CBSE Class 9 Science Preparation Of Mixture And Compound Worksheet

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Preparation Of Mixture And Compound Class 9 Science Worksheet Pdf

Class 9 Science students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Preparation Of Mixture And Compound in standard 9. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 9 Science will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 9 Science Worksheet for Preparation Of Mixture And Compound

CBSE Class 9 Science Worksheet - Preparation of Mixture and Compound. Students can download these worksheets and practice them. This will help them to get better marks in examinations. Also refer to other worksheets for the same chapter and other subjects too. Use them for better understanding of the subjects.


Experiment No: ……4……. Date: ………..

Objective: To prepare (a) mixture and (b) a compound using iron filings and sulphur powder and distinguish

between these on the basis of:

(a)Appearance (homogeneity and heterogeneity); (b) Behaviour towards magnet

(c) Behaviour towards Carbon disulphide (CS2); (d) Effect of heat.

Requirements: China dish, test tubes, test tube holder, mortar and pestle, watch glasses, magnet, Bunsen

burner, iron filings, tripod stand, wire gauze, sulphur powder, CS2 etc.


1. Take 7 g of Iron filings and 4 g of sulphur powder and mix them well using mortar and pestle. Transfer

half of this into watch glass no-1

2. Take half of this mixture in a china dish heat strongly on a Bunsen burner (Use tripod stand and wire

gauze) till the mixture starts to show a red glow.

3. Cool the mixture, and grind into fine powder using a mortar and pestle.

4. Transfer the powder to watch glass no-2.

5. Perform the following experiments with the samples you have in both the watch glasses.

Properties of mixture of iron &sulphur


Dip a magnet in the mixture of


Only iron powder/filing gets

attracted by the magnet.

Iron has magnetic properties but

sulphur does not.

Observe the substances under a

magnifying glass

Brown/black iron powder and

yellow coloured sulphur powder

can be easily distinguished.

Because it forms a heterogeneous


Try to dissolve the mixture in 2

ml of CS2 taken in a test tube.

Yellow coloured sulphur dissolves.

Fe does not.

Sulphur is soluble in CS2

Properties of compound of iron &sulphur


A small portion of the mixture is

taken on china dish and heat

strongly on a Bunsen flame

A reaction takes place with the

emission of an offensive smelling

gas. Sulphur also catches fire.

Finally the yellow colour of S

disappears and a brown substance

is formed.

Fe + S  FeS (Ferrous sulphide)

Some sulphur also gets burned

results in the formation of

offensive smelling SO2 gas.

Observe the product formed

after heating under a

magnifying glass

Only a brown coloured powder is


On reacting Fe and S combine to

form a compound, which is


Dip a magnet in the product

formed. Substance does not get attracted by

the magnet

FeS is diamagnetic (Does not show

magnetic behaviour)

Take the product formed in a

test tube, add CS2 and shake


The substance (FeS) does not

dissolve in CS2

FeS is insoluble in CS2


1. Heating of the Fe & S mixture should be done with extreme care.

2. While performing the experiments, use only very little quantity of the samples.

3. Use china dish for heating the mixture.


1. Name the compounds formed when the following chemicals react:

a) Hydrogen and Oxygen b)Mg and S

b) S and Fe d)Fe and Cl2.

2 Classify the following into homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures.

a) Sand and saw dust b) Sugar dissolved in water.

c) Milk d) Powders of Fe and S

3 Suggest suitable physical methods to separate the following mixtures:

a. Fe and S Magnet

b. NaCl and water Evaporation/Boiling

c. Sand and water Filtration

4 Classify the following into compounds, elements and mixture:

a. Air b. CO2 gas, c. Fe metal d. S powder f. Sugar solution e. Ethane

f. Fe + S g. NaCl h. SO2 gas. i. H2S gas j. Ammonia gas k. Milk

Multiple choice type questions

1 On heating a mixture of iron filings & sulphur ,it is observed that

a) Sulphur starts melting

b) iron filings start melting

c) mixture becomes red hot

d) mixture evaporates

2 When dilute sulphuric acid is added to a mixture of iron filings & sulphur owder ,it is observed that

a) A brisk reaction takes place without evolution of gas

b) A brisk reaction takes place with the evolution of a colourless gas

c) The yellow colour of sulphur disappears

d) Gas with the smell of rotten egg is evolved

3 A small amount of iron sulphide is added to 5 cc of carbon di sulphide and the test tube is shaken

vigourously, it is seen that

a) Grey coloured iron particles dissolve,but not sulphur

b) Yellow coloured sulphur particles dissolve, but not iron

c) Both iron &sulphur dissolve to form a clear solution

d) None of the particles of the compound dissolves.

4 When a mixture iron &sulphur powder is reacted in a china dish ,then after some time it glows with

a) Yellowish colour

b) Bluish colour

c) Greenish colour

d) Reddish colour

5 On heating a mixture of iron filings &sulphur powder strongly,the colour of the product becomes

a) Grey b) Black c) Brown d) Yellow

6 To prepare iron sulphide ,by heating a mixture of iron filings &sulphur powder ,we should use

a)copper dish b) china dish c)petri dish d)china dish

7 The reaction of iron and sulphur to form iron sulphide takes place at:

a) at high temperature

b) in the presence of a catalyst

c) at moderate temperature

d) in the presence of an acid


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