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1. Give one example of ‘Noise’ in the process of communication.

Ans. ‘Poor telephone connection’.

2. State the element of directing which helps in implementing the principle of ‘Solar-Chain’.

Ans. Formal Communication.

3. in which type of communication does a junior communicate with his senior?

Ans. Upward Communication.

4. State any two non-Financial incentives.

Ans. A) Job-Security    B) Status

5. Name the formal Communication network where each person can communicate with his adjoining two persons?

Ans. Circular.

6. Give example of any two organizational facilities to encourage free flow of communication by removing organizational barriers.

Ans. 1) Complaint Box      2) Social and Cultural Gathering.

7. What is the highest level need in the need Hierarchy of Abraham Maslow?

Ans- Self Actualization.

8. Name the Software company promoted by Bill Gates.

Ans. Microsoft.

9. Enumerate any two functions of supervisors.

Ans. a) Motivating workers   b) Providing Training.

10. Give any two principles for effective Directing.

Ans. a) Maximum Individual contribution   b) Unity of command.

11. Give two examples of semantic barriers.

Ans.   a) Badly expressed message.   b) Unclarified Assumptions.

12.  Mohan and Sohan are friends working in Surya ltd. As Production and Sales Managers respectively .In an interdepartmental meeting sohan informed Mohan about a change in the marketing policy of the company.

(a) Identify the type of communication used in the above example.

(b) Name and explain any 2 networks of the type of communication identified in part (a) (4)

Ans: informal

Explain any two network of informal communication-gossip,cluster

13 .There are some barriers related to organization structure rules and regulation. State any 4 such barriers. (4)

Ans:explain organizational barrier:

Organisational policy,rules and regulations,status,complexity in structure

14 “The post of Supervisors should be abolished,” Give your opinion. (5)

Ans: No, explain the functions of supervisor

15. Rajat a Sales Manager, achieved his sales targets one month in advance. This achievement was displayed on the notice board and a certificate for the best performance was awarded to him by the CEO of the company

(a)Name the incentive provided to Rajat.

(b)Identify the type of incentive.

(c)List 2 other incentives of the type identified in part (b) (3)

Ans . (a) Incentive provided to Rajat is an example of Employee Recognition Programmes.

         (c) The 2 other Non-Financial incentive are:

        1. Status        2. Job Security.

16 . Workers of a factory often seek guidance of Production Managers. The production Manager finds himself overburdened. Advise the way to relive production manager. (3)

Ans:appoint a supervisor

17. In an organization employees always feel they are under stress. They take least initiatives and fear to express their problem before the manager. What do you think is wrong with the manager? (3)

Ans:The manager is lacking leadership quality

18. The employees of Manik Ltd, a Software Company, Have formed a Dramatic Group for their recreation. Name the type of organization so formed and state its 3 features. (4)


19. Name the need in which employee desire affection, companionship, friendliness. How can such needs be fulfilled by any organization. (3) can be fulfilled by arranging social gatherings,clubs,keeping cordial relation with colleagues.

20. Mr Sharma wants to own a house. Which need are we referring to over here? explain the need and also explain other needs. (6)

Ans: the need being referred to in maslow’s need hierarchy theory in basic needs.

Explanation of all needs :





(E)self actualization.


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