CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Set P

CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Set P. It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

Tick the correct option

1) Universal Adult Franchise means

a) Right to vote given to educated citizens 

b) A union of adults who can speak French

c) Right to vote given to all Universities

d) Right to vote given to all adult citizens

2) There are 233 elected members plus 12 members nominated by the President in a) Lok Sabha b) State Legislative Assembly c) State Legislative Council d) Rajya Sabha

3) A •Farman' was

a) a royal procession

b) a royal order

b) a royal paintingd) a royal dress

4) The Battle of Plassey was fought in

a) 1757

b) 1764

c) 1761

d) 1765

5) As the •Diwan' of Bengal, the British Company became

a) the chief financial administrator of Bengal

b) the rulers of Bengal

c) the chief administrator of Bengal

d) the bankers of Bengal

6) Under this system, the Zamindars were asked to collect rent :from the peasants and pay revenue to the company. The system was called

a) ryotwari

b) mahalwari

c) permanent settlement

d) nij cultivation

7) Plant species occurring in distinct groups in areas having similar climatic conditions are known as-------

a)endemic vegetation

b) exotic vegetation

c) natural vegetation

d) biomes

8) Multi-purpose protected areas aimed at conservation and protection of biodiversity are known as-------------

a) national parks

b)biosphere reserves

c) wildlife sanctuaries

d) biomes

9) Which one of the following is a human-made resource?

a) Medicines to treat cancer.

b) Spring water.

c) Tropical forests

d) Logof a wood.

10) Which one of the following does NOT make a resource?

a) Time b) Utility c) Quantity d) Value


Q.11 Define the term colonization.

Q.12 The battle of Plassey is an important landmark in the history of India. Justify.

Q.13 -Doctrine of Lapse was an unfair method adopted by the British to annex Indian states Explain.

Q.14 What were the grievances of the sepoys?

Q.15 Give three reasons of conflict between nawab Siraj ud daulah and East India Company.

Q.16 Why is the revolt of 1857 called 'the First War of Independence."

Q.17_ Why did surveys become a common practice under colonial government? Give example to support your answer. 4

Q8 Name the three revenue collection systems introduced by the British. Mention the main matures of any one system. 4
(!)Enumerate the changes introduced by the British immediately after the suppression of the Revolt of 1857. 4
QlO Locate and label the following on the Political map of India:-
1. The city from where Bahadur Shah Zafar led the revolt
2. Siraj ud Daulah was the nawab of this state
3. The city from where Nana Saheb led the revolt
4. Begum Hazrat Mahal led the revolt from this city
Q11 Who is known as the father of Indian Constitution? 1
Q12 Why India is called a secular country? 2
Q13 State the objectives of Fundamental Rights. · 2
Q14 Discuss the strategies adopted by the Indian government to prevent the domination of minority community by majority community. 3
Q15 Mention the main features of Indian constitution. 3
Q16 Differentiate between Lok Sabha and Raya Sabha 3
Q17 What is PIL? Why was it introduced?
Q 18 Resources are important fur the development of an economy. State the contribution of humans as a resource. (2)
Q 19 Differentiate between the deciduous and evergreen forests. (2)
Q 20 Explain the process of generating tidal energy. Name the areas which have huge tidal mill farms. (3)
Q 21 "Minerals can be extracted through various processes." Name them and e x p l a i n any two processes. (3)
Q 22 Conservation of flora and fauna has become necessary. What are the steps taken by the individual and the government to conserve flora and fauna? (3)
Q 23 What do you understand by the term 'sustainable development'? Mention its two principles. (2+1)
Q 24 Mention the factors responsible for soil formation. Explain any two methods to conserve the soil resource.
Q25 Animals big or small are integral to maintain the balance in the ecosystem. Justify the statement with the help of examples. (4)
Q 26 Natural resources are classified on the basis of origin and distribution. Elaborate. (4)
Q 27 Mark and label the following on a political map of India: (3)
a)Any one largest producer of mica and bauxite. b) Any one leading producer of copper.

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