CBSE Class 12 Business Studies - Marketing Management (2)

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CBSE Class 12 Business Studies - Marketing Management (2)

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Part B – ( Business studies ) class 12 (ALKA JOSHI )

Unit –XI Marketing Management

Q.48 A tea producer uses such packets/things for packing tea, which can be used even after consuming the tea inside for other purposes. In this which values are being affected by him?

Q.49 A cosmetics manufacturing co. claims in advertisement that its face cream improves the face complexion. On using it was found incorrect. Here which values are being ignored?

Q.50 A commercial unit uses rocks, trees, electric poles, historical movements and walls to advertise its products

Q.51 A soft drink manufacturing co. uses dangerous stunts in the advertisements claiming that its drinks make the user fearless and stronger. In your view what could be the bad effects of this? How it can be stopped?

Q.52 One manufacturer of electronic product produces such products which need special care while using it. But the co. has not given the instructions to consumers. If you are the manager of that co. what steps you would take?

Q.53 A company uses same promotional schemes like buy one get one free, free samples, free gifts and so on to boost the sales of its products and to earn higher profits. This results in

unnecessary hike in the prices of the products. In your opinion, is this policy in the interest of society

Unit -XII Consumer Protection

Q.54 Mr. X is a sweet maker (Halwai), who collects milk from village to village and prepares sweet on Deepawali, due to increased demands, he purchased khoya from other shopkeeper which was adult rated, because it was not possible to meet the demand from collected milk. For meeting the demand quickly he has not maintained cleanliness while preparation of sweets. He kept two children for packing the sweet and one female at cash counter. Which social values he is affecting and how?

Q.55 A company engaged in selling spice, claims about purity in its advertisement but in laboratories after examination, the spices were found adult rated. Which values are being violated here?

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