CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Directing HOTs Set A

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Ques 1: It is concern with instructing, guiding and inspiring people in the organizations achieve its objectives. Name it.

Ans: Directing 


Ques 2: Every manager from top executive to supervisor performs the functions of directing. Which characteristics of directing are referred here.

Ans: Directing takes place at every level of management


Ques 3: It take place throughout the life of the organization irrespective of people occupying managerial positions. Mention the characteristic of directing high lighted here and also explains two more characteristics.

 Ans:  Directing is a continuous process


Ques 4: “Directing is the least important functions of management”. Do you agree with this statement? Give any two reasons in support of your Answer.


          “Directing is not at all reinsured in an organization” do you agree? Give any two reasons in support of your Answer.           

Ans:  No, I do not agree with this statement  and explain any two point of importance of directing.


Ques 5: “A supervisor is not at all reinsured in an organization” do you agree? Give any three reasons in support of your Answer.


          “The post of supervisor should be abolished in the hierarchy of managers”. Do you agree? Give any three reasons in support of your Answer.

 Ans:  No, I do not agree because a supervisor performs number of important functions. 


Ques 6: It means overseeing the subordinates at work. Which element of directing is referred to?

Ans: Supervision


Ques 7: Supervisor acts as a link between workers and management. How?

Ans:  Supervisor conveys management ideas to the workers on hand and workers problems to the management on the other. 


Ques 8: Which element of directing helps in inspiring subordinates to give their best to the organization. Explain any three points of importance of this element.

Ans:  Explain importance of motivation 


Ques 9: Under these incentives schemes employees are offered company shares at a set price which is lower than market. Which incentive scheme is mentioned here? Also explain three more financial incentives.

Ans:    Explain co-partnership/ stock option scheme. Other financial incentives are:-

                   1) Profit sharing 2) Bonus 3) Commission etc. 


Ques 10: To satisfy the social and psychological needs which type of incentives are needed? Explain four types of such incentives.

Ans:  Non-monitory incentives are needed to satisfy the social and psychological needs.

Type of non-monitory incentives are:-

1) Status

2) Career development opportunity

3) Organizational climate

4) Job security

5) Assignment of challenging job etc. 



Ques 11: It is defined as the process of influencing other people to work willingly for group objectives. Mention this element of directing.

Ans:  Leadership 


Ques 12: Name the type of formal communication in which the persons of the departments, one at a higher position other at lower, communication with each other. Also state the problem which may arise in this type of communications.

 Ans:  This type of communication is diagonal communication and state it’s any two  limitations


 Ques 13: Name the type of written communication in which two departmental heads communicate with each other. Why is this type of communication reinsured?

 Ans:  In horizontal communication two departmental needs communicate with each  other. Such communication generally relates to the officially accepted and  recognized activities of the organization


Ques 14:   Amit and vikki are working in the same organization but in different departments. One day at lunch time vikki informed amit that due to computerization many people are going to be retrenched soon from the organization.

Name, which type of communication of this. State any two limitations of this type of communication.

Ans: It is an example of informal communication and also explain any two limitations of informal communication


 Ques 15: There are some barriers in communications, which are concerned with encoding and decoding of message. State any three such barriers.

 Ans:  It refers to semantic barriers to communication: -

1)    Symbols with different meanings

2)    Badly expressed message

3)    Unclarified assumptions


Ques 16: There are some barriers in communications which are concerned with organizational structure and regulations. State any three barriers.

Ans:  Organizational barriers:-

1)    Organizational policy

2)   Status

3)   Rules and regulations


Ques 17: There are some barriers in communication which are concerned with the state of mind of both the sender and the receiver. State any three such barriers.

Ans:  It refers to psychological barriers:-

1)    Premature evaluation

2)    Loss by transmission and poor attention

3)   Lakeof attention


Ques 18: Name the process of exchanging ideas ,facts and information?

Ans: Communication.


Ques 19: Name the element of directing under which sub-ordinates share his views with his superior.

Ans:  Communication.


Ques 20: Which type of communication takes place between superior sub-ordinates in the office?

Ans:  Formal Communication.


Ques 21: Name and explain the last steps of communication process.

Ans:    Feedback ‘it is the response given to sender for the message sent.’


Ques 22: Name the grapevine network in which an individual communicate with only those people whom he trusts?

Ans:   Cluster grapevine network.


Ques 23: The employees of TCS Ltd. have formed a dramatic group for their recreation. Name the type of an organization. Explain any three limitations of it.

Ans:    Informal organizations and explain any three limitations. 


























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