CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Set U

CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Set U.Sample Papers are the very important for every student. The sample papers should be practiced to gain extra marks in examinations. The sample papers have been prepared based on summative assessment1 and summative assessment 2 pattern. The sample papers have been prepared based on pattern of last year examinations and as per latest changes in the syllabus. Students, teachers and parents can download all CBSE educational material and very well prepared worksheets from this website.  All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, have also been submitted by CBSE teachers and students. 

Section – A


A1. Read the following passage and answer the following questions: (12 marks)

1. There was once a healthy, attractive young girl named Lucy. She lived

with her mother Diana. Diana was the powerful Goddess of all growing things, especially the plants that people used for food.

2. One day Lucy went out into the fields with some of her friends to pick flowers. Suddenly the earth shook and a large opening appeared. A Chariot drawn by two jet black horses and driven by a man with fearsome features emerged. The frightening figures grabbed Lucy and disappeared from there.

3. Lucy called for help and struggled for help but in vain. Within seconds, she was taken away by the king of the underworld, Hades. He had heard of her beauty and had come to take her for his bride.

4. Diana heard of her daughter’s cries and rushed to save her. For days and months she wandered over the earth searching for Lucy. Finally she got to know about her daughter from the Sun.

5. Diana was in despair. She neglected her duties and soon the green, fertile land became brown, frozen and lifeless. She decided that the earth would never see greenery until her daughter returned to her.

6. Finally, Diana sought the help of her brother Zeus, the king of all gods who promised to fight with Hades to rescue her daughter.

7. Meanwhile, Lucy refused to eat or drink, for she had learned that if she did, she would never be free from Hades. But when she saw Zeus she forgot her fast and on Zeus’s insistence ate six seeds of a large red pomegranate.

8. After a long battle Zeus defeated Hades and rescued Lucy, who was very happy to be united with her mother but she was unlucky as she had to return to the underworld for six months each year, one month for each pomegranate she had eaten and when this happened, Diana always mourned and neglected her duties. It is then that Earth became cold and brown. And that is why many people believe that Earth experiences several cold months and warm months each year.

1. Answer the following questions briefly:
(a) Who was Diana? (1)
(b) What happened to Lucy one day when she went to pick flowers? (2)
(c) Why was Diana in despair and what did this lead to? (2)
(d) Why did Lucy decide not to eat or drink anything when she was imprisoned in the underworld.? (2)
(e) Who helped Diana rescue her daughter? (1)
(f) What did Lucy do on Zeus’ insistence? (1)
(f) What happened after the battle? (1)
(g) Why was Lucy unlucky? (1)
(h) Why did the earth become cold and brown? (1)
A2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: (10)
1. “Something is coming uphill,” said mother wolf, “Get ready.”
2. The bushes shook a little in the undergrowth and father wolf got ready for his leap. But as he was about to leap he saw something that he tried to stop himself. It was a man’s cub.
3. In front of him, holding on by a low branch, stood a naked brown baby who could hardly walk. He looked up into father wolf’s face and laughed.
4. Is that a man’s cub?” said mother wolf. “I have never seen one. Bring it here.”
5. “How little! how naked and how brave!” said mother wolf softly. The baby was pushing his way between the cubs to get close to the warm cover. The baby took his meal with the other wolves. He enjoyed being there with such loving wolves.
6. Sher Khan (the lion) was desperately looking for the baby so that he could eat him up. Looking for the human baby, he reached the wolves’ cave.
7. “Sher Khan does us a great honour,” said father wolf, but his eyes were very angry as he knew the reason behind Sher Khan being there. “What does Sher khan need?” asked father wolf.
8.” I think I saw a man’s cub go this way,” said Sher khan. “Its parents have run off. Give it to me.” Sher Khan tried to attack the wolf’s cave. But father wolf knew that the mouth of the cave was too narrow for a tiger to come in by.
“The wolves are free people,” said father wolf. “: They take orders from the head of the pack and not from anyone else. The man’s cub is ours - to kill if we choose.”
9. “What talk is this of choosing? I saw him first and he is mine and you better obey the orders of Sher Khan.” Raksha, the mother wolf protested saying that the man’s cub was hers and shall not be killed. She said, “He shall live with the pack and learn to  run and hunt with the pack and look you, hunter of little naked cubs – he shall hunt you, so save yourself and get away from here, “Go!”
1. Answer the following questions briefly in your sheet. Remember to number them correctly.
(a) How did father wolf react to mother wolf’s warning? (1)
(b) Give one example from the passage to show that the human baby enjoyed being with the wolf’s cubs. (1)
(c) Why was father wolf angry on seeing Sher Khan? (1)
(d) Why could Sher Khan not enter the wolf’s cave? (1)
(e) What was the rule of the wolves? (2)
(f) What did mother wolf say to Sher Khan? (2)
2. Find words from the passage which mean: (2)
(i) prevent (para 2)
(ii) thin (para 8)
Section – B (Literature)

