CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Set Q

CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Set Q. It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.


Q.1 Fill in the blanks. (1×7=7)

i) Resources that give us pleasure have ______ value.

ii) ______ is a plant that filters out certain toxic substances from industrial wastes.

iii) Governor ______ ended dual government in Bengal.

iv) Dinabandhu Mitra's play ______ highlighted the plight of the indigo cultivators.

v) India's last Governor General under the company was ______.

vi) India's constitution draws its authority from the ______ of India.

vii) Some of our Fundamental Rights can be restricted during ______.

Q.2 Choose the correct answer. (1×6=6)

i) Technology is

a) a man - made resource. b) a human resource. c) a natural resource. d) None of these.

ii) In India, wildlife week is observed every year in

a) August b) September c) October d) November

iii) The Battle of Buxar took place in

a) 1757 b) 1764 c) 1765 d) 1775

iv) Who among the following was not martyred during the revolt of 1857 ?

a) Azimullah Khan b) Tantia Tope c) Rani Lakshmibai d) Bahadur Shah II

v) Order to restore a citizen's Fundamental Rights are issued by

a) the government b) the courts c) the President d) all of these

vi) The _______ can pass a vote of no confidence against the ministers.

a) Lok sabha b) Rajya sabha c) Prime Minister d) Speaker

Q.3 Arrange the following in Chronological order: (1×4=4)

a) Regulating Act

b) Formation of East India Company

c) Queen’s Proclamation

d) Battle of Plassey

Q.4 Match the two columns: (1×6=6)


Red soil                                                                        Doctrine of Lapse

Black soil                                                                      gives effect to the laws

Lord Cornwallis                                                            rich in iron oxide

Lord Dalhousie                                                             makes new laws

Legislature                                                                    Land revenue system

Executive                                                                       Regur soil

Q.5 Answer in one word or in one sentence: (1×6=6)

i) The first state to accept Subsidiary Alliance.

ii) Accumulation of salts in the surface soil.

iii) He was hanged for calling upon sepoys at Barrackpore to revolt against the use of greased cartridges.

iv) Define the term “Sovereign”.

v) Different types of plants and animals living together under similar environmental conditions.

vi) An introduction of the India's constitution, which states the ideals that the nation should follow.


Q.6 Answer each of the following questions in not more than 20 words: (2×7=14)

a) What is meant by recycling? Name a resource which can be recycled.

b) What is arable land? How much of India's land is arable?

c) What is a buffer state? Which territory became a buffer state for Bengal after the Battle of Buxar ?

d) Why did the British want commercial crops to be grown in India?

e) Who framed India's constitution? According to India's constitution, what are the three kinds of justice that citizen's should get?

f) Why are Fundamental Rights considered essential?

g) Mention any two grievances of the sepoys.

Q.7 Answer each of the following questions in not more than 40 words: (3×7=21)

a) Define biosphere, biome and social forestry.

b) Write any three characteristics of regur soil.

c) What is sustainable development? Mention any two ways in which resources can be sustained.

d) What led to the Battle of Plassey? What was the result?

e) Why did the peasants of Bengal revolt against the indigo planters?

f) Write a short note on “Doctrine of Lapse”.

g) Who can contest Lok Sabha elections?


Q.8 Answer each of the following questions in not more than 100 words:(any five) (5×5=25)

a) Mention any three ways of conserving vegetation and any two ways of conserving wildlife.

b) What are the two ways in which soil gets polluted? Briefly describe any three methods of soil conservation.

c) Briefly describe the Indigo revolts and their outcome in Bengal.

d) Discuss why the revolt of 1857 can be called a war of independence. Why did the revolt fail?

e) Briefly describe how a bill becomes a law.

f) Briefly discuss any five fundamental duties of Indian citizens.

Q.9 Answer the following question. (1+1+3)

A government official helps his son to go into hiding because his son has been

given a ten year jail sentence by a District Court for a crime that he has committed.

Do you think that the government official’s action was right ? Should his son be

exempted from the law just because his father is economically and politically

powerful? Explain your views.

Q.10 On the given outline map of India, identify and label the following: (1×6=6)

(I) A - National Park famous for lions.

B - type of soil found in north-western Deccan plateau.

C - type of natural vegetation

(II) In the same map, mark each of the following

i) Jhansi ii) Awadh iii) Buxar

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