CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Sample Paper Set C

CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Sample Paper Set C. It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1 State the different types of economic activities. 

2 Name the occupation in which people work for others and get remunerated in return.

3 Name an enterprise formed by people desirous of getting housing facility at lower cost.

4 Briefly explain the term 'Return of Allotment'.

5 How can Public Enterprises improve their performance through Memorandum of Understanding?

6 Name the Board that takes up reconstruction of sick public sector units. 

7 In which insurance do the element of protection and investment exist?

8 Name the Central Bank of our country. 

9 What is meant by trade? Explain the various types of trade. 

10 What is meant by 'partner by estoppel'? Explain. 

11 'Insured must disclose the relevant facts related to subject matter.' Explain the underlying principle.

12 Who is a Promoter? Discuss any two functions of a promoter. 

13 Explain the term 'Minimum Subscription' and its limit.

14 List the names of some enterprises under the public sector and classify them. 

15 Explain the functions of commercial banks. 

16 "Business activity is different from the other activities of the society". In light of this statement explain the characteristics of business.

17 Explain the concept of public sector and private sector. 

18 Harish insured his house for Rs.5O,OO,OOO against fire. A fire took place and the amount of loss was assessed at Rs.30,00,000. Harish is claiming Rs.5O,OO,OOO from the insurance company. But the insurance company wants to pay only Rs.30,00,000. You have to assess the amount payable to Harish. Also, explain the underlying principle of insurance.

19 Why does business need multiple objectives? Explain any five such objectives. 

20 Why is partnership considered by some to be a relatively unpopular form of business ownership? Explain.

21 What are the benefits of entering into joint ventures? 

22 What is the effect of conclusiveness of the 'Certificates of Incorporation' and'Commencement of Business'?

23 Write a detailed note on various facilities offered by Indian Postal Department.

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