CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Set F

CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Set F. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the examinations. The latest sample papers have been designed as per the latest blue prints, syllabus and examination trends. Sample papers should be practiced in examination condition at home or school and also show it to your teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.

1 After the failure of Permanent settlement, the British adopted new forms of land revenue settlement. Highlight the main feature of the revenue policy laid in North Western Province of Bengal.

2 How was Shah Bano’s case instrumental in bringing amendment in the constitutional policy of India?

3 Can you recall the reason for raising challenge for Pledge of Allegiance over the period of time, since the time it was introduced?

4 Think of an example from any part of India where the ideals of secularism were violated in the past.

5 Define human trafficking. 

6 State the provision made for Cultural and Educational Rights in the Indian Constitution. 

7 Coal mining is banned in Mahan Forest of Madhya Pradesh. Give a reason. 

8 What is rain water harvesting? 

9 State the significance of technology in resource development. 

10 Write any three causes for the Battle of Plassey. 

11 . “If the economy was in ruins, could the Company be certain of its revenue income? Most Company officials began to feel that investment in land had to be encouraged and agriculture had to be improved.”

a. To overcome the problem discussed in above lines what method was introduced by the company?

b. What terms were laid under this new system of revenue collection?

12 How did the mutiny transformed itself to a great War of Independence? 

13 There was a huge resentment among the Indian sepoys in the .British army. In this context analyse the causes leading to ‘sepoy mutiny’.

14 Constitution is important in the working of democratic country. Justify by giving few
15 “Secularism in India means equal treatment of all religions by the state. Unlike the Western concept of secularism which means a separation of religion and state, the concept of secularism in India envisions acceptance of religious laws as binding on the state, and equal participation of state in different religions”. In reference to the given context answer the following questions:
a. Define secularism.
b. Why is it important to separate religion from the state.
16 The new law was passed in France in 2004, which banned the students from wearing any conspicuous religious signs or symbols. State the objective of passing this law and also mention the resistance faced by it.
CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Set F
a. The figure given above represents which house of Parliament
b. How are the members elected
c. Who presides over the meeting of the house.Who is the current presiding officer of the house
18 List down any three important functions of Parliament
19. Study the given picture and answer the questions which follow 
 CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Set F
a. .Identify the type of soil conservation method shown in the picture.
b. Explain any two causes for soil erosion.
20 What are human resources? How can we make them useful? 2+1=3
21 Differentiate between Biogas and Natural gas by giving few points. 3
22 “The Company rarely launched a direct military attack on an unknown territory. Instead it used a variety of political, economic and diplomatic methods to extend its influence before

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