life and accepting them as they come can give one an inner strength to find solutions to the complex problems. Focusing on the solutions rather than the problems helps one to steer out of even the most difficult problems. The sublime relationship between man and the beast, is also highlighted.
Title : The title ‘A Dog Named Duke’ gives the reader the focus on the extreme fidelity of pets to humans. It shows the supreme sacrifice of Duke, which displays his affection, loyalty and responsibility towards his master, Chuck. The entire story revolves around Duke, who helps his master in making a quick recovery, where human science couldn’t. The title pays a tribute to this sacrifice and is, therefore, an appropriate title.
1.Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow :
‘Those who saw it said the dog knew instantly. He never jumped on Chuck again. From that moment, he took up a post beside his master’s bed around the clock.’
a) What had happened? Who had seen it?
b) Why didn’t Duke jump on Chuck again?
c) How did the dog spend its time?
d) What does the above extract reveal about the dog, Duke?
‘Chuck hit the target and after March 1, there was no time for the physiotherapy programme…...’
a) What target had Chuck hit?
b) What does this show about Chuck’s character?
c) How had it helped to clear the doubts at the company headquarters?
d) What was the benefit of this achievement for Chuck?
‘No, please,’ she said. And she picked up the big Duke, carried him gently to the car and drove him to the animal hospital.’
a) What had happened to Duke?
b) Why didn’t ‘she’ allow anyone touch the dog?
c) Why had the dog been drugged? What had caused its death?
d) What had Duke taught Chuck? How had it changed Chuck’s life?
2. Answer the following questions in short :
a) In 1953. Hooper was a favoured young man. Explain.
b) What depressed Hooper after the excitement of his homecoming wore off?
c) Describe the first step taken by Chuck Hooper and Duke together after the prolonged confinement to bed?
d) What contribution had Marcy made towards her husband’s recovery?
e) Why was Charles Hooper’s appointment as Assistant National Sales Manager considered to be a tribute to Duke
3. Long Answer Question:
Charles Hooper writes a diary entry after Duke dies, recalling the impact the dog has made on his life. Write the diary for him in 80 -100 words.
4. Who do you think is responsible for this miraculous recovery – Duke, Marcy or Chuck himself? What values can we learn from this incident?

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