PART –A ( 8 marks)

1. Why does the elder brother shout when he sees the snake ? (2)
2. Why is the younger brother not afraid of the snake? (2)
3. What do you find funny in Mr. Punch? (2)
4. How does the hangman try to punish Mr. Punch ? Is he successful? Why /Why not? (2)

1. What happened with Friedrich at the swimming pool? (2)
2. What all did the mother do before the grandfather’s arrival and why? (3)
3. Who was Herr Resch? Why did Friedrich call him a ‘vulture’? (2)
4. Give one example each of greed and flattery from ‘The Canterbury Tales’. 
5. How did the villagers help the moon? (2)
6. Do you the moon was kind and helpful? Give examples. (2)

Do ANY TWO of the following: (4)
1. What quality of Paul Revere do you like the most? Give an example to support your answer.
2. Whose cry does the poet hear in ‘The Snare’? Why is he worried?
3. How is the crow a wicked creature in ‘Horrible song’? Give two examples in support of your answer.
Section – C (Grammar)
1. Put the verbs given in the brackets in the appropriate tense. (20x0.5=10)

(i) When I (a) ___________ (walk) through the park with my sister last night, a man (b) _____________ (snatch) her bag from her hand and (c) ___________(run) away. The police (d) _____________ (not catch) him yet.
(ii) He is an architect. He already (a) _____________ (design) many buildings. Now he (b) ____________ (prepare) the plans for a new building. He (c) ___________ (like) tall buildings. He (d) ____________ (aim) to become the best architect for quite some time.
(iii) He (a) ___________ (leave) for England next week. He (b) _____________ (go) to ____________ (staying) there for six months. His sister (c) ___________(send) the air tickets soon. He is busy (d ____________(pack) bags these days.
(iv) My husband wishes I (a) _________ (be) a thousand miles away. If only I (b) _____________(know) earlier, I (c)___________(leave) him. He (d) ______________(keep) nagging all the time
(v) Experience ______(be) the hardest teacher . It ________(take) the test first and _________(give) the lesson later.
2. Complete the following conditional sentences: (7)
(1) If I am able to go to market, _________________________
(2) If the well had been dug on time ____________________
(3) We would come if ________________________________
(4) I will go to the dance class if ________________________
(5) If it rained, ______________________________________
(6) I wouldn’t have come here if ________________________
(7) If you did as I told you, _____________________________
3 Fill in the blanks using since/for: (0.5X4=2 M)
(1) I have written five letters ______________ breakfast.
(2) He hasn’t been here ______________ three weeks.
(3) ____________ last year the markets have become more crowded.
(4) She has been selling cosmetics _____________ ten years.
Q4 There are eight errors in the paragraph given below. Spot the errors and correct them: (0.5X8 = 4M)
Fantasy is a form off writing in which characters includes magical beings and imaginary creatures? They can be either good nor bad. Their is an element on heroism by which a bad ones are defeated. Children liked fantasy these days.

Section – D (Composition)
Write a paragraph of about 20 lines on any one of the following topics: (10)
• Write the points neatly before you write the paragraph.
• The paragraph must be indented.
• Be original and creative.
1. I like holidays because…
2. My most memorable birthday
3. The person I admire the most
4. An encounter with Mr. Punch
Section – E (Supplementary Test – The Invisible Man)
Answer ANY EIGHT of the following questions: (8)
Q1. Where did the stranger stay in Bramblehurst?
Q2. Whose trouser was ripped by Fearenside’s dog? Why?
Q3. Whom did the Invisible Man use to steal away his things from the ‘Coach and Horse’?
Q4. Whose house was burgled? Who burgled the house?
Q5. What was the profession of Cuss?
Q6. Who was the tramp that the Invisible Man met?
Q7. Who was Teddy Henfrey? What was his opinion about the stranger in ‘Coach and Horse’?
Q8. What did the Invisible Man do to make Mr. Marvel believe that he wasn’t his imagination?
Q9. What was the place where Mr. Marvel hid himself from the Invisible Man?
Q10. Who was the owner of ‘Coach and Horse’?

